5 simple ways to makeover your bedroom on a budget


January is a time for renewal and refreshing your surroundings. However, that is not always as simple as it sounds – especially when you're broke!

Here are some simple ways you can upgrade your bedroom without breaking the bank:

Fairy lights
Not just for Christmas, fairy lights can add a really cosy and ethereal feeling to your surroundings – transforming a space. They are so widely available and in so many different styles that you don’t need to spend lots of money!

Buying some new throw pillows for your bed can really make your room feel made over. Go for different colours and patterns for a kitsch feel.

Put your favourite quotations above your bed or mirror to make your room trendy and on point. And most importantly, cute.

Lamp shade
While your bed is generally the centre of attention in a bedroom, the lamp shade is also important. There are amazing choices out there for unique and different lamp shades, from star-shaped to jam-jar chandeliers. 

Create your very own haven with a draped canopy over your bed. Using some light fabric simply secure the fabric to certain areas of the ceiling to get your desired effect. Make sure it is secured properly so it doesn't fall down in the middle of the night!

all images via Pinterest