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Former Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead has well and truly moved on from the dad of her little girl India, Josh 'JP' Patterson, and has a new boyfriend.

The 29-year-old has fallen for 30-year-old businessman Max Darnton after meeting him at posh members' club Soho Farmhouse early in 2019.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, Binky explained that she was nervous to inform Max about her two-year-old daughter when they first got chatting at the bar.


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"I was at the bar ordering cocktails, and Max came up to me and said, 'So, how are you, what do you do?' And the first thing I said was, 'I'm a mum!'

I was so nervous about him not knowing that I had a child, so I wanted to get it out there before he asked me any more questions, just to see if he was going to run off or not," Binky adds.

"But his reply was, 'OK… And?' That was so nice and put me really at ease right away."

Binky said that she had "hoped I'd meet somebody", adding: "I just didn't know it would be so soon, and I didn't know that this would be how I feel."


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The reality star said that Darnton "brings out the best in me", adding: "I'm incredibly lucky to have met him."

The couple even intend to buy a house together; "Things are going so nicely, so we'll be looking – together! – for a big house in London with a garden – for India, and so that Max can get a dog."

Darnton, who works as a managing director at a global executive search and consulting firm, said: "We're both very different but equally as driven and ambitious.

"We find each other funny – not many other people do! – and it's completely natural and chilled. I feel very lucky to have met her. We really connect. I feel settled, and it feels normal."


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Max continues to gush about Binky's adorable daughter; "And India is amazing – I look at them both together and it's really sweet. They have an incredible relationship."

Binky and JP were in an on-off relationship while filming Made In Chelsea, though they weren't an item when she found out about her pregnancy.

They reignited their romance after they learned they were to become parents in 2017. They announced their separation last September, a year and a half after becoming parents.

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Binky Felstead has always been open about life as a single mum – and it ain't easy. 

The former Made in Chelsea star is mum to the CUTEST toddler India, who will celebrate her second birthday in June.

India's dad is former MIC star Josh ''JP'' Patterson, who split with Binky 15 months after the birth.

The 28-year-old has since been vocal about the struggles of single motherhood and how tough she is finding things. 


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She told Women's Health, ''Of course there are times where I think, ‘F***, I’m on my own and I’ve got a baby.''

We hear you, Binks.

On top of that, social media has been a pain in the arse for her, with snaps of seemingly happy families everywhere. 

She said, ''I was home with India and I would see on Instagram that everyone was out and about and I just felt really isolated.''

She continued, ''I can get quite low scrolling through Instagram and seeing all these happy, or what looks like happy, families – mums and dads and babies”.


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While her love life might be quiet atm, she has been working at her fitness – and her Instagram snaps show her hard work (those abs are enviable).

Binky says that people aren't used to seeing her in this kind of shape.

She said, ''People remember me being bigger back in Made in Chelsea. Not bigger but I was curvier and I didn’t ever go to the gym, so my body has changed.''

She continued, ''All other girls who are on Instagram posting in bikinis didn’t get criticised because they’ve always looked like that. But because I’ve lost a bit of weight they feel like they can say something.''

We think she looks fab – and that she's kicking ass at being a single mum – India is so lucky to have her. 


Binky Felstead has opened up about her break up from fellow former MIC co-star, Josh 'JP' Patterson.

The pair, who have 17-month-old daughter India together, split earlier this year three years after they first met.

Now the 28-year-old has spoken out about her worries and fears for the future – firstly, when Josh meets someone new. 

She also said that she she expects him to move on soon.

She said, "He will find someone quickly and that kind of scares me. The scariest thing for me is thinking about being on my own, and how am I going to meet someone again when I have a baby? Because who wants to think about being on their own?" 

The on-and-off couple were on a break when Binky found out that she was eight weeks pregnant, but they decided to try and be a family. 

She said, "We have had really happy times, just like any couple. But we're still quite young – Josh never had a girlfriend before – and we've been in the public eye, which isn't easy anywhere when you're in a relationship. And then to have a baby on top of everything else…" 


Got my brunette MILFS OUT !!!! @lizzieafelstead @liseyrose1 #thankyoubabysitter #ladiesinblack

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But what about her own love life?

It seems that a new man is not even on her radar at the moment.

She said, “Of course, hopefully one day, but I’m not there yet. I’m not even thinking about that. As long as Josh and I are in a good place together that’s all that matters, because that’s what’s perfect for India.”

The pair are trying to keep things as normal as possible for India.

Binky says, “Josh and I are still in each other’s lives, and I speak to him every day. He sees India as much as he likes – he had her when I was on a work trip this week, and I’m sure in the future we’ll spend Christmas Day together.''

We're sure everything will work out for her – and she has her beautiful daughter to be so proud of too. 


New couple alert! MIC stunner Binky Felstead recently split from her partner and co-parent Josh Patterson, in an amicable split which focuses on their daughter India. 

The mum-of-one has been focusing on herself and her Mummy Tribe endeavours, but decided to hit the town for The Pride of Britain Awards. 

At the after party, she was spotted ;looking very familiar with Love Island favourite and general ride Eyal Booker. 


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Eyal was also in attendance, and looked dashing in a blue suit. 

Binky looked divine in a long, black gown, as she partied at a night club after the awards.

In photographs obtained by The Mirror, the MIC reality TV star can be seen cuddling up to Eyal and sitting on the Casa Amour paramour's lap. 


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The pair chatted quietly as Binky sat on his knee, and Eyal wrapped his arms around her waist.

Eyal's Love Island co-stars Josh Denzel, Kaz Crossley and Laura Anderson were also at the awards. 

Could the Love Island babe have found love outside the villa?


MIC is known for its bitchiness, backstabbing and badly scripted awkward silences.

But now, much of the OG cast is all grown up and mature – bad boy Spenny is changing his son's nappies, Millie and Hugo are more more Smug Married's than Party Animal's, even Jamie Laing has gone quiet.

And now, Louise Thompson, serial heartbreaker and orange person is tying the knot with her fella Ryan Libbey.

If you're a fan of the show, you'll know that Louise and the Ry-Man got together when she split with American Alik Alfus two years ago. 


meetings meetings meetings with some cool producers/ pr peeps then dinner at Isabel | AD

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Since then, they have been delighting us with snaps of their workout lifestyle and travels on Insta, with Ryan popping the question in LA. 

The 28-year-old is planning her big day and who will be in her bridal party is obvs a big thing to think about.

However, she made the reveal on an episode of MIC when she asked would an emotional Binky Felstead '''obviously be a bridesmaid''. 


Silly boyo #dressinggowndiaries

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Not only that, but she also asked if Binky's little daughter India, who is 15 months, would be a flower girl.

So cute! 

Louise said, ''I would love if little tiny baby India will be a flower girl. I just think she'll be the absolute cutest, it gives me shivers thinking about it.''

Binky said, ''that makes me so happy. She'll be on her best behaviour.''

We cannot WAIT to see wht kinda wedding Louise will have – champers and caviar, anyone? 


Fangirls get screaming, this isn't a drill – Binky is BACK.

The 28-year-old isn't leaving us waiting either as she starts filming next Monday.

Binky will reappear on Made In Chelsea to celebrate Louise Thompson's engagement to personal trainer aka hunk, Ryan Libbey.


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The Made In Chelsea star announced her departure from the E4 show in May 2017, when she discovered she was pregnant with her first child.

Binky understandably wanted to focus on growing and birthing a human – and she exited the series at the end of season 13.

However, viewers still got their Binky fix, in her spin-off programme, Born in Chelsea, where cameras documented her journey into motherhood. 


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Her little girl, India who she shares with Josh Patterson, is now over a year old.

Despite the couple who met on Made In Chelsea calling it quits, their little girl is still the "light of [their] lives," and they ended with respect. 

We can't wait for our queen to be back. 


They announced their separation a few days ago on their social media accounts. 

And now Binky Felstead has opened up about how tough this week has been on her.

The 28-year-old former Made in Chelsea star took to Instagram to write a detailed post about what she's gone through in the wake of her split from Josh ''JP'' Patterson.


This week has been an emotional one for me, so I wanted to say thank you so much for all your support, it really means a lot. . However I couldn’t let today go by without thanking the mamas that came along to this week’s @mummytribe retreats with their little ones, made me smile, shared stories (and wine) and generally helped look after me! You have all been amazing, and being with you this week was exactly what I needed. Lots of powerful, kind and smart women to hang out with. . It just goes to show that we don’t need to be comparing ourselves as women, we need to join together and support one another wherever and whenever we can. Please keep in touch ladies, it’s honestly been so so amazing to have met each and every one of you. That’s the beauty of these retreats, we really get to know each other! A huge thank you too to my amazing Mummy Tribe team, including all the amazing interns who joined us – you guys rock (and I know how hard you all worked!) . I’ll do a separate post to thank all the INCREDIBLE experts that came along – because I cant physically fit you all in to one post – but you all need a mention because you’re where the magic comes in. . For now though, over and out. I’m at home, being pampered by MY Mummy and looking forward to a chilled weekend in the country. Love to you all x x x

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Uploading a picture of her gorgeous daughter India, Binky thanked everyone for the support she has received since the announcement. 

She captioned it, ''this week has been an emotional one for me, so I wanted to say thank you so much for all your support, it really means a lot.''

She thanked the mum's who joined her at saying that they, ''made me smile, shared stories (and wine) and generally helped look after me! You have all been amazing, and being with you this week was exactly what I needed. Lots of powerful, kind and smart women to hang out with.''

She continued, ''it just goes to show that we don’t need to be comparing ourselves as women, we need to join together and support one another wherever and whenever we can. Please keep in touch ladies, it’s honestly been so so amazing to have met each and every one of you. That’s the beauty of these.''


Casually stole this cute dog for my insta shot. dress @inthestyle 

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Binky's 1.4 million followers were quick to post comments of love and support. 

One wrote, ''take care of you and your lovely daughter! That's the most important for now'' while another said, ''you will be absolutely fine, you're a beautiful person and you adore your little one. I brought my son up on my own and he is kind considerate gorgeous young man.''

We're sending you lots of love Binky, we know she will be absolutely fine and continue to be an amazing mum to little India. 


There's a lot of MIC couples that we wouldn't give a toss about calling it a day tbh, but this pair isn't one of them. 

We're genuinely devo to hear that MIC OG couple Binky Felstead and Josh ''JP'' Patterson have broken up. 

The couple, who are parents to 15-month-old daughter India, both posted the same statement to their Instagram accounts. 



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They wrote, ''we are still a family and India is, and will always be the absolute light of our lives, however, we have realised we are on very different paths at the moment, although we still adore each other, we need to give each other the space to grow.''


Comments were disabled on both accounts and the posted with the caption of a love heart emoji.

Their relationships ups and (many) downs were documented on MIC and later their spin-off show Born In Chelsea.

Even though they did seem quite rocky until Binky got pregnant since then they appeared to have been going from strength to strength with both of them featuring on the reg on each others social media.

We thought they were the real deal and now love is dead…pass us the chocolate. 


Made in Chelsea stars Binky Felstead and Josh 'JP' Patterson welcomed their first child into the world two weeks ago.

The pair announced the arrival of their baby girl when JP shared a heartwarming photo of him holding the new arrival in his arms.

The caption excitedly exclaimed 'I'M A DADDY,' but failed to mention the tiny tot's name.


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Now, the couple have revealed that their baby girl is named India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson.

The pair revealed the news to Hello!, and opened up about their new little family. 

'We’re a family now,' Binky told the mag. 

'She just loves cuddles, and everyone’s saying she looks like Josh but she has both our dark hair.'


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'I burst into tears when she was born…' JP said.

'When you’ve seen your partner give birth you end up feeling emotions for them that you’ve never felt before.'

'I can’t describe how much admiration I have for her for what she’s been through… it’s a new feeling in my heart.'

Congratulations again to the couple, we're besotted with India's gorgeous name!


Made in Chelsea stars, Binky Felstead and Josh 'JP' Patterson have just welcomed their first child.

The pair announced their arrival yesterday when JP shared a heartwarming photo of him holding the new arrival in his arms, exclaiming, “I'M A DADDY!”



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According to The Mirror, Binky and JP has previously confirmed that they were expecting a baby girl.

Earlier this month, Binky hinted that her baby could soon be on the way after sharing a photo of her and JP enjoying the sun alongside the caption: "One of the last weekends where it's just the two of us." 

The couple recently announced plans to launch their very own solo reality show, with cameras following them in the run uo to their child's birth.

The title and start date are yet to be confirmed, but two one-hour long episodes of the programme will be aired in E4 sometime this year.

Binky and JP revealed the news about their pregnancy back in February, stating at the time that although they were not in a romantic relationship, they were committed to raising their child together.

However, since then, the pair have confirmed that they have decided to give their relationship another shot, but insisted it wasn't solely because of the baby.

Speaking during an interview on This Morning last month, Binky said, "It’s taken a while, we basically discussed things. We're back together because we love each other."

Josh added: "It was a case of just taking things slow, the worst thing would be to get back together for the baby. I think we have to realise when a child is coming into the picture that you both grow up together and both change together.”

Either way, congratulations are in order for the happy couple!  


Binky Felstead announced last month that she's expecting a baby with her on/off lover JP Paterson.

But, it looks like the MIC couple are very much together now after posting this cute Valentine's Day snap.

Taking to the social media network, Binky shared a photo of them both in bed together with the caption: "Happy Valentine's Day to this gorgeous baby daddy to be. Count myself very lucky to have you in my life."

Speaking to OK! last month after announcing her pregnancy, Binky said that the reality TV couple have been getting on well since they found out they're having a baby.

"We're getting on better than ever, so this news has actually been a real blessing.


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"We love each other and we're having the most amazing time going on date nights and we're very couple-y. It's really nice."

We're delighted for them!


He may be known for breaking Binky Felsted's heart before becoming her fully-fledged boyfriend on Made In Chelsea, but it seems JP Patterson is using his new found fame for a good cause. 

We all know how important it is for public figures to openly discuss their mental health issues in order to reduce the stigmatisation of mental illness, so we are giving JP major props for this one. 

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, the Chelsea heartthrob revealed that he has suffered from depression and things have been so bad that he has considered suicide in the past. 

The illness took hold of the reality star in his early teens after the break up of his parents marriage. 

"My issues started at a very young age. My parents who are phenomenal, unfortunately had their differences, it was quite an unhappy marriage for them, which unfortunately affected my sister and I.

"I think it began at nine or 10 for me, being exposed to the arguments, they never intentionally did it, but unfortunately that was the case."

"So I started to be affected mentally by that.

"It was not until my parents divorced when I was 13 when things actually started to really progress and get far, far worse.

"The way I was behaving in school became quite erratic, I became very aggressive and again just not having an understanding of the way I was behaving and why I was doing it. It was a bad cycle."

JP was speaking out to raise awareness as part of Good Morning Britain's Changing Minds campaign. 

Watch the interview below: