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When we look back on our favourite childhood shows, the likes of Lizzie McGuire, Full House and Sabrina the Teenage Witch spring to mind. 

Now, one 90s classic is returning to our screens, according to one of the show's main actresses.

Tia Mowry of Sister Sister has confirmed that she is actively working on making a reboot of the iconic show, all she needs is a producer.

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'We’re looking, right now, for a producer and a writer, someone who can kind of be a leader of the pack in regards to running the show,' she told Nylon. 

'I thought people would kind of be jumping on it, but it’s a lot harder than my sister and I thought it would be.'

'Everything in my career has always been a challenge.'


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Tia is hoping to get the new reboot off the ground sooner rather than later. 

We're dying to see the hilarious 90s sitcom make an epic comeback. 


From The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the 90s has to have been the best decade for tween television.

And now, Tia and Tamera Mowry – aka the stars of Sister Sister – could be about to make our teenage dreams come true as they’ve hinted that a reunion show is a definite possibility.

Speaking to Hollywood Life, Tamera – who is now 38 years old – revealed that “the entire cast” is up for making another episode.


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“We kind of have the idea. It’s really cool. The entire cast is down for it,” she said.

“We’re looking for a studio, then it will be 100 percent.  But, we are in the process of making it happen.”

During the interview, the mother of two also confessed some little known facts about the show.

The actress explained that she and her twin never had a chance to watch Sister Sister while it was in production because when they weren’t filming, they were busy attending school.

And she confessed that the sisters themselves sang the series’ unforgettable theme tune.

We have everything crossed that a reunion episode will be given the go-ahead, as for years we’ve been waiting to hear “Go home, Roger” just one more time.

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Sister Sister was one of those shows that was constantly on Nickleodeon – and we didn't complain, we loved it.

It's been off the air for a fair few years now, and even though Tia and Tamera have their own reality show these days, nothing can compare to the old days.

However, one thing we always wanted to know what was happened to Roger? GO HOME ROGER, remember?

Well, it turns out Roger a.k.a. Marques Houston, is looking pretty dapper these days:

He's now an RnB singer and has just released a new single.

However, he made headlines in America last month when he shared pictures of him doing some Jehovah Witness work.


Each to their own! 


If, like us, Sister Sister played a massive role in your after-school routine, then you might be stunned to learn that one of the show's stars had to put up with a LOT of negativity behind the scenes.

Speaking on daytime chat-show, The Real, Tamera Mowry opened up about the abuse she suffered at the hands of the show's so-called fans, and by the looks of things it's not something she's completely over.

Revealing that viewers called her the 'ugly goofy twin' in fan letters (seriously, the irony), the 37-year-old actress admitted that she soon began to believe the jibes levelled at her.

"For years, I made an agreement with that stupid statement. And I carried it around with me, you guys, for years. I thought I was ugly and I thought I was goofy," she said choking back tears.

Breaking the hearts of 90s kids everywhere, Tamera – now a mum-of-two – said she carried the upset for years until a friend gave her a stern talking-to.

"My amazing best friend said, "You know what Tamera? You are not 16-years-old anymore. You do not have to listen to that insecurity in your head anymore. You do not let other people define who you are."

The actress was met with major applause from the audience and her fellow panellists when she revealed that she no longer takes those comments ot heart.

"Your words and you – who I don't even know – I'm not going to give you power over who I am. I know who I am and you don't define me. I define me!"

You go, Tamera! Channel that inner Lisa Landry!



Netflix is great and all, but sometimes we miss coming home after school and bingeing on whatever The Den had to offer.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains It All, The Secret Life of Alex Mack… Nineties TV was pure magic. One show we were sad to see go back in 2001 was Sister Sister, not least because the theme tune was the BEST.

So we were delighted to hear that the show might actually be coming back to our screens very soon, as both Tia and Tamera are up for a remake. Eeeek!

Over a decade and a half after the show first aired, Tamera Mowry-Housley has revealed that a reunion is definitely on the horizon. 

"We want to do it, it's just getting everyone in the same place right now," she explains to People magazine.

And it won't just be the famous twins starring in a potential reboot, Tamera promises.

"I know Jackée [Lisa] wants to do it, Tia wants to do it," she says.

"I know Marques Houston [Roger] wants to. I think Jackée said Tim [Ray] wants to do it too so it just depends on the people in charge. We have to make it happen."

We seriously hope this happens – but we better see the original theme tune being reinstated…



Remember Sister Sister? It feels like just yesterday we were watching Tia and Tamara send poor Roger climbing back down from that window feeling utterly dejected.

Now, the twins are all grown up with kids of their own.

Tamera Mowry-Housley, 36, and husband Adam welcomed their second child this week. Ariah Talea Housley was born early yesterday morning.

The parents told People magazine “We are beyond overjoyed and blessed with our beautiful baby girl," adding that their toddler son Aden "already made a welcome video for her.” 

The couple announced that Tamera was pregnant with their second child in January, but one person who already knew was the actress' twin Tia, as the pair still have that twin-mind thing going on apparently. 

Tamera admitted that it’s impossible to keep secrets from her sister, saying, “she just called me and she was like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I said, ‘Yep, I am!’"

The former sitcom star was convinced by her fellow hosts on chat show The Real to find out the sex of her baby, and although she seemed delighted to be expecting a baby girl, her husband was a little more apprehensive. "I am scared out of my mind," he told the show at the time.

She may have had a relatively smooth pregnancy, but all the same we imagine Tamera is delighted it's over, having told American Baby magazine earlier this year that she gained a lot of weight during both of her pregnancies. “I carry big. It doesn’t matter how much I eat or exercise, I make big babies," she explained.

Cute babies too, because there’s some pretty genes happening in the Mowry-Housley family. Congratulations to the happy family!



There is exciting baby news for actress Tamera Mowry today as she has announced she is expecting her second child!

Tamera, who starred in hit TV show Sister Sister with her twin Tia until 1999, made the revelation in an Instagram photo, holding up a pregnancy test and writing: “We are thrilled to announce we are #ClearblueConfirmed! Can’t wait to meet baby #2! Love Clearblue’s pregnancy test with Smart Countdown. It helped me get through the wait to get my result by counting down with me #spon.”

This will be the second child for Tamera, who is currently the host of The Real Daytime, and her husband Adam Housley who are also parents to two-year-old Aden. Congratulations to the family on this exciting news! 


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