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New couple alert! MIC stunner Binky Felstead recently split from her partner and co-parent Josh Patterson, in an amicable split which focuses on their daughter India. 

The mum-of-one has been focusing on herself and her Mummy Tribe endeavours, but decided to hit the town for The Pride of Britain Awards. 

At the after party, she was spotted ;looking very familiar with Love Island favourite and general ride Eyal Booker. 


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Eyal was also in attendance, and looked dashing in a blue suit. 

Binky looked divine in a long, black gown, as she partied at a night club after the awards.

In photographs obtained by The Mirror, the MIC reality TV star can be seen cuddling up to Eyal and sitting on the Casa Amour paramour's lap. 


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The pair chatted quietly as Binky sat on his knee, and Eyal wrapped his arms around her waist.

Eyal's Love Island co-stars Josh Denzel, Kaz Crossley and Laura Anderson were also at the awards. 

Could the Love Island babe have found love outside the villa?


If you are a fan of the hit E4 show Made in Chelsea, then you will be well aware of the rocky relationship between Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felsted and Joshua ‘JP’ Patterson.

The romantic standoff has played out on our screens for the better half of two seasons and the pair grew particularly close while filming out in LA this summer – but now it seems they've finally made things official.

After months of "will they/ won't they/ OMG just get on with it", we were already pretty sure that these two were going to end up an item but we should have known things are never that simple for the Chelsea gang.

Indeed, it was not until last night's episode that JP finally told Binks exactly how he felt about her outside another lavish Made in Chelsea party.

“Having that time apart made me realise what a positive person you are in my life. I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that you're the only person I have eyes for," JP told Binky.

“I don’t want to be with anyone else. I feel like you and I have become a couple. I would very much like to take it to the next step and you become my girlfriend.”

The good news came after over a year of back-and-forth between the pair, with JP even turning Binky down last season in LA when she told him she wanted to make a go of things.

Of course, in true Ross-and-Rachel style, things weren't over for the couple just yet. At the beginning of this season of MIC, Binky cryptically hinted that there was “unfinished business” between her and JP.

And now that they've finally taken the plunge, the pair seem VERY certain they've done the right thing.

A look at their social media feeds after last night's episode makes that clear:



Special night for me.

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You guys are the cutest, so much love and support. Thank you!! Glad the secret is finally out haha

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We are definitely experiencing #allthefeels and hope these two outlive their Made in Chelsea co stars' seriously awful dating track records.  



It looks like there may be a Made In Chelsea wedding on the way very soon – especially if Binky has anything to do with it.

The reality TV star was chatting to Star magazine when she revealed her thoughts on Stephanie Pratt and Josh Shepard’s relationship.

According to Binky, the couple could be headed up the aisle very soon: “They’ll get married quite soon I reckon. They’ll have the first Made In Chelsea marriage for sure!”

Stephanie, who first appeared on The Hills opposite Lauren Conrad and her sister-in-law, Heidi made her debut on the Chelsea scene while dating Spencer Matthews.

Though their relationship ended in disaster, both have found love since with Spencer seemingly giving up his bad boy ways for girlfriend Lauren Hutton in recent months.

Would a wedding for Stephanie mean a Made In Chelsea-meets-The Hills extravaganza? Now THAT we would be excited for. 



Made In Chelsea’s resident sweetheart has been well and truly put on blast after it was revealed that she was paid over £3,000 to front a campaign for children’s charity, Barnardos.

The news was first reported in The Sun and claimed she had earned £20,000 for the campaign, though Barnardos have since admitted it was £3,000, and now Twitter users have voiced their disgust that Binky would take money from the charity, rather than volunteer:

However, Binky has hit out at the rumours, calling them ‘total lies’: “Horrified at the total lies in the Sun both for me and Barnados [sic], sick!”

A spokesman for Barnardos also released a statement that read:

“Barnardo’s retail shops are a part of the charity's trading arm and as such operate in a commercial environment. We are soon to launch a new campaign to encourage much-needed donations to our shops. We took a business decision to acquire the support of Alexandra Felstead to bring the appeal to a new and wider audience. We expect the campaign to increase donations significantly and will be monitoring its impact on our sales. Barnardo's does not usually pay celebrities who support our work with the most vulnerable children across the UK.”

Hmm, this certainly won't do Binky's 'good girl' image any good at all!


Made In Chelsea star Alex Mytton revealed last week that he's far from happy about his ex Binky shacking up with one of his friends… but now it seems  Binky is hitting back!

Alex described the new relationship as "a low blow," saying he was angry he hadn't been consulted before his pal hooked up with Binky. "He was actually a friend of mine that I lived with for quite a while so I was a bit annoyed that he didn’t consult me," said Alex.

Now though, Binky has said she doesn't agree with Alex's comments – and that he gives as good as he gets!

"How dare he! I can't believe what he said," she told OK! magazine. "Mytton, really? You talking about a boy being a bad boy? Come on! The thing is, after everything he's done, does he really have the right to call someone shady?"

Binky eventually called time on her relationship with Alex last summer after losing patience with his constant partying and rumoured unfaithfulness. 

We hope her new man treats her a bit better! As for Alex, he is currently in a realtionship with Irish model Nicola Hughes, and say he has learnt from his mistakes. "I knew when I met Nicola I wasn’t going to let that happen again," he said of his tumultuous relationship with Binky.

Well… at least he learnt something from it!



Ooh, Made In Chelsea’s Alex Mytton may want us to think he is okay with his ex, Binky moving on, but we’re not so sure…

Alex was talking at a recent event when he revealed to OK! that his ex-girlfriend Binky, is now dating one of his friends. At first, Alex seems okay with it, saying: “She’s happy in a new relationship with a new guy who is actually one of my friends. I wasn’t annoyed because obviously I was the one that messed up the relationship so she can do what she wants.”

However, moments later it would seem the reality TV star had a change of heart, and he IS upset about it: “He was actually a friend of mine that I lived with for quite a while so I was a bit annoyed that he didn’t consult me. It was a bit of a low blow.”

A low blow? We’re pretty sure we recall a number of ‘low-blows’ you dealt to Binky last season, Alex!

The TV star is currently in a new relationship with Irish model Nicola Hughes, and has said that he has learnt from his relationship with Binky: “It was a massive thing to have it portrayed to the nation and family members. So I knew when I met Nicola I wasn’t going to let that happen again.”


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Made in Chelsea star Alex Mytton has jetted off on a Greek holiday with Irish model Nicola Hughes.

Nicola, who works with Andrea Roche Models jetted out to Greece with Alex on Thursday and the pair are soaking up some sun together.

Nicola, who met Alex at a nightclub in Co Kildare last month, has been telling friends that he’s not the cheat that he’s made out to be on the reality show.

Alex split from MIC star Binky after she learned he had cheated on her more than *ahem, a few times.

And rumours are rife that Nicola could be featuring on the next series of reality show Made in Chelsea.

Good luck Nicola…you might just need it! 




Three Made In Chelsea stars have become tied up in a drugs scandal!

A snap of Louise Thompson,  Jamie Laing, and Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead,  posing during a night out in New York, was posted on Twitter.

But some fans noticed that on a table in front of them, was what looked like a rolled-up banknote and a line of white powder.

The snap was among several other images posted on Twitter on Friday as the reality TV stars enjoyed the Independence Day celebrations.

It has since been removed from Twitter, but not before hundreds of fans had pointed it out.

One user tweeted, “Regret this when they wake up, rolled note and a dusty table.”

Another added, “Nice rolled up money and line.”

Yesterday, lawyers acting for Louise’s brother Sam claimed that he had taken the picture and that it was his copyright. The lawyers then demanded that all copies of the picture be destroyed.


Last night, Louise said, “None of  us were aware of any drug-taking at the party, never mind being involved.”

A spokesman for Binky added, “Alexandra had absolutely nothing to do with drug-taking.”

We really hope not for their sakes!



Made in Chelsea star Binky Felsetad has revealed a dramatic new look.

The reality TV star – who is known for her brunette waves – has had a blonde-over!

The 23-year-old celebrity, who has just confirmed she will soon be heading to New York to film the upcoming MIC special, took to Instagram to share a snap of her striking new white blonde style.

Binky is channelling some serious Marilyn Monroe in this snap!

While the celebrity is said to be delighted with her new look, it may not be a permanent fixture as the blonde bombshell makeover is only for her new Rimmel campaign.

“Shooting the Rimmel campaign with @markvandelli ❤❤❤ ,” she captioned the photo.

We think she should keep it for a while, and show Alex what he’s missing!




We smell a rat on Sloane Square – of the cheating variety.

Series seven of Made In Chelsea returns to our screen on Monday and it seems there’s trouble in Prada purse paradise between Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton.

Binky and Alex’s relationship was pretty much on the rocks when we left them at the end of the last series.

Binky’s BBF Lucy Watson had made no secret of having a soft spot for the hunky toff and the relationship between Alex and his ex-girlfriend Phoebe Lettice-Thompson was a little too close for comfort.

In a sneak peek of the show ahead of Monday, Binky tells Spencer Matthews that she “doesn’t want any drama” when he asks how their relationship is going.

And there’s more. Fran then tells Binky’s best friend Cheska Hull, “There have been some slightly concerning rumours that he cheated on her.” Spit it out Fran!

This week, Binky’s pal Lucy revealed, “I’m trying to avoid boys to concentrate on work and being a good friend to Binky.

Poor Binks.