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Friends remains one of the most iconic and easy-to-watch TV shows of all time, despite almost 25 years passing since it first aired.

The sitcom we know and love offers us relatable comedy with lovable characters, what's not to adore? It could have been a very different series, however, without one of the cast in particular.

Author Saul Austerlitz has spilled some of Central Perk's most shocking secrets to celebrate a quarter-century of the programme, including which Friend was almost cut out of the show.


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According to Austerlitz's new book, Generation Friends, the one and only Jennifer Aniston herself was nearly written out of the show after a potential filming conflict emerged.

Austerlitz told Entertainment Weekly that Jennifer had already filmed numerous episodes for an upcoming comedy, Muddling Through, which was set to air on rival network CBS.

The scheduling team at NBC allegedly aired a ratings-winning stream of TV films adapted from Danielle Steel novels at the same time as Aniston's other show to avoid ditching Rachel.


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Most of Muddling Through's intended target audience switched to NBC for some luxurious fluff, Aniston's career prospects with Muddling Through were annihilated.

Pretty intelligent stuff from NBC, we have to admit. Imagine Friends without Rachel Greene, her hilarious diva idiosyncracies and her 'lobster' love for Ross Gellar?

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Friends wouldn't be Friends without Phoebe Buffay, let's get that straight. The iconic, quirky character always saw life through another lens, and had a neverending supply of enviable vintage rings.

But according to the actress who played the hilarious character, Lisa Kudrow, playing the role wasn't easy for her. She even needed her co-star's help to handle the pressure.

The 56-year-old comedian made her comments while hiking with Kevin Nealon for his YouTube web series Hiking With Kevin yesterday.

Kudrow is a graduate of the prestigious Vassar College, where she majored in biology. She later rose to fame with her popular, slightly ditzy role on Friends for 10 series, until 2004.

"I had played dumb girls, sure. But it wasn't really me," Kudrow told Nealon.

"I feel like s**t, I tricked them. At the audition, I was the only one who could cope with the audition process and that's how I got it, I think. So I had to work hard at being Phoebe, you know."

LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani on the show, noticed something was up and gave Kudrow a much-needed pep talk.


"And then like third season in, I was struggling so much," she said. "And Leblanc was like, 'What's going on with you?' And I said, 'I can't, I don't think I have it, I mean, I don't know what I'm doing.'

"And he went, 'You're her, relax, you got it. You've been doing this f**king character for three years. You're working too hard. That's your problem. You don't need to work this hard. Relax.' He was right."

Kudrow also revealed that she has never actually watched an episode of Friends. "I should," she said. "I hear it's good."

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So, while a Friends reunion may be totally off the cards, fans of the sitcom will be delighted to hear that one of the show's creators has shed some light on the future lives of the beloved characters. 

Speaking at a comedy show runners panel for The Wrap's Emmy Series, David Crane, answered the question on everyone's lips: Are Ross and Rachel still together?

Much to the delight of many fans, Crane revealed that everything worked out in the end for the infamous on-again, off-again couple. 

“Yes. Come on, they worked really hard, ten years,” he said. 

He also informed curious fans that Monica and Chandler were doing just fine. 

However, it wasn't all good news.Crane quickly dashed all hopes of a possible reunion whe  he quite bluntly stated it would "never happen." 

“Never. We did it! It's done,” he continued. “That's why you don't want to see more of it because it's all a happy ending."


Anyone who's everyone watched Friends back in the day. It remains one of the most popular shows of all time, spanning 10 seasons and earning millions of viewers per episode.

The lead actors became stars overnight after the show began airing in the early 1990s, and it's no surprise they wanted to keep some mementos after a decade of working on the project together.

Lisa Kudrow has shared a photo of the gift which Matthew Perry gave her after they wrapped up filming, and it's UNREAL.


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Matthew bagged Monica's cookie jar for Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay on the classic sitcom. The instantly recognisable prop now sits in the star's home, where she probably puts her granny's infamous Nestlé cookies.

The 55-year-old showed the jar to her 1.6 million followers on Instagram, and Friends fans freaked out, as predicted. She captioned the snap; "My wrap gift from Matthew Perry…”ooh, look at the time, I’ve gotta go.”" BLESS HER.

Lisa had previously explained the tale behind Matthew's choice of present to Comedy Central.

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"It’s this cookie jar that was in Monica and Rachel’s apartment, and there’s a clock face on it,’ she began. "He gave it to me because… I had a scene where I was supposed to say, “Ooh, look at the time, I gotta go!”" she said.

"Well, I wasn’t wearing a watch. Because we’d rehearsed it but no one thought about it. As we were shooting, and the audience was there… it was coming up and I was like, uh oh, I’m about to say, “Look at the time.” I don’t see a watch… there’s no clock anywhere…"


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She continued the story;

"So I point to the cookie jar and say, “Look at the time, I gotta go!” So afterwards Matthew Perry went, “Did you point to the cookie jar and say ‘look at the time’?” It was the dumbest fix, so lame… and then David Crane came over and said “what are you looking at?”’

"It was so stupid of me… that’s my fix! He asked Warner Bros, he got special permission and he gave that to me." Awww, gowan Matthew. What a great pal.

Matt LeBlanc was also asked about props which he stole on the show, and he revealed he took the Magna Doodle on the back of Chandler and Joey's door for an electrician who drew the artwork for every episode;


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LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani on the show, also revealed that he keeps the foosball from Chandler and Joey's foosball table in his tool kit.

We'd probably have tried to leave the show with the entire of Monica Geller's apartment and the contents of Rachel's wardrobe.

We absolutely love all of these nostalgic on-set Friends stories, give us more please?

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We've seen enough flashback episodes of Friends to know what Rachel Green looked like as a teen, but it turns out Jennifer Aniston looked almost identical to her in the early days.

Years before she got her breakout role on the NBC sitcom, Jennifer starred in another TV comedy called Molloy – with none other than The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik.

Mayim took to Instagram this week to share an amazing throwback of herself aged 14 with a 21-year-old Jennifer beside her.

"Yes this is me and Jennifer Aniston in my childhood bedroom. We did a show together before I did 'Blossom.' #tbt" wrote Mayim next to the sepia-tinted snap.

Anyone else see the resemblance?

Last year Mayim shared another – and equally hilarious – early Nineties throwback, this time showing Jen rocking dark, almost black hair and a tartan miniskirt. 

Oh-so emo.

We are LOVING these blasts from the past – wonder how Jen feels about them, though?


We still get a little bit sick in our mouths when we think about that legendary Friends episode in which Rachel proudly presents a Thanksgiving trifle made of raspberry jam, ladyfingers, custard… and a good helping of minced beef.

The recipe disaster has gone down in history as one of the most memorable Friends moments, and now one brave soul has recreated the horrific dish.

Yes, Neil Killham stocked up on mince, custard, peas and all the other essential ingredients and set to work making Rachel's trifle as per her ill-fated recipe. Luckily for us, he live-tweeted the experience so we could see exactly how disgusting a real-life version of the trifle would be.

From the top, it looks grand. We'd happily have a slice:

Once it was all cut up though, it was a VERY different story:

*vomits into office bin*

So how did it taste?

Yup, that seems about right. Don't worry though, Joey will gladly finish it…




Waitressing is a great part-time job to have during college or even full-time whenever – but it's hard. People think it's so easy to be "just a waitress" (we're looking at you Ross Gellar) when in reality it's not easy. At. All. 

1. People asking stupid questions and giving  you stupid answers
Would you like tea or coffee? "Yes” The silence that follows is agonising so you’ve to ask again “tea or coffee?” oh yeah sorry tea. *Face palm*

2. When they start arguments with you with things out of your control. 
Telling the customer that you only accept card for orders over five euro and suddenly World War 3 breaks out.

3. When people make paying the bill awkward
By telling you at the last minute they want to split the bill half with one side of the table and three quarters with the other side and Richard is paying by cash and the rest by card.

Funny GIF

4. Then there's the people with the strange food orders that make the chef want to strangle you
Gordon Ramsay’s anger may look entertaining on TV but not when you’re on the receiving end of it.

5. It's actually very tiring 
You are literally standing all day and those trays with food are actually pretty heavy. 

peter pan no sleep gif

6. Rachel Green may make waitressing look glamorous
Reality is you’ve to wear a uniform and not a stylish outfit and your hair has to be tied back. Guess there was no Health and Saftey regulations in Central Perk.

7. Waitresses smiling all the time isn’t because we love our job so much
It's because we have to so don’t be fooled we’re really dying inside.

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