5 celebrities who look ridiculously young for their age


These famous faces look ridiculously young – and we think it’s down to genes rather than a helping hand with a scalpel!

1. Jim Parsons (44)
That’s right, Sheldon Cooper is 44 years-old! He plays someone almost twenty years younger than him in The Big Bang Theory. Crazy.


2. Alyson Hannigan (41)
It feels like just yesterday Alyson was Willow in Buffy. Now she is a shocking 41 and looks amazing!


3. Pharrell Williams (41)
The man has not aged in twenty years. There is only one explanation. Vampires.


4. Gwen Stefani (44)
The gorgeous mother of three always has impeccable style and is known for her trademark red lips and bleached hair.


5. Sarah Hyland (23)
It’s no surprise this baby-faced actress plays a teenager in Modern Family. Can you believe she is actually 23?