10 reasons we wish we could go back to our college days


Ah college, you served us well. Now that we have entered the dreaded real world, we have come to appreciate the time we spent in college, lazing away and occasionally strolling around the library.

Here are some of the things we are still mourning about college life:

1. It’s still socially acceptable to be an immature eejit
Not a girl, not yet a woman.

12. College is the last time you’ll have absolutely zero responsibility
The only task you have is to pass your exams, everything else ultimately ends up in the care of someone else.

23. It’s okay to scrounge off your parents
You can call up your parents and ask them for rent (beer) money without hesitation, and they will usually give in to your request.

34. You don’t mind drinking cheap beer and vodka
Tesco finest vodka and gin and maybe some Buckfast for good measure.

image505. You don’t work a full-time job
Because you can’t. Hello, we have tutorials. Zzz…

u6. Having the freedom to come and go as you please
Missed a lecture? It’s graaaaand, you’ll totally make it next week. But you miss work ONE time and they freak. What’s the deal?

giphy7. Not having mind-crushing hangovers
Remember when you could down a naggin and wake up singing? Us neither, puuuke!


8. It was still somewhat somewhat acceptable to take weird drunken photos.
Now you’ll never get hired if these hit your newsfeed…

Drunk-People-horse9. You enjoy living weekend to weekend
Before you started working full time, you could party anytime you like, now it’s strictly Friday and Saturday nights. How dull.

giphy10. 4 months off in the summer
Ah, them were the days. This gem even inspired a lot of us to become teachers, you know.


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