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Jamie Laing has been forced to drop out of Strictly Come Dancing. The Made In Chelsea star suffered an injury during rehearsals which has prevented him from continuing her Strictly journey.

The show confirmed the devastating news this afternoon. They stated, "Sadly due to an injury, Jamie Laing will no longer be able to take part in this year's series of Strictly Come Dancing. As the Strictly launch show is pre-recorded, Jamie will still feature in this programme which airs Saturday 7th September."


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Executive producer, Sarah James said, "We are so sad that Jamie won't be able to take part in the series, he had already lit up the ballroom during the launch show with his boundless energy and enthusiasm. We all wish him a full and speedy recovery."

The reality star was spotted on crutches earlier this week. There's no doubt fans are going to be heartbroken by this news as Jamie was a firm favourite since Strictly announced this year's lineup.


There's a lot of MIC couples that we wouldn't give a toss about calling it a day tbh, but this pair isn't one of them. 

We're genuinely devo to hear that MIC OG couple Binky Felstead and Josh ''JP'' Patterson have broken up. 

The couple, who are parents to 15-month-old daughter India, both posted the same statement to their Instagram accounts. 



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They wrote, ''we are still a family and India is, and will always be the absolute light of our lives, however, we have realised we are on very different paths at the moment, although we still adore each other, we need to give each other the space to grow.''


Comments were disabled on both accounts and the posted with the caption of a love heart emoji.

Their relationships ups and (many) downs were documented on MIC and later their spin-off show Born In Chelsea.

Even though they did seem quite rocky until Binky got pregnant since then they appeared to have been going from strength to strength with both of them featuring on the reg on each others social media.

We thought they were the real deal and now love is dead…pass us the chocolate. 


Congratulations to former reality star Cheska Hull, who gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday.

She made the big announcement to her 96.5K Insta followers saying, 'BABY HULL HAS ARRIVED.'

'Welcome to the world my beautiful little soldier,' said the ex-Made in Chelsea star in the picture's caption.

 'Charlie Henry Stephen Hull! Born on his due date, 14th November 2017 and weighing 8 lbs 6oz… so happy and complete!'

'Love my little darling.'

The mum-of-one announced the pregnancy via Instagram this last May.


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Maybe little Charlie can be friends with Binky's daughter India?

Congrats again to Cheska and her family.


He may be known for breaking Binky Felsted's heart before becoming her fully-fledged boyfriend on Made In Chelsea, but it seems JP Patterson is using his new found fame for a good cause. 

We all know how important it is for public figures to openly discuss their mental health issues in order to reduce the stigmatisation of mental illness, so we are giving JP major props for this one. 

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, the Chelsea heartthrob revealed that he has suffered from depression and things have been so bad that he has considered suicide in the past. 

The illness took hold of the reality star in his early teens after the break up of his parents marriage. 

"My issues started at a very young age. My parents who are phenomenal, unfortunately had their differences, it was quite an unhappy marriage for them, which unfortunately affected my sister and I.

"I think it began at nine or 10 for me, being exposed to the arguments, they never intentionally did it, but unfortunately that was the case."

"So I started to be affected mentally by that.

"It was not until my parents divorced when I was 13 when things actually started to really progress and get far, far worse.

"The way I was behaving in school became quite erratic, I became very aggressive and again just not having an understanding of the way I was behaving and why I was doing it. It was a bad cycle."

JP was speaking out to raise awareness as part of Good Morning Britain's Changing Minds campaign. 

Watch the interview below:



Two years ago – and much to the disappointment of his many fans – he spectacularly quit Made In Chelsea.

However, since then long-haired lothario Ollie Locke has been decidedly quiet… and oh how we miss him and his ridiculous ways!

So understandably, news this morning confirming his immediate MIC return has been warmly welcomed.

Of course the 27-year-old is best known for his fake tan and loveably OTT dress sense – not to mention his luscious locks – and, thankfully, it seems he has no intention of changing his ways upon his return.

In response to the revelation, Ollie confirmed: “I am delighted to be returning to a show that I am so proud of being involved in from day one!


My car has now been taken over for filming! I'm just chilling! Xx

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“I can't wait to be back on the Kings Road adding some more love, laughs and just a bit of the ridiculous!”

Much of the rest of the MIC cast (though NOT Dubliner Nicola Hughes) is currently in LA filming a spin-off show; normal scheduling duties will resume shortly in London.

In August 2013, Ollie left to pursue “other filming projects,” saying at the time: “I've quit the show. I have done five seasons, I've had three breaks ups and I've come out as bisexual.

“The party's over for me.”

He’s famously enjoyed romances with several cast members and extras – both male and female.

He also took part in Celebrity Big Brother last year, finishing in a respectable third. 


She wasn't included in the lineup for Made In Chelsea's Los Angeles spin-off – which is currently being filmed with the rest of the regular cast. 

But despite seemingly being snubbed by producers, Nicola Hughes was nevertheless happy to jet out to California to spend time with her boyfriend of a year, MIC bad boy Alex Mytton – while he gets on with filming.

Over the weekend, the duo – who met in a Kildare nightclub – toasted their union, also hitting Disneyland yesterday.

The Dublin model posted a snap to Instagram of her and Alex donning novelty Mickey Mouse ears, complete with the caption "happy anniversary".

And despite being able to enjoy a lengthy break Stateside, she told Goss.ie yesterday that her schedule was simply too hectic to take part in MIC this summer.

“I’m not in the show, I wasn’t able to. I was too busy,” she said, adding that she visited friends in Santa Monica before meeting up with Alex more recently.

Ms Hughes also confirmed to the same Irish-based website that she'll be be back for the next series of Made In Chelsea in London in the autumn. 

Sadly, his filming commitments mean that the love-birds can't live together in LA, but they're getting to spend plenty of time together nonetheless – with both stars regularly posting images of one another to their respective social media accounts.

Mr Mytton had a bad-boy reputation before finding his perfect match in Nicola; he notoriously cheated on his previous love, Binky Felstead, also a long-standing member of the same reality TV show.



It is looking as if Made in Chelsea couple Stephanie Pratt and Josh Shepherd may have split up. At least that’s what their social media suggests.

The pair haven’t been seen together in weeks and they have also deleted all traces of each other from their Instagram and Twitter pages.

Steph and Josh are two of the MIC members who are currently filming the new summer series in Los Angeles. And while nothing is confirmed and the pair might simply be off enjoying themselves on holidays, there are a few BIG tell-tale signs that leads us to believe that they have split.

Firstly, Steph has been hanging out with fellow cast member, Lucy Watson. While the two used to be BFFs they then fell out because Lucy didn’t get along with Josh.

However, since they’ve been in LA, the girls have been inseparable – which we can’t imagine Josh is too delighted about.

Steph also shared a photo of her and Lucy and captioned it, “Sorry a crazy boy came between us 🙁 love you bub. Never again.”

She also said, “Living and learning and I still am. I love you @imLucyWatson sorry I was #sleepingwiththeeneymy.” And somehow we don’t think she’s talking about Spencer!

What’s more, the couple have unfollowed each other on Twitter. Now, if that’s not a sign of a breakup we don’t know what is.

Whatever is going on with Steph, we are just PRAYING that she has patched things up with her brother so as that Speidi can make their first MIC appearance! 



If there's one thing we love more than Gogglebox itself, it's the wildly funny and utterly outrageous pairing that is Steph and her husband, Dom Parker.

But it seems we're not the only fans of the B&B owners from Kent who grace our television screens, appearing half sozzled and wholly entertaining, for a wonderful 60 minutes every Friday night.

No, it looks like former Hills star Stephanie Pratt and boyfriend Josh Shepherd are massive fans of the comedy duo too if Steph's latest Instagram post is anything to go by!

The Made in Chelsea couple cosied up with the Martini-loving pair for a very cute photo this weekend and Stephanie was more more than excited to share the moment with legions of fans and followers.

The 29-year-old star, who rose to fame as the long-suffering sister of crystal-loving Spencer Pratt in The Hills, captioned the photo: "Double dating with the legends #steph&dom."

And if Stephanie wanted to make the public jealous, it certainly looks like she succeeded with multiple fans acknowledging the meeting by writing: "Life goals" under the incredibly cute shot.

What with Stephanie and Josh going through a bit of a rough patch after deciding to set up a home together, we wonder if the MIC stars sought the advice of our beloved Steph and Dom.

If anyone knows how to make co- habiting a cinch, it's those two!



It looks like Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson's alcohol-induced amnesia may be getting the better of her lately.

While the stunning brunette is sometimes known to suffer from memory lapse after a few too many vinos, it seems her most recent session could have had a negative impact on her relationship.

Admitting that she didn't know who her own boyfriend was at a party recently, Louise revealed that alcohol was definitely to blame on that front.

Opening up about the rather embarrassing error, the reality star said: "I got drunk and asked 'So who's this weird American guy that keeps following me?'"

Telling the Mail on Sunday that she had assumed her boyfriend of over a year, Alik Alfus, was an over-eager stranger, the 25-year-old star admits that she had to be put on the straight and narrow by a pal, saying: "Then my friend tells me, 'Louise that's your boyfriend!"

We wonder what Alik made of that one!



Made In Chelsea stars Louise Thompson and Binky Felstead enjoyed more than an evening out together last night when they did some seriously steamy posing for the cameras!

Louise, who is currently dating American co-star Alik Alfus, posted a picture of her puckering up to Binky with the caption, "My binkles":


My binkles @binkyfelstead 

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Binky shared a similar photo of the girls looking very intense indeed, writing, "I lov."


I lov

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Louise was back in the UK after three weeks of filming in Austria for Channel 4 ski show The Jump, which kicks off on Sunday.

Despite her steamy kisses with Binky, we reckon Alik has nothing to worry about as his girlfriend seemed delighted to be reuinted with him after her time in Austria, posting a sweet picture of the couple with the caption, "back with this guy"


Back with this guy. 

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Binky Felstead flew into town to promote her new Binky London range. While here, Niamh Geaney headed along to get the inside scoop on whether she'd give in to THAT ex again, how she stays in such good shape, what she thinks on the MIC girls hook-up scandal and much more!

Missed any of this week's show? Join us back here tomorrow for our catch-up.



They may have only just reunited after a brief break-up, but it sounds like a baby may be on the cards for Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus!

The Made In Chelsea stars went through a difficult patch after Louise was accused of cheating, but she tells OK! that it is all behind them now: “I had to make changes for Alik and prove that it’s not going to happen again. And it won’t. He has been very forgiving.”

So forgiving it would seem, that the couple have even talked about babies! Louise says that although she’s young, it is something that has been brought up: “We’ve been joking about having children, but I’m only 24.”

Alik meanwhile, doesn’t seem a million miles away from the baby idea either, adding: “I’m not ready to be married, but I do love that girl, so we’ll see where that goes.”

Wow – now that is one couple we were NOT expecting to hear this kind of serious talk from quite yet! We wonder if Spencer will eventually leave her alone now that she is in a committed relationship, but Louise certainly doesn’t seem to think so: “He’s still quite touchy-feely, I think he does have a bit of a weird obsession with me.”