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Former Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead has well and truly moved on from the dad of her little girl India, Josh 'JP' Patterson, and has a new boyfriend.

The 29-year-old has fallen for 30-year-old businessman Max Darnton after meeting him at posh members' club Soho Farmhouse early in 2019.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, Binky explained that she was nervous to inform Max about her two-year-old daughter when they first got chatting at the bar.


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"I was at the bar ordering cocktails, and Max came up to me and said, 'So, how are you, what do you do?' And the first thing I said was, 'I'm a mum!'

I was so nervous about him not knowing that I had a child, so I wanted to get it out there before he asked me any more questions, just to see if he was going to run off or not," Binky adds.

"But his reply was, 'OK… And?' That was so nice and put me really at ease right away."

Binky said that she had "hoped I'd meet somebody", adding: "I just didn't know it would be so soon, and I didn't know that this would be how I feel."


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The reality star said that Darnton "brings out the best in me", adding: "I'm incredibly lucky to have met him."

The couple even intend to buy a house together; "Things are going so nicely, so we'll be looking – together! – for a big house in London with a garden – for India, and so that Max can get a dog."

Darnton, who works as a managing director at a global executive search and consulting firm, said: "We're both very different but equally as driven and ambitious.

"We find each other funny – not many other people do! – and it's completely natural and chilled. I feel very lucky to have met her. We really connect. I feel settled, and it feels normal."


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Max continues to gush about Binky's adorable daughter; "And India is amazing – I look at them both together and it's really sweet. They have an incredible relationship."

Binky and JP were in an on-off relationship while filming Made In Chelsea, though they weren't an item when she found out about her pregnancy.

They reignited their romance after they learned they were to become parents in 2017. They announced their separation last September, a year and a half after becoming parents.

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We can all remember the good old days when Lucy Watson was the sassiest person in Made in Chelsea history, and we drooled over her gorgeous clothes and high-end but chic style.

Now a full-time influencer and animal rights activist, her fashion sense is as stunning as ever. Watson emanates eclectic taste and carefree, feminine clothing while travelling on her worldly adventures

Thankfully, Nasty Gal have also realised her talent for epitomising personal style, and have decided to collaborate with the British model for a 30-piece summer capsule edit.


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International online retailer Nasty Gal made our day when they announced a curated summer collection featuring Lucy's favourites; vintage wash denims and fresh florals.

Watson is a long-time fan of the brand, and collaborated with them on the campaign and product direction, working closely with the buying team to edit the collection and self-style her favourite outfits.

The gorgeous range was inspired by the model's many travel experiences, and is offering cute ruffle tops in sweetheart shapes, linen playsuits, detailed sleeves, eye-catching skirts and pretty dresses alongside key summer staples.

The beautiful campaign was shot in Spanish Ibiza, and we are beyond ready to be obsessed with the entire range. The confidence, simplicity and lace-up corsetry detailing in the clothing is giving us life.

Embroidered mesh, frills and vintage details with a twist would be perfect for your summer suitcase…it's high time you showed off these looks on sunny beaches in exotic, faraway lands.

The collection won't break the bank either, with products ranging from €30 to €60 and available in UK sizes 4-24. Lucy's typical laid-back fashionista vibe is the essence of the campaign.

The businesswoman, TV personality and vegan author recently has also recently launched her first vegan restaurant, 'Tell Your Friends' plus a range of ready-made meals in supermarkets. Her 'Feed Me Vegan' cookbook has also become a runaway success.

It makes perfect sense that Lucy decided to work with a brand like Nasty Gal, which is rooted in old-school rock 'n' roll and plays around with rules rather than prescribing to them. Badass meets sunny femininity in this collection, don't miss out.

These pieces will make any gal feel special and confidence for the summer, check out the full range on Nasty Gal's website.


She may have quit the reality show which made her famous, but it looks like Lucy Watson isn’t about to disappear from the spotlight anytime soon.

While often the topic of controversial tweets, the former Made in Chelsea star has been receiving widespread praise online for her latest venture – a makeup tutorial which emphasises the use of products which have not been tested on animals.

With the help of her makeup artist Summer, the 26-year-old vegan demonstrated for fans that it is possible to create a smoky eye look using only cruelty-free products, although she was quick to point out that Summer’s brushes we not necessarily so.

So far fans have been very impressed with Lucy’s efforts with one writing: “I’ve bought loads of stuff from your videos…all cruelty free…Opened my eyes!  If we don’t need to use products that test on animals then why should we buy them?”

While another said:  “Just watched it.  Love the look!  I love those eyeshadow colours.”


After four years of catty comments, death-inducing stares and people getting “up in her grill” Lucy Watson has officially quit Made in Chelsea.

The news comes after the 25-year-old failed to take part in the show’s spin-off series in the South of France earlier this summer, a decision which her friend and co-star Frankie Gaff later revealed was made so that Lucy could focus on her relationship with James Dunmore.

But – according to The Mirror – a spokesperson for the star has now announced that she will not be returning to the hit reality series and will instead be turning her attention to other projects of interest.


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They said: “After four amazing years on Made in Chelsea, Lucy feels that now is the right time to explore some other exciting opportunities and projects that she is passionate about.”

“Being part of such a successful show has been an incredible experience for her, and she wishes everyone involved all the very best for the future.”


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Despite her decision to leave MIC, we’re sure the outspoken vegan will continue living the high life as her latest Instagram snaps reveal she has just returned from a luxury break in Crete with James. 


pretending to be a mermaid and stuff  @GoPro

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Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson is well known for her fiery personality, so it's little wonder one of her followers received a pretty frank message this week when they openly accused her of having an eating disorder.

On Monday the reality star posted a pretty standard picture of herself playing croquet on Instagram and it wasn't long before a troll came along to body-shame her. 

The comment to which Lucy bluntly responded said: “Why is everyone pretending that this is ok? This girl obviously has an eating disorder. She's not "naturally skinny" because we've all watched her for years and she never looked like this. This is validating and publicizing an illness.”



Giving the new Pimm’s Cider Cup croquet lawn at @shardview a go! #pimmscidercroquet #spon #nofilter

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Clearly not in the mood to let that one slide the 25-year-old vegan wrote: “Who are YOU to say I have an eating disorder? Do you think it's okay to publicly declare that someone else has an eating problem like its the ONLY possible way for me to be slim? Not that I maybe work out and eat a vegan diet.”

“But that because I am slim I MUST have an eating disorder. Do you really think that it is okay to try and make people think that? What lifestyle are you validating?”

“Just because you've watched me on tv, does NOT mean you know the ins and outs of my life.”



late night reminiscing

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The MIC cast member’s fans were quick applaud her message and display of self-defence, with one user writing: “Being slim is not a synonym for having an eating disorder, and the two ought not to be automatically associated with one another. The latter term is being thrown around too loosely these days, it is a serious illness that requires diagnosis.”

While another said: “You are one of the most beautiful ladies I've seen, please ignore all the haters, women should aim to always empower each other, it's the greatest gift we have.”

This isn’t the first time the reality star has had to defend herself from bodyshamers.  Back in June Lucy ended up in a Twitter spat with Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson after Marnie wrote in her Star magazine column “Lucy Watson looks like a skeleton”.




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Fair play to Lucy for standing up for herself.  No one deserves to be publicly criticised for their size.


Marnie Simpson is not one to mince her words but the controversial Geordie Shore star's comments landed herself in trouble this week with none other than Made in Chelsea's Lucy Watson.

After being involved in a pretty serious body-shaming war with Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jasmine Lennard earlier this week, Marnie wrote in her Star magazine column that while she once wished she was as thin as the Made in Chelsea girls, she's now glad that she's not that skinny.

She said: “I tweeted when I was pissed that I was jealous of the MiC girls’ thin bodies, but actually I don’t think I’d like to be that skinny."

Before adding: “Lucy Watson looks like a skeleton.”    

Lucy then took to Twitter to call Marnie up on her comments.

The slim brunette – who is a proud vegan – tweeted the geordie saying: “yeah you look great! Shame you then had to go and insult my body to make yourself feel better.”

Marnie quickly tried to defend herself by saying it was only an opinion but seemed to make the situation even worse by adding: "But if u wana be nasty I can be nasty too."  Oh, dear! 

Eventually Lucy pointed out the irony of the situation by tweeting: “Girls think it’s out of order for someone to call them fat then go around publicly calling another girl a skeleton #StopBodyShaming.”

Given that neither reality star is known to back down, we doubt this is over.


As you may have noticed, we have been speculating for WEEKS as to whether or not Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will feature in the next season of Made in Chelsea.

And at last, it looks as if our dreams have finally come true.

As MIC staple Stephanie Pratt is the sister of former The Hills star, Spencer, it seems only fitting that he and his wife, Heidi, would make an appearance in the show while they are filming in their hometown of Los Angeles.

While it has still not been confirmed that Speidi are joining the cast of Made in Chelsea, they have been spotted filming scenes with Stephanie and Lucy Watson.

Heidi and Spencer became famous from the hit MTV show, The Hills, before they remerged into the world of reality TV in Celebrity Big Brother in 2013. In keeping with their public perception in The Hills, Speidi quickly became the characters that everyone loves to hate.

And it looks as if our favourite reality royalty aren’t the only ones set for a comeback. As we reported earlier, Ollie Locke and Gabriella Ellis have also been snapped hanging out with Binky and co.

This looks like it is shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet.

Time to move over Spencer and Lauren, the real King and Queen of reality TV are back! 


It was certainly not all fun and games for the Made in Chelsea gang after they were evacuated from a Los Angeles beach because of a potential shark attack.

Members of the cast were reportedly in the water when a lifeguard spotted a man-eating shark swimming dangerously close to the shore.

Speaking to The Sun, an insider revealed that “the cast went for a dip and then there was a real commotion.”

The insider explained how the cast, notably Lauren Hutton and Lucy Watson, were “shaken up”.

However, despite their fears, the gang of Londoners quickly recovered from the fright and went back to having fun on the beach.

Jamie Laing and co were spotted getting SERIOUSLY playful as they jumped on Lucy’s boyfriend, James Dunmore and attempted to remove his shorts. Poor James clearly revealed a bit more than he intended to during the prank.

Meanwhile, Binky and JP were busy getting their flirt on as he playfully grabbed her by the legs and pulled her into the sea.

Unfortunately Speidi were nowhere to be seen but we are remaining optimistic. 


Lucy Watson certainly didn't hold back when talking about Made In Chelsea in a recent interview!

Saying it made her act like a different person, especially when it came to dating, the 24-year-old, who has been on the show since 2012, told Fabulous magazine that “it is incestuous and it’s weird because I don’t actually date that much in real life”.

The brunette beauty went on to add that she hated how she was portrayed, even admitting she cries when watching early episodes: "I cried a lot when I was watching the [first] episodes because I was thinking: 'This isn't me'. I was doing things I thought would be entertaining, like asking Spencer [Matthews] for his number when he had a girlfriend."

"I didn't think, 'People are going to hate me now because that's a really horrible thing to do.' I've learned a lot since being on the show."

And when it comes to her exes, Jamie Laing and Oliver Proudlock, there is certainly no love lost there, as she continued: "Normally, I wouldn't have given them a second look, but they're charming guys – that's why they're on the TV show. You get lost in it.

"I don't need to waste my time with people like Jamie and Proudlock, who are just immature."

Oh, we forgot to mention that Lucy is still on the show… And she put this on Instagram…




If you’re any bit like us, then you will have rejoiced when you found out that Made In Chelsea co-stars Lucy Watson and Oliver Proudlock were giving romance a go.

Sadly for us though, it looks like there may be trouble in paradise already!

The lovely Proudlock celebrated his birthday this week with a star-studded bash in Hoxton, London, surrounded by friends, with one noticeable absentee – Ms Watson.

But while we could try and explain away Lucy’s absence from the party, we’re not having much luck with the photos of him cosying up to gorgeous model Emma Louise Connelly.

Indeed, not only was our Proudlock seen holding hands with Emma, but she stole a kiss from him as he was presented with his birthday cake, too.

Well, we’re feeling rather deflated after that, we must say.

Proudlock and Lucy first shared the details of their budding romance during the last season of MIC, revealing that they had kissed during filming in New York.

The co-stars went on to confirm that they had decided to “give it a go” upon their return from the Big Apple, with viewers seeing them go on their first official date at the start of the new series.

We still think they make the most beautiful couple ever, even if it is all over!



With her signature eye rolls and unashamed sarcasm, Lucy Watson has become one of our favourite reality TV stars to watch.

But now the Made in Chelsea star has landed herself a pretty amazing gig that has nothing to do with reality TV.

According to reports today, the 23-year-old has signed a lucrative contract with top model agency Models 1, marking the realisation of a lifelong dream for the star.

Announcing her exciting news, Lucy said: “I got the chance to live in New York for two months this year, and Models 1 has been a dream since I was younger. I’m working with a great team there, and I feel as though this is a natural progression for me.”

Clearly excited at the opportunities that her new job will bring, she added: “They also pioneered Olivia Palermo’s career, and she is obviously someone significant in the fashion world.”

The big reveal will no doubt bring a welcome deflection from Lucy’s relationship status, which has been the subject of plenty of news coverage in recent weeks.

Since last season’s MIC finale, in which it was revealed that Lucy was kissing co-star Proudlock, the pair have come under intense scrutiny. And while the pair initially remained coy about whether or not they were together, they admitted last week that they had ‘given it a go’ when they returned from New York.

Congratulations to Lucy on the new job!



Super-hot couple alert!

While Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing’s world tore to pieces upon the discovery that Proudlock (the best friend) had been secretly kissing Lucy Watson (the ex), we were all secretly delighted.

And while Lucy and Proudlock were quick to play down any budding romance, insisting that all it came down to was a few innocent kisses, it looks like romance bloomed when the cameras stopped rolling!

As well as appearing arm-in-arm at an event last night, fashion designer Proudlock pretty much confirmed that the pair are a couple.

“We decided to give things a try when we got back to Chelsea because it was one of those things where we never really knew what the other person was thinking or where we stood, because we didn’t get to hang out one on one,” he said.


Turning to the subject of Jamie’s outburst upon learning of his friends’ budding romance, Proudlock added: “There are tensions between me and J, and it’s weird because it’s the first argument we’ve ever had so you’ll see all that play out [on the show].”

We won’t lie – we absolutely love Proudlock and Lucy as a couple, and can’t wait to see what happens between them in the next series of MIC.