This is how often we should change our beds (we have failed as adults)

So, let's talk about our cleaning habits.

When we still lived with our parents, they either cleaned up for us, or shouted at us until we got up off our ar*es and actually did some house work.

When you moved out, you were probably hit with a hard dose of reality and realised just how much stuff needed to be cleaned…

And you know, some days you're up for some house work, and some days… not so much.

So, when we heard how often we have to change our bed sheets, we certainly realised that we have failed as adults.

According to Business Insider, we have to change our bed sheets every damn week.

Woman in Grey Shirt during Daytime

Yep, every seven days.

Now, every two weeks will suffice for us, but a report was recently published which said our beds can be a "botanical park" for bacteria and fungus.

Also, we naturally produce 26 GALLONS of sweat in bed every year.

So, you know… we think we'll be changing our bed sheets more often now.