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So, let's talk about our cleaning habits.

When we still lived with our parents, they either cleaned up for us, or shouted at us until we got up off our ar*es and actually did some house work.

When you moved out, you were probably hit with a hard dose of reality and realised just how much stuff needed to be cleaned…

And you know, some days you're up for some house work, and some days… not so much.

So, when we heard how often we have to change our bed sheets, we certainly realised that we have failed as adults.

According to Business Insider, we have to change our bed sheets every damn week.

Woman in Grey Shirt during Daytime

Yep, every seven days.

Now, every two weeks will suffice for us, but a report was recently published which said our beds can be a "botanical park" for bacteria and fungus.

Also, we naturally produce 26 GALLONS of sweat in bed every year.

So, you know… we think we'll be changing our bed sheets more often now.


There are few things we truly truly love in this world, but our beds are up there on the list along with our mammies and our dogs. 

Some of us are just emotionally attached to our leabas, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Here's a few home truths that us bed lovers can totally relate to: 

8. There is nothing you can't do in bed.

And no, we don't mean that in a sexual way (or maybe we do, who knows?)

What we actually mean is, you could write a thesis, cook a four-course meal and raise your first born all from the comfort of your own bed if you had the opportunity. 

Image result for multitasking

7. Sometimes you like your bed more than the people you live with.

On that never-ending bus commute home from work, we're more likely to think longingly of seeing our comfy beds than seeing our parents/boyfriends/house mates.

Sorry, not sorry. 

Image result for love you funny celeb

6. Seeing your bed at the end of a long day brings a sense of euphoric joy.

We can only imagine that the feeling we get when we lay down on our beds is the feeling that most people have on their wedding days, no? 

 homer simpson season 4 episode 3 sleeping relaxed GIF

5. You spend an embarrassing amount of money on your bed.

Every time Penneys gets a new homeware collection, you're straight in there getting some new matching duvet sets, fluffy throws and decorative cushions.

Because it's important to invest in the things you love, right? 

Image result for wolf of wall street money

4. Going to bed early is the bomb.com

You cannot beat the feeling of snuggling up early in bed, knowing that you have the opportunity to get a good snooze or even spend an extra hour scrolling mindlessly through Instagram before hitting the hay.

Either way, you get to spend more time in leaba land so it's a win-win.

Image result for bed early

3. Sometimes, you don't even want to go to sleep because then your time in bed will be over

Seriously, sometimes we dread the gentle lull of sleep because we know that then it will be all too soon time to wake up.

It's a conflicting glass case of emotion. 

Image result for kardashian crying

2. Getting up in the morning… we can't even. 

Leaving the toasty burrito of blankets that is bed in the mornings is torture.

If we could wear our duvets for the day, we would.  Don't try us. 

Image result for viktor and rolf

1. Waking up early on a Sunday morning…

…but lazing in bed for hours with tea, a book, the radio or a good movie is what we can only imagine heaven to be like. 

Seriously, don't even try to move us from our blanket nest. 

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At this time of year, it's the absolute worst when the bed sheets are freezing cold and you just have a lob yourself in.

Wrap yourself up and guaranteed within a half hour you'll be roasting. But if you don't wrap yourself up, you won't be able to get comfy and drift off to sleep. Ugh.

Image result for sleep gif

A small problem in today's world, yes, but a important one of you have ten lectures tomorrow morning and need some zzz's.

Well, a new high-tech mattress is coming soon – as in, a few months – and it sounds like something out of our literal dreams.

Sleep Number has a built-in heater which will warm up your feet before you fall asleep. But that's not all it can do ladies, nope… it's a proper wonder machine.

Due to 'responsive air technology', the mattress has the power to learn your sleeping patterns, so it will know when to move during the night to make it more comfortable for you.

Image result for sleep gif

As well as that, it can also tell if you start to snore, and will gently tilt your pillow up to stop you. 

We're already in love with our beds, but this mattress? It might as well be Christian Grey.



Show this article to your mam the next time she moans at you for not making your bed.

Many of us grew up with our mother or grandmothers telling us to make our beds each and every morning.

Related image

For most, it was a must-do, because your mother would probably check your room the minute you left the house. But then came the time that you moved out, and making your bed every morning was a distant memory.

Sometimes you might feel bad for your lack of cleanliness, but as it turns out, you don't have to feel bad anymore – because, it might actually be good for you.

According to researchers from the Kington University London, not making your bed every day can help banish house dust mites, which can cause asthma and a range of allergies.

Image result for unmade bed gif

If mites are in warm, dry conditions, they will die, so an unmade bed is perfect if you don't want any of them hanging around.

''We know that mites can only survive by taking in water from the atmosphere using small glands on the outside of their body.

Image result for unmade bed gif

"Something as simple as leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and mattress so the mites will dehydrate and eventually die.'' said author of the study, Dr Stephen Pretlove.

Well, that's us sold.


Many of us lie awake at night NOT being able to go to sleep… It's so common – but we're not sure we'd snap about it, especially with our partner lying beside us. 

But, that's what Kim Kardashian did when she announced to her Snapchat followers, ""It's four in the morning and I am so tired and I can't fall asleep."

Kanye suddenly appears and puts his hand over his wife's face, telling her, "Babe, stop!"

But she continues and asks her fans to talk to her.

Kanye then makes a few funny sounds and at one point in the series of snaps, he can be heard singing beside her.

Finally, he stops and is heard snoring. "This always happens to me in London. This is so unfair," she says.

"He's like, passed out. Can you hear him snoring?" 



He tweeted about it, he released a statement about it, but was it all lies?

Yep, after Jeremy confessed that his relationship with Stephanie Davis is over, within a DAY he shared a photo of them in bed together.

He captioned the snap, "cool story, bro." Erm… OK?

This comes after a whirlwind weekend where Jeremy went missing and Steph dyed her hair blonde.

The couple were supposed to make an appearance together on Loose Women yesterday but Jez's rep said that because they broke up, he won't make it to the show.

"He cares really deeply for Steph, however, the pressure of the relationship was just too much. He really wishes it could have worked out, and he wishes Steph the very best for the future."

BUT then, Steph took to Twitter to say the pair were definitely still a couple.

We don't know about you, but we're mega confused and wish they'd just make up their minds. #SorryNotSorry. 


Mornings are hard enough without all the added hassle of attempting to re-organise every last item to perfection before you leave your bedroom.

Making your bed has apparently been a constant struggle in the lives of many people. So much so that researchers actually conducted a study concerning people who make their beds and those who do not.

As it turns out, what you thought might have been a valuable life skill could actually be the opposite. Making your bed every morning could be damaging your health.

Researchers discovered that we sweat a lot when we sleep, so you can lose up a litre of fluid every night. This means that there can be a build-up of 1.5 million microscopic dust mites which live between your sheets. They also feed off your skin cells.

Dr. Steven Pretlove, one of the researchers involved in the investigation explained that essentially the warmth and cosy atmosphere of the bed sheets is not just appealing to us humans. The mites thrive in it, hence where there can be so many of them.

“Something as simple as leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and the mattress so the mite will dehydrate and eventually die.”

If you suffer from allergies then this could end up helping you out, however, not ever making your bed again won’t exterminate the entire colony but it’s a start.

So, now your mornings just a little bit easier. Not having to make your bed means at least an extra minute in bed right? Give or take…



It is quite rare that these days you meet someone who hasn’t indulged in a nap at some point in their lives. Not just for infants or small children, 15 minutes of absolute luxury can be all yours if you’re willing to indulge in a quick trip to the land of snooze-ville.

There’s just one problem: optimal napping conditions can sometimes be hard to find.

The trek upstairs to your actual bed can be far too intimidating, especially if it’s a Sunday and last night just went far too well for you. Feeling fragile and needing some cuddles to help you through The Fear?

Then you need this pillow/bed. inspired by the character from Disney's Big Hero 6, this is the best thing we've seen all week.

He’s shaped like a human, so cuddles all day every day.

He supports you when it's time for snacks and tea; no spills, no problems.

There’s also his ability to stretch, so you’ll never be afraid of falling off.

We need one, immediately.


We all know cats are a little, well…evil. They’re all slowly plotting to take not only their owner out, but the entire world.

However, if we have cuties like this puppy on our side, we should be okay. Showing some serious guts for such a little guy, he marches up to the cat and does anything he can to get her out of his bed.

It doesn’t work but it’s still the most adorable thing we’ve seen all week! 


Is there anything more frustrating than lying in bed for hours and hours waiting for sleep to come…and it just doesn't?

By the time you realise you’re tired, it’s almost time to get up and the stress of that means you will be up all night.

Here are some tips that might help you when you find you just can’t drop off.

We’ll have you in the land of nod in no time!

Exercise early
Studies show that it is best to work out at least three hours before you hit the leaba as it gives your body sufficient time settle down.

Keep it light
Gulping down a huge meal and a pint of coke isn’t going to help – at all. Keep those nighttime snacks light and limit any drinks to caffeine free to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Put it away
We know you peek at that phone before lights out – don’t lie! Well, here is a very good reason not to, especially if you have trouble sleeping anyway: the light coming from our phone/iPad/laptop screens stimulated daytime hormones, meaning your body winds itself back up.

Get sexy
Yes, you read that right – another amazing reason to get busy in the bedroom! As we all know, men love to drop off having sex – but the same goes for women too! So, if you have trouble sleeping, you know what to do…

Use your imagination to help you drop off. Try to visualise yourself having the best sleep of your life and you may soon find yourself dropping off. 



If you love bed and you love pizza, why not put the two together to create a pizza bed? That’s what New York-based art director Claire Manganiello must have thought when she came up with this duvet cover.

The project is still in the development stages, and we kinda think it should stay there. Pizza is served best in a box, not a bed!


Jessie J has done it again. She posted a picture to Instagram on Tuesday make-up free, hair askew and wearing no clothes, or so we’re lead to believe.

Niamh Geaney reports.

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