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The One Direction guys were celebrating Niall Horan’s 21st birthday in Las Vegas all weekend (well that puts our bash in the local to shame anyway!), and after photos of Liam Payne sporting a cast on his arm surfaced, 1D fans demanded to know what had happened to the singer.

The word on the street was that he “got a bit carried away” while break dancing (haven’t we all?), and hurt his hand that way. However, Liam’s rep is saying that he “hurt his hand while training” with weights. He added: “He will be fine.”

Hmmm… the old ‘lifting weights’ excuse eh? Maybe it’s true, but really, why would anyone be lifting weights when they’re in Las Vegas?!

Ah, well, the important thing is that he’s fine! Get well soon Liam!




What has Glenda Gilson done?! 

The Irish star posted a photo of herself getting inked up onto her Twitter account earlier. 

Glenda appears to be proving just how much she loves her husband-to-be by getting his name tattooed on her upper arm in a heart. 

The model and TV presenter captioned the photo: "The things you do for love."

Glenda and her fiancé, Rob MacNaughton, are getting married on August 29th at the exclusive Doonbeg resort in Co. Clare. 

The ink was carried out by famous tattoo artist, Ami James, but we're not convinced…

Do you think Glenda is just messing with us?! Would she really do this before her big day?!