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What looked like it was going to be one hell of a wedding is now off.

Annoyingly loved-up pair Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey have decided to cancel their wedding, which was set to take place this Christmas. 

Louise announced the news, saying they had even booked the venue. 


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The 29-year-old told Celebrity Secrets, ''We had a venue booked for Christmas, so of course we’ve had to cancel that.''

She continued, ''I hadn't bought my dress, though. I’ve had designers approach me to work on a dress, and that’s something I’ll do when the time’s right.''

She added, ''That’s the easy part – finding a dress, organising the catering and finalising the guests.''


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She then revealed the reason that perhaps the couple aren't getting wed this year.

She said, ''It’s just the bigger picture for myself and Ryan that we need to get to grips with first."

They got engaged in August 2018 when Ryan proposed on a hike in Los Angeles. 

No offence, but when a wedding is called off doesn't it usually mean a break up isn't far off?

We hope we're wrong…


What is going on in the world of Made in Chelsea?

First Little Sammy T announces that he's calling it a day on the E4 show and now two other big names have followed suit.

By ''big names'' I mean two cast members that have been there longer than three minutes and whose names I actually know.

Yes, Ms Louise Thompson and her weird plastic Action-Man fiance Ryan Libbey have left the show.

Tbh, were they even really on it anymore?

The dramz surrounds blonde clones fighting over lads named Digby.


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This news comes just days before the show's 159th (sorry, 17th) series starts.

Louise has been partaking in staged run-ins since teh shows second series more than eight years ago, when she was a university student.

She blew up our screens with her constant crying during her relationship with Spencer Matthews, ill-fated time with Andy ''Nostrils'' Jordan and Ultra American Alik.

She then met personal trainer Ryan in 2016 as her and Alik were crumbling.


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He made his debut on the show in the show's St Tropez spin-off and the pair got engaged in 2018.

So it seems like all of the old cast is growing up – Binky has a daughter, Spencer has a son, Millie and Hugo are married…even Sam is trying to grow up (kinda).

Now we wait with bated breath for the ultimate man-child, Jamie Laing to also take his leave…yeah, we actually wouldn't hold our breath for that one.


MIC is known for its bitchiness, backstabbing and badly scripted awkward silences.

But now, much of the OG cast is all grown up and mature – bad boy Spenny is changing his son's nappies, Millie and Hugo are more more Smug Married's than Party Animal's, even Jamie Laing has gone quiet.

And now, Louise Thompson, serial heartbreaker and orange person is tying the knot with her fella Ryan Libbey.

If you're a fan of the show, you'll know that Louise and the Ry-Man got together when she split with American Alik Alfus two years ago. 


meetings meetings meetings with some cool producers/ pr peeps then dinner at Isabel | AD

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Since then, they have been delighting us with snaps of their workout lifestyle and travels on Insta, with Ryan popping the question in LA. 

The 28-year-old is planning her big day and who will be in her bridal party is obvs a big thing to think about.

However, she made the reveal on an episode of MIC when she asked would an emotional Binky Felstead '''obviously be a bridesmaid''. 


Silly boyo #dressinggowndiaries

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Not only that, but she also asked if Binky's little daughter India, who is 15 months, would be a flower girl.

So cute! 

Louise said, ''I would love if little tiny baby India will be a flower girl. I just think she'll be the absolute cutest, it gives me shivers thinking about it.''

Binky said, ''that makes me so happy. She'll be on her best behaviour.''

We cannot WAIT to see wht kinda wedding Louise will have – champers and caviar, anyone? 


Fangirls get screaming, this isn't a drill – Binky is BACK.

The 28-year-old isn't leaving us waiting either as she starts filming next Monday.

Binky will reappear on Made In Chelsea to celebrate Louise Thompson's engagement to personal trainer aka hunk, Ryan Libbey.


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The Made In Chelsea star announced her departure from the E4 show in May 2017, when she discovered she was pregnant with her first child.

Binky understandably wanted to focus on growing and birthing a human – and she exited the series at the end of season 13.

However, viewers still got their Binky fix, in her spin-off programme, Born in Chelsea, where cameras documented her journey into motherhood. 


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Her little girl, India who she shares with Josh Patterson, is now over a year old.

Despite the couple who met on Made In Chelsea calling it quits, their little girl is still the "light of [their] lives," and they ended with respect. 

We can't wait for our queen to be back. 


Made In Chelsea stars Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey have announced their engagement. The lovebirds revealed the big news to OK! Magazine.

Louise showed off her beautiful engagement ring as she posed alongside her new fiance.

Ryan popped the question during their trip to LA. The fitness fanatics were on a hike when the personal trainer got down on one knee.

It’s safe to say Louise was stunned by the surprise proposal: “I cried solidly for three days.”

“I had to catch my breath because I thought I was going to faint,” she added.


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Louise may have been shocked by the romantic gesture, but the duo admitted they’ve always planned on getting married: “Ryan and I have known that we want to spend the rest of our lives together for quite a long time,” she shared.

28-year-old Ryan proposed to Louise on his birthday. The reality stars were taking a break from their hike when he asked Louise to marry him.


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“I said something like: ‘I’ve had the best birthday ever, but there’s one more birthday wish that I’d like. Will you marry me?’’ he told the publication.

The groom-to-be revealed he had been planning the proposal for four months: “’I've been on a secret mission for so long with this ring hidden in my backpack for weeks. Every time we were going through airport security I weed myself.”


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The happy couple first met in 2016 and started dating shortly after. Their relationship has featured heavily in reality show Made In Chelsea.

We are thrilled for Ryan and Louise.


No matter how many followers you might amass or how many likes you might get, we all know we're only one false move away from having it ripped out of us by a sarky sibling on Instagram.

Whether it's slagging our tribute to the best coffee in Ireland, mocking our 'doors of Dublin' collage or calling us out on our questionable poses, Instagram and siblings rarely mix… as Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson was reminded yesterday.


Family day out for the grandmothers 80th. @louise.thompson

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Only mad to take the p*ss out of his sister, Sam Thompson decided to recreate one of her looks, and Instagram can't get enough.

Sharing a split screen of himself and his sibling rocking the same emsemble, Sam wrote: "After the past months barrage of @louise.thompson instagrams…I think it's time I took some serious piss!"

"So here we go! Gliding into 2017 wearing our Lacey #axparis dresses," he added.

The post, which has clocked up almost 40,000 likes in less than 24 hours, won't have done much for Louise's rep, with users only dying to see more of Sam's splitscreen shots.

"Hahahahaha that's brilliant," wrote one while another added: "Haha haha oh my days! This is brilliant!"

Alerting Instagram to Sam's carry-on on Snapchat, one social media user wrote: "He's so funny. lol u should see his Snapchat he's always slagging Louise." (sic)

Soz Louise, but LOL.


Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson has had a major body overhaul in recent months.

The petite designer has grown some serious muscles, and her Instagram account is rife with gym selfies, foodie posts and snaps with her personal trainer boyfriend.

However, fans were less than impressed with something the fitness guru said in a caption on a recent picture.


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"Muscles are there, now need to get rid of the fat over the top," she added to a caption on Instagram.

Fans were outraged by the stars use of the word "fat" to describe herself, as the image shows a seriously lean Louise.

"I get what is meant by this comment but as someone who people look up to it is a very irresponsible comment. You are clearly tiny and now young girls especially will think they need to lose weight and fat to look like you" 

"As someone who has suffered an eating disorder this upsets me because people need a healthy amount of fat to function," said one Instagram fan.


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"Wtf fat?! Uh you're tiny," commented another user.

Some fans rushed to Louise's defence, claiming that if the star wants to burn whatever body fat she has left, then that is her right. 

"It's fine to have self motivation and be healthy, but to project the unrealistic expectation on 90,0000 followers that your shape isn't good enough, or even unhealthy, is irresponsible," said another.


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Louise has not responded to the criticism, and continues to post fitness and workout videos with her boyfriend to her Instagram. 

Couples who train together, stay together, right?



Louise Thompson has been in a small motorbike accident.

The Made In Chelsea star took to Snapchat after the incident to show fans her small but painful injury.

The pictures shows her bruised leg, along with loads of sore scratches running up the front of her shin. 

She captioned the picture: “When a motorbike ride turned from fun to f*cked up.”

And it looks like her new boyfriend Ryan Libbey is trying his best to make her feel better… Well, sorta.


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Louise later shared a video of a fan by her bed, and said: “When your boyfriend is a fan and nearly chops your hair off in the night.”

We hope she feels better soon.


You know that sinking feeling you get when you lose one of your belongings while off travelling?  Well imagine how bad it would be if you got back to your summer accommodation to find “armfuls” of your stuff had been stolen.

Made in Chelsea stars Tiffany Watson and Louise Thompson discovered that very feeling recently when they returned to their luxury villa in Cannes to learn they had been targeted by thieves while out filming for the latest instalment of the hit reality series.

A source told The Sun the girls were left feeling vulnerable when they found Villa La Mailane had been ransacked: "Tiffany, Louise and Sam were looking forward to a relaxing break with lots of champagne and sunbathing at their villa, so the burglary really upset them."


"The items can obviously be replaced but it was disturbing for them to think that intruders had been able to get in.  It made them feel a little bit vulnerable."

The source stressed that the emotional impact of the event is what affected the TV personalities the most.  They said: "The thought of what could have happened if one of them had confronted a burglar as they were raiding the place is also very unpleasant."

"They all tried their best to put it behind them and carry on but it wasn’t easy to pretend on camera they were having the time of their lives."



Unfortunately for the Chelsea natives, the drama didn't end there.

Just days after finding their villa had been raided, Louise’s car was also broken into and her Prada handbag and Dior sunglasses were taken.

Thankfully the stars did not let the break-ins totally ruin their trip as they continued to share perfectly styled pictures online for the remainder of their visit to France.



Sundowners  #wanderlust

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Feat Image: Channel 4 


While Made in Chelsea stars Stephanie Pratt and Louise Thompson mightn’t exactly be BFFs right now, we did not think their relationship had plummeted to the point of throwing shade on Twitter.

But since Stephanie has now openly accused her reality TV co-star of cheating on her ex-boyfriend Alik Alfus back when they were together, we think the girls’ friendship has most definitely hit rock bottom.

Yesterday Stephanie shared a link on Twitter to a Look magazine article which suggests Steph and Alik had been texting behind Louise’s back.


Alongside the link the former Hills star wrote: “Uh no she was shagging her trainer since March.” 

The accusation was quickly followed by another Tweet saying: “Blame anyone you can but take responsibility, right?…Yawn, snooze its boring now” (sic).

The 30-year-old American then retweeted a suggestion that Louise had been “getting some on the side” during the last season of the hit reality show, before adding: “Dont call someone good looking, Millie moved on too fast from her hubby BUT you can cheat on ur bf….Riiiiight” (sic).




The petite brunette ended her long-distance relationship with leather designer Alik back in May and – according to OK! – Louise recently confirmed she is in a relationship with her personal trainer Ryan Libbey. 

Earlier this summer speculation began that the pair were an item after Louise was spotted getting close to the muscular model while holidaying in the French Riviera.

This is the second time this week the MIC star has been publicly called out on her actions.  On Tuesday Charlotte Crosby hit out at Louise after she criticised the size of the Geordie’s lips in an interview with new! magazine


The ever-changing faces of the Geordie Shore girls have been getting a lot of attention lately, but no cosmetically enhanced body part seems to have caught the public eye more than Charlotte Crosby's growing lips.

Because of this, Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson has decided to have her say on Char's new look.

In a recent interview with New! Magazine, Louise said: “It's really bad – and sad. I've never met her personally but it's not a great image to portray to younger people that are fans.”


“Geordie Shore has such a big audience and she was so cool, her personality was everything, and now she looks totally different.”

Not being one to take things lying down, the former Big Brother winner has since responded to Louise’s comments by sarcastically saying: "I'm not really that bothered. Louise puts make-up on her face. That's quite sad.”

According to The Mirror, Charlotte then added: "Is she not happy with the person she is? Bore the f**k off."



Cue the lip police

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Last week the Geordie shared a close up of her bee-stung pout on Instagram with the caption: “Cue the lip police.”

Charlotte claims she hasn’t received lip filler injections since January and says she doesn’t care what people think of her new lips.


Last month, Made In Chelsea fans wept as they watched one of the show’s longest-lasting couples end their long-distance relationship.

But it seems reality star Louise Thompson may already be over boyfriend of two years, Alik Alfus as, according to the Daily Mail, she has been spotted getting close to her personal trainer while holidaying in the French Riviera.

The petite brunette – who has been working out with fitness model Ryan William Libbey since the beginning of the year – was reportedly seen engrossed in conversation with the ripped Mayfair man.

Yesterday, Ryan shared a picture of the pair on his Instagram account with the caption: “Until next time Cannes, it’s been real!”

Three weeks ago Louise – who is in France filming Made In Chelsea’s summer special – also joked about “admiring the wisteria” in a picture which featured Ryan.

In May, Louise’s ex Alik – who she met while filming a MIC special in New York – tweeted: “At the end of the day you can’t force someone to love you in the same way that you might love them.”


Admiring the wisteria

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“Maybe one day, if we’re truly meant to be, we’ll end up together.”

The pair had been struggling to maintain their relationship since Alik moved back to the States to be part of his family’s leather business and broke up in a dramatic episode of the show which saw Alik fly to the UK to convince Louise they were meant to be.