Downton Abbey movie will be missing one key cast member

After months of keeping us on our toes, it has been confirmed that there will be a Downton Abbey film!

The beloved television series went on for six drama-filled seasons, winning three Golden Globe Awards, 15 Primetime Emmys and a BAFTA.

The show has gained global attention, becoming the most nominated, non-U.S. television show in Emmy history!


As Violet says, ""I'm not a romantic, but even I concede that the heart does not exist solely for the purpose to pump blood." And our hearts beat for Downton Abbey!

Details of the film’s plot have yet to be released, but we do know it will feature the next chapter for the Crawley family.

It has been announced that one of the series’ key cast members will NOT be in the film. Lady Rose MacClare, played by Lily James, will not be in the upcoming drama.

When asked the reason for her absence, she told People: “My character Rose moved off to New York, so it would be farfetched to bring her back.”

She explained that because it was a film, it would be too hard to fit Rose in. Otherwise, she would have loved to appear in a cameo.

The film’s delay of production had been due to scheduling conflicts with different cast members.


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"There has been a lot of goodwill from all of us, but logistically, it's a bit of a minefield. It's very difficult to get 22 actors together," said Joanne Froggatt, Anna Bates in the series.

Finally overcoming this obstacle, production for the film has officially began this summer, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!