Twitter is not happy with Charlize Theron’s parenting choices

Charlize Theron is a proud mother of two children, but has been receiving major backlash online over her parenting skills.

In 2012 she adopted a son, named Jackson, from South Africa and last summer, she adopted a baby girl named August. 

The controversy first started when photos of Jackson dressed as Elsa from Frozen appeared online.

This week, Jackson was spotted wearing a dress and a hat with a long Elsa braid, and some people have taken to Twitter with their harsh opinions on the matter! 

"Is @CharlizeAfrica crazy?? What kind of parent does this to a child?? Why would you adopt this young black boy and then degrade him??" tweeted on angry follower.

"How is this legal Charlize Theron has this boy in a dress an wig" said another.

Some people have taken to Twitter to praise Charlize on her parenting skills, remarking on the importance of letting children express themselves. 

What do you guys think?