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Gemma Collins, Bruno Tonioli, Kimberley Walsh, Jay Blades, Courtney Act, Kadeena Cox and Vick Hope among stars swapping day jobs for the classroom

Following the success of the first series of Celebrity Supply Teacher, a new roll-call of celebrities including Gemma Collins, Kimberley Walsh, Bruno Tonioli, Bobby Berk, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Courtney Act, Kadeena Cox and Sarah Gordy will take turns to inspire CBBC audiences with their favourite subjects.

Entrepreneurial spirit will be high on the curriculum in this series starting on November 16th with TOWIE star Gemma Collins giving a business studies lesson. She will be sharing the finer points of starting up and running a business and giving her top tips on how to come up with a great business idea, how to create a brand and how to be a good salesperson. In his engineering lesson, YouTube inventor Colin Furze, shows off his amazing shed where all his creations are built and gives the inside track on creating amazing inventions from scratch.

Gemma says: “I might be Britain’s number one reality star and best loved diva but being a celebrity supply teacher has been fantastic. I have been passionate about business ever since I was a child. We were quite poor growing up, we didn’t have luxuries, and seeing my father set up his own business and seeing how our lives changed really motivated me to become a business person myself. I have loved passing on my top business tips learnt over the years to the next generation of entrepreneurs!”

The language department will be staffed by Strictly judge, Bruno Tonioli, and Radio 1 DJ, Vick Hope. Bruno introduces the Italian language using common phrases that can be used to order food in local Italian restaurants, while Vick talks about how language changed her life and led to her big break in presenting before giving a rundown of her most useful words and phrases in French.

History and geography will be covered by Repair Shop guru, Jay Blades, Emmerdale actor James Moore and Neighbours star, Alan Fletcher. Jay gives a history lesson about two of his heroes of the past who left a profound and lasting impact on his community, Claudia Jones, the inspiration behind the Notting Hill Carnival, and Dr Harold Moody who campaigned against racial injustice in the UK. James talks about the history of disability while Alan’s geography lesson is all about his beloved homeland, looking at the unique animals, the indigenous Australian culture and the stunning landscape.

Over in the arts, music and drama department Girls Aloud and West End star, Kimberley Walsh, gives a unique singing lesson drawing on her many years as a professional, demonstrating vocal warm up techniques and how to sing one of her favourite songs from The Greatest Showman.

The art lesson is delivered with a touch of flamboyance by interior design guru and keen artist, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who reveals the secrets for painting the perfect portrait, while Bobby Berk, from Queer Eye, shows viewers how to transform a space on a tiny budget. Call the Midwife and The A Word actor, Sarah Gordy, gives her top tips for acting, including advice for overcoming nerves, and American actor and voice artist, Jacob Hopkins, shows how you can use your voice to greater effect.

The bell has rung and it’s time to head over to the science block where well known celebrity chef and environmental campaigner, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, talks about recycling and focusses on the harm that single use plastics do to the planet. In the classroom next door, ex-science teacher and comedian, Shazia Mirza, reveals how science is all around us by studying acids and alkalis.

Physical education and mental well-being get the star treatment as drag queen, Courtney Act, delivers a lesson on kindness, acceptance and celebrating difference. Then it’s time to get up from sitting behind a desk for a PE lesson by Gareth Thomas, who’ll deliver a unique lesson using fitness drills inspired by his life as a rugby pro.

Courtney says: “I was nervous about Celebrity Supply Teacher because of all the negative messages I had taken on over the years about queer people not being appropriate. But that is exactly why I should be teaching this lesson on kindness, acceptance and celebrating difference. I hope when people watch they realise that, however they feel on the inside they should shine on the outside, whatever that means for them. Hearing different stories fosters empathy, understanding and I think that's a perfect lesson for young people!”

Paralympic gold medallist, Kadeena Cox, talks about success on track, the nutrition that an athlete requires to get their body into peak fitness and her 80/20 rule, while young jockey, Khadijah Mellah, talks about what it was like to win a major horse race aged just 19, before giving a lesson on how to ride and look after a horse.

Kadeena says: “Athletes have to train hard for success and not just on the track and in the gym. We have to be smart with our nutrition and make sure our bodies are getting everything they need. But I’m also a firm believer that we deserve the odd treat too! I love to bake and I find it a great way to relax, so I wanted to show how to bake something that I love to enjoy from time to time.”

Not forgetting the core subjects, journalist and BBC Europe Editor, Katya Adler, gives an English lesson. She gives advice on how to create and write a compelling news story, how impartiality is vital in news journalism and the dangers of fake news.

Celebrity Supply Teacher is made by BBC Children’s In-House Productions. Julie Hesmondhalgh provides the voice over.

Week 1.

Monday, November 16th – Bruno Tonioli – Italian

Tuesday, November 17th – Gemma Collins – Business

Wednesday, November 18th – Jay Blades – History

Thursday, November 19th –  Courtney Act – Wellbeing

Friday, November 20th – Kimberley Walsh – Music

Week 2.

Monday, November 23rd – Katya Adler – English

Tuesday, November 24th – Gareth Thomas – PE

Wednesday, November 25th – Vick Hope – French

Thursday, November 26th – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – Science

Friday, November 27th – Bobby Berk – Interior Design

Week 3.

Monday, November 30th – Kadeena Cox – Cookery

Tuesday, December 1st – Colin Furze – Engineering

Wednesday, December 2nd – Jacob Hopkins – Drama

Thursday, December 3rd – James Moore – History

Friday,December 4th – Khadijah Mellah – Equestrian Studies

Week 4.

Monday, December 7th – Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – Art

Tuesday, December 8th – Shazia Mirza – Science

Wednesday, December 9th – Sarah Gordy – Drama

Thursday, December 10th – Alan Fletcher – Geography

Friday, December 11th – End of Term Review



There are all sorts of reasons why we may admire a person – their talent, poise, sense of humour, beauty, or compassion, for starters.

With this in mind, it's fascinating to see which people we as the public most look up to. Will they be an actor, a politician, a beloved humanitarian?

Question Mark Idk GIF by US National Archives

Picture via GIPHY

Well, YouGov has all the answers! The site interviewed over 37,000 people from 35 different countries to figure out which people are most admired on Earth.

They calculate the results by first asking respondents if they admire the public figure at all, and then whether that particular figure is the one the respondent admires the most.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates topped the list for most admired men, which he's done ever since the YouGov survey first started.


A post shared by Bill Gates (@thisisbillgates) on

Angelina Jolie has set herself apart as the most admired woman. She's achieved this in each of the last three surveys, ever since men and women were separated into different categories back in 2015.

Below are the top 20 admired men and top 20 admired women in the world:

Men Women
1. Bill Gates 1. Angelina Jolie
2. Barack Obama 2. Michelle Obama
3. Jackie Chan 3. Oprah Winfrey
4. Xi Jinping 4. Queen Elizabeth II
5. Jack Ma 5. Hillary Clinton
6. Vladimir Putin 6. Emma Watson
7. Dalai Lama 7. Malala Yousafzai
8. Narendra Modi 8. Angela Merkel
9. Amitabh Bachchan 9. Taylor Swift
10. Cristiano Ronaldo 10. Madonna
11. Lionel Messi 11. Aishwarya Rai
12. Warren Buffett 12. Priyanka Chopra
13. David Beckham 13. Deepika Padukone
14. Elon Musk 14. Gal Gadot
15. Michael Jordan 15. Theresa May
16. Pope Francis 16. Liu Yifei
17. Donald Trump 17. Yang Mi
18. Andy Lau 18. Fan Bingbing
19. Recep Tayyip Erdogan 19. Zhao Wei
20. Imran Khan 20. Elizabeth Warren

14 of the most admired women are actresses, singers or TV presenters. However, some of these figures from the entertainment industry are also renowned for their philanthropic work.

The men's category, on the other hand, is primarily filled with figures from the worlds of sport, politics, and business.

Barack Obama is in the second spot for the most admired man, just like last year, and Michelle Obama shot up three positions to be the second most admired woman in the world.


A post shared by Barack Obama (@barackobama) on

As for the current US president, Donald Trump has surprisingly risen one spot since the last survey, despite his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels and other scandals that have plagued his time in the White House.

Are you surprised by any of these rankings? Who is the public figure that you most admire?


Back in April, a number of celebrities and influencers received warnings from the Federal Trade Commission reminding them to be transparent when promoting products on social media.

90 letters were sent out to influencers and the brands they were working with to clarify the guidelines on how to post sponsored pictures and videos to social media.

The letters highlighted how to do it without violating the American organisation’s disclosure guidelines.

Now, Women's Wear Daily has procured a list of celebs and influencers who received the not-so-gentle reminders that sponsored posts must be clearly marked as such.

The list included the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, Jen Selter, Shay Mitchell, Heidi Klum, Lilly Ghalichi, Amber Rose, Emily Ratajkowski and Ashley Benson.

According to WWDthe letters read:

'The FTC’s Endorsement Guides state that if there is a ‘material connection’ between the endorser and the marketer of a product — in other words, a connection that might affect the weight or credibility that consumers give the endorsement — that connection should be clearly and conspicuously disclosed, unless the connection is already clear from the context of the communication containing the endorsement.'


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

'Material connections could consist of a business or family relationship, monetary payment, or the provision of free products to the endorser.'

The FTC explained that the disclosure of advertisements via social media influencers should be clear, conspicuous and use 'unambiguous language' that wont be mistaken for an organic post. 

With social media comments proving that fans of celebs and influencers want more transparency from their icons, this move can only be positive in the pursuit of regulation within the online influencer industry.





Movie stars generally have to develop a relatively thick skin if they hope to succeed within the industry.

From losing out on roles to getting panned in reviews, most actors generally manage to pick themselves up and shake themselves off before moving on, but it sounds like it might be a little harder for some cast members of the Suicide Squad right now.

While not set for release in the US until today, preview screenings of the superhero movie have gone down like a led balloon among critics, and Cara Delevingne, who plays Dr. June Moone, is not coping at all well with it.

The model turned actress sounds fairly certain that the critics' harsh reviews come down to the film's genre, saying: "You know, I just don't think they like superhero movies."

"The critics have been absolutely horrific, they're really, really horrible," she added while speaking to Reuters.

Her fellow cast members have taken the reviews less personally, but still seemed understandably despondent by the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the critics.

Joel Kinnaman, who plays Rick Flag saying: "Of course you want critical acclaim, of course, but what matters is what the fans think."

Echoing his co-star, Jay Hernandez, who plays El Diablo, told Digital Spy: "I think it sucks. Obviously, we worked hard and tried to give the fans what they wanted."

The film has been on the receiving end of such harsh criticism, DC Entertainment fans – 5,000 and counting – have launched a petition to close down Rotten Tomatoes – a site which simply contains reviews but does not produce them – in an effort to shield fans from the movie's less than favourable write-ups.

Seriously? Talk about your over-sensitive movie buffs…



Poor Rita. The pop starlet tends to get a lot of flack over her fashion choices, but perhaps this one is justified. The I Will Never Let You Down singer took to the X Factor stage last night seemingly having forgotten to dress her bottom half. Yikes. 

Yes, audiences got more than they bargained for when the star donned a SUPER short and not so easy on the eye blazer along with a new fringe and bright green eye shadow. 

Twitter went into a spin and quickly blasted the singers look but Rita should be used to this by now, her daring and divisive fashion sense is often the source of ridicule. 

However, in this case she is not the only celeb to rock a trouser-less look. Here, SHEmazing! documents the culprits…


1) Miley Cyrus 

Miley debuted this look on the eve of her dramatic transformation into twerking, tongue out, wrecking ball Miley. Though we think her hair and make up is flawless (and those shoes are to DIE for), she was definitely pre-empting her outrageous fashion choices by wearing a blazer and literally nothing else. The gold body chains and stripped back accessories are a nice touch to the outfit but nothing can overcome the fact that she is wearing absolutely no trousers you guys. 


2) Rihanna 

We know Rihanna is a mad dresser and that is kind of why we love her. This velvet blazer ensemble manages to preserve some of her dignity by wearing tights but still not much is left to the imagination (as usual). The fringed bag and diamond choker definitely adds to the drama but overall we can't place this as one of her better looks. We are not sure if even a pair of trousers could have saved it. 


3) Roz Purcell 

Even the Irish are not immune to the occasional foregoing of pants but it definitely helps if you happen to be a genetically gifted super model. We totally want this eye pooping glitter number for party season but sorry Roz, we will be throwing a skirt on. 


4) Kendall Jenner 

Legs for days. Kendall arrived at her destination sporting a Yeezus Tour jumper (a gift from Kanye perhaps?) and… well that's it really.Taking casual chic to a new level, with legs like that we can hardly blame her. Just don't bend over, Ken. 


5) Charlotte Crosby 

We know this Geordie lass is a bit crazy (she jumped into a pool with a potted plant in the latest season of Geordie Shore folks) but wearing a shirt without a pair of bottoms surely tops the list? No? Okay maybe not, but this image from the campaign of her fashion line sure crosses the boundary into dodgy. She is one pesky gust of wind away from full exposure but we guess that this shameless celeb does not have much to hide. 


6) Solange Knowles

Okay, we know that this lady is seriously stylish and if any celeb has gotten close to undoubtedly pulling off the trouser-less look, it's her. Solange pairs a white shirt with a white waistcoat and forgoes trousers simply pairing her ensemble with a red lip, barely there stilettoes and her trademark fro'. However, we are still a bit traumatised by the length of this look and not quite sure how she managed to sit down. A pair of matching white short shorts may have been the perfect finish to this nearly there ensemble. 


We all know Ryan Gosling has a sensitive side, and that's partially why we ladies love him so much! However, reports have emerged from Star Magazine in which a mystery blonde is claiming that the Hollywood heartthrob is a post-sex crier. What?! Watch the video above to find out exactly what she said.

Ciara O'Doherty reports,



Festival season is now officially upon us, and with Body and Soul happening next week it won’t be long until we are donning our wellies, flower hairbands and teeny tiny shorts.

Rather than ending the night with matted hair, here are 5 perfect festival hairstyles:

Top knot
Pull all your hair back really tight and tie it in a top knot. Pop on a pair of sunnies and you’ll be able to enjoy the music without getting hair in your mouth!


Straighten your hair and pull it to the side. Accessorise with a flower hairband or trilby.


Thin plaits
Give yourself a deep side parting. On the side of your hair with the less hair create a simple plait. Add some mousse to the other side to give your hair more volume.


Plait upstyle

Part your hair in a centre parting. Plait each side, pull them up and wrap them around your head. Secure with bobby pins.


Messy look
Put your hair into a centre parting. Leave loose and add mousse to give it some texture.




These famous faces look ridiculously young – and we think it’s down to genes rather than a helping hand with a scalpel!

1. Jim Parsons (44)
That’s right, Sheldon Cooper is 44 years-old! He plays someone almost twenty years younger than him in The Big Bang Theory. Crazy.


2. Alyson Hannigan (41)
It feels like just yesterday Alyson was Willow in Buffy. Now she is a shocking 41 and looks amazing!


3. Pharrell Williams (41)
The man has not aged in twenty years. There is only one explanation. Vampires.


4. Gwen Stefani (44)
The gorgeous mother of three always has impeccable style and is known for her trademark red lips and bleached hair.


5. Sarah Hyland (23)
It’s no surprise this baby-faced actress plays a teenager in Modern Family. Can you believe she is actually 23?




These celebs are all famous in their own right – but we bet you didn’t know they were related to some other famous faces!

1. Mariska Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield

relationahip 1How they’re related – Mother and Daughter
The Law and Order actress is the daughter of legendary sex symbol, Jayne Mansfield. Jayne passed away when Mariska was only three years-old.

2. Mariah Carey and Ashley Cole
relationahip 2

How they’re related – Distant relatives
How weird is that? Mariah should have just kept it to herself.

3. Rooney Mara and Kate Mara

relationship 5

How they’re related – Sisters
Ok so, they look so alike it may be obvious but the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is House of Cards‘ Zoe Barnes’ sister.

4. Rashida Jones and Quincy Jones
relationship 4

How they’re related – Father and Daughter
This Parks and Recreation actress is the daughter of music legend Quincy Jones.

5. Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith
relationship 3

How they’re related – Mother and Daughter
The Fifty Shades of Grey actress is the oldest daughter of Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith.



Now that purple hair has become a huge hit among celebs, it’s only a matter of time before loyal fans become inspired by this new trend. But, before you make the choice to go lilac, here are a few things you might want to consider.

Know your natural hair color
Consider the tone of your natural hair before you choose your shade. Like make-up, your natural tone determines whether a certain color will suit you.

Be patient
Drastic hair colors take much longer to achieve so make sure you are realistic about what you want and how long it will take to get it.

Try on a wig
This is a timeless way to see whether or not you can pull off your desired shade.

Buy a shade lighter
Since hair dye always comes out darker than you expect, buy a hair dye that’s one or two shades lighter than the color you want.

Know about formulas
If you have sensitive skin, go for a mousse-like formulas. Gel or liquid formulas are better suited for those with thicker hair.



These incredible celebrity gardens will make you crave your very own outside haven.

Sharon Stone’s Beverly Hills back garden
Stone’s garden is surrounded by fruit trees and even has a relaxing meditation garden.


Mel Gibson’s Connecticut home
You’d want to be pretty strong to play chess with Mel.


Kelsey Grammer’s Malibu garden
The Frasier star has his very own pond – this garden is beyond words.


Valentino’s Chateau in Paris
It seems the Italian designer is not just a dab hand at designing clothes. Wonder if Kimye considered getting married here?


Julianne Moore’s New York City garden
Just because your garden is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be impressive. Julianne even managed to squeeze in a basketball net.


Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills home
We couldn’t miss a sneak peek into this Hollywood sweetheart’s home. No wonder she doesn’t want to leave it.