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On today's This Morning, a debate broke out over the term 'Essex Girl.'

It has been added to the Oxford Dictionary and it is coined as a girl who is "typically sexually promiscuous and materialistic."

This Morning

Holly Willoughby and her co-host Ben Shephard were joined on the show by campaigners Juliet Thomas and Natasha Sawkins.

The women were both against the term in the Oxford Dictionary, but then Life on Marbs stars Danni Levy joined them on the couch and said the term was just a bit of fun.

This Morning

However, then things took an awkward turn.

Danni insisted that "the term 'Essex Girl' has put Essex on the map. It's even given a rise to shows like TOWIE

This Morning

"The term 'Dumb Blonde' is in the dictionary, but Holly… do you feel…" And Holly stopped her right there, bursting into laughter, saying, "hang on a minute!"

Holly clearly didn't want the debate to turn to her, and stopped Danni before she even started.



When it comes to Holly Willoughby’s look, the TV host is known for her curvy shape, a good midi skirt and those golden tresses.

Well, it looks like Holly wanted a bit of change this week when she took to Instagram to show off her new-do.

As she prepared to head up her brand new show, Meet the Parents, Holly decided a new show deserved a fresh haircut.

"New show… new lil' chop!" she said to her 1.4 million followers.


New show… new lil' chop! @itvmeettheparents thanks everyone who came down to watch tonight! #meettheparents #love

A photo posted by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on

Saying goodbye to a few inches, the 35-year-old looked amazing with her lob-length cut and fans were equally as impressed.

“LOVE the new hair, Holly!” one follower wrote.

“Hair inspiration, definitely having my hair cut off,” said another who will be taking that picture to the hairdressers on her next visit.


Wish your man had a face like David Beckham?  Well, the solution might be closer to hand than you think.

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has revealed that the secret to her husband’s enviable complexion actually comes from her own beauty bag, but says she has no problem with David dipping into her stuff as “he looks so beautiful” because of it!

In a new interview with This Morning, the fashion designer spoke candidly about her husband’s love for women’s beauty products and her five-year-old daughter’s special talent.  


Pie & Mash Friday on set

A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on


Speaking at New York Fashion Week, the star confessed: “David does steal my beauty products…It doesn’t annoy me, he looks so beautiful, that no, it doesn’t annoy me.”

And while high heels still manage to turn the best of us into a team of unstable giraffes, young Harper Beckham has officially got her heel strut down.

Her mum said: “Harper loves beauty!  She loves it, I’m very close with all of the children but the great thing about Harper being a little girl, she loves to play with makeup and that’s really great mother and daughter time.”


Happy Birthday baby girl  We all love you so much  X @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham kisses from mummy X

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

“She is very, very girly, she also loves to run around in the garden with her brothers and play football but she is very very feminine and she loves playing with makeup and my clothes as well – she has been able run in [Alia] platforms for a few years right now, she can wear heels like most grown-ups cannot.”

According to The Mirror, the 42-year-old also told This Morning that contrary to popular belief she does actually smile on a regular basis.

She said: "I mean I actually do smile quite a lot, I know that that really does shock people… Smile! I think it is really good to be happy, I feel very happy, lucky, blessed, I really do, I’m very, very lucky.”


@glennscottwright I LOVED this!!! @victoriamirogallery X kisses from London VB

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on


Between her heel-wearing daughter and her “beautiful” husband it seems Victoria has plenty to smile about.


Holly Willoughby is to tackle a new segment on This Morning and it might include a live birth.

The mum-of-three will be covering a range of maternity issues and even interviewing women who are in labour.


Awwwwwww! Totally scrumptious new member of the team! #puppywithapurpose xxx

A photo posted by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on

“We are doing a whole new maternity section,” Holly told the Daily Star.

“I am going on to a maternity ward and hopefully someone will let me speak to some women who are in labour to get a vibe of what it is like on a ward.”

The 35-year-old is keeping her fingers crossed that viewers will witness a live birth.

“There may well be a baby born on This Morning.”

And audiences won’t have to wait too long as Holly’s new segment is due to air in the coming weeks.


This Morning viewers were left in a state of confusion yesterday when the show’s host Holly Willoughby told a guest that she could relate to her dramatic story of cheating.

The anonymous mother told Holly and her co-presenter Phillip Schofield how her husband of ten years had been cheating on her with another man and that she only realised his infidelity through hearing the stories of people like her husband through her work with the Samaritans.

She explained to the hosts: “I believe he was being blackmailed, his behaviour became more and more erratic.”


Today's  look on @itvthismorning dress by  @temperleylondon #somerset @johnlewisretail and shoes by @officeshoes …

A photo posted by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on


“I was a Samaritan at the time and was talking to a number of people in his position and the more they were telling me the more I suddenly realised this was happening in my own home.”

Rather unexpectedly 35-year-old Holly responded to this statement by saying: “Sounds like my life.”

While Philip did glance at his colleague with a concerned expression, Holly continued on flawlessly with her next question.

Naturally viewers picked up on the strange nature of the exchange and took to social media to discuss the comment.

One Facebook user wrote: “Did she say ‘sounds like my life’!?  Hopefully she’s talking about the past not the present.”  While another said: “No man in their right mind would cheat on her.  They would be mad.”

According to The Sun, a source close to the presenter claimed there was no great secret behind Holly’s statement as she was just “engaging with her guest and empathising just like she always does”.


Any Friends fan will know that an over-the-top “OH. MY. GAAWWD” from Janice was always a sign that hilarious antics were to follow, but who is Janice in real life and what does she actually sound like?

Well – as a new interview with This Morning has revealed – Chandler Bing’s on-off lover was played by an actress named Maggie Wheeler and Maggie Wheeler sounds NOTHING like her on-screen persona Janice Litman Goralnik.

Sitting with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on the British TV show, the actress opened the segment with Janice’s famous “Oh. My. God” catchphrase, something which she says she “never” tires of doing.

During the interview, Maggie – who actually possesses a very smooth voice in real life – explained how the character of Janice developed throughout her time on the famous sit-com.

She said: “The laugh happened organically in the first rehearsal, because I needed to find a way to laugh, because Matthew Perry is so funny.”

“I thought, ‘This guy’s gonna make me laugh on set, I've gotta be prepared.  What am I going to do?’  So I created Janice’s laugh just as a safety measure for when Matthew made me laugh.”

Maggie also revealed how she came to the show for one episode as part of a “one shot deal” and how happy she was when the writers consistently chose to bring back her beloved character.

With all the laughs she’s given us over the years, we couldn’t imagine Friends without Janice.


Fans were totally shocked today when Sarah Harding appeared on This Morning, donning a very different look.

She has been very vocal about growing old naturally in the past, but now her fans aren't so sure she's staying true to her word.

When her segment was over, her followers flocked to social media to call out the singer:

However, the presenters copped on to what was happening and asked her outright if she had anything done to her face.

And to be honest, her answer was a bit wishy-washy.

"As a woman, as we're getting older we all start to become a little more insecure, that's all part of growing old and growing up. We should embrace it!"

She then tried to crease her forehead to show she has no botox in her face.



Janice Dickinson was diagnosed with cancer at the start of this year, and while she has been vocal since her diagnosis she has admitted that telling her family was seriously tough.

Indeed, speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on ITV's This Morning today, the 61-year-old candidly spoke about how she was point-blank AFRAID to tell her children – Savannah Dickinson, 22, and Nathan Fields, 29.

"In the beginning I was in a state of numbness… I was truly – not denial or pity – but I just walked around feeling kind of numb because I was afraid for my children,” she said via a live link from LA.

"I was afraid how my two grown children would take the news and they were very upset. And then I went through a period where I thought I wasn’t going to be attractive to my fiancé.”



A photo posted by Janice Dickinson (@janicedickinson) on

Janice was diagnosed with cancer back in March after doctors found a lump in her breast; she is now encouraging others to check themselves regularly.

"It's for this reason that I appear in front of you today to share my experience. I implore all women to go get their breast examined and do it themselves.”



A photo posted by Janice Dickinson (@janicedickinson) on

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant went through six weeks of radiation, but found that by talking to people during her treatment she was able to stay herself.

“I found Janice again by really talking to people [during treatments] and asking about their day… I’d make them healthy biscuits… trying to be of service to people that have far worse afflictions.

"That’s how I found my light at the tunnel and I just want to keep going. It’s not the end, I’m not out the door yet.”


Sometimes lipstick gets on teeth – it’s awkward, it’s embarrassing, it happens.

And when most people discover they’ve flashed a less than pearly smile, they wipe away the damage and try to pretend like it was never there.  But as the latest instalment of ‘lipstick gate’ has shown, Jodie Marsh is not most people.

The glamour model has taken to social media once again to blast This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby for not warning her she had lippie-smeared teeth while on the show almost a month ago but, as anyone who’s been following the bizarre dispute will know, Holly did actually point out Jodie’s coloured smile on the This Morning set.




A video posted by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on


After Jodie shared a picture on Twitter stating “there's a special place in Hell for a woman who does not tell another woman when she has lipstick on her teeth,” Holly used Instagram to post a quick gif of her informing Jodie of the lipstick issue.

Now Jodie has fired back with a Wedding Singer clip in which Adam Sandler can be heard shouting: “Once again things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY.”

And just to be sure everyone knows she is still talking about that same lipstick incident, Jodie wrote: “When you’ve just done an interview on live TV and you’ve had lipstick on your teeth and the interviewer only tells you when the interview is finished and you’re going off air…Makes you feel like…wahahahahaha soak it up people.  Soak it up…”


Erm, ok?


It's been almost a month since Jodie Marsh's beauty blunder on This Morning, but it seems like she's still holding a grudge.

When Jodie appeared on the chat show, viewers were left cringing after she appeared on air with lipstick on her teeth. Many of Jodie's fans took to social media to call out Holly Willoughby for not telling her.

In the same day, Jodie uploaded a video on her Youtube channel, saying she was disappointed about how the interview went and she also agreed with her fans, hitting out at Holly for saying nothing about her lippy malfunction.


Someone sent this to me on Twitter. Fitting

A photo posted by Jodie Marsh (@jodiemarshtv) on

However, it seems like she hasn't let the incident go just yet, as she took to Instagram this weekend and shared a picture saying: "There's a special place in Hell for a woman who does not tell another woman when she has lipstick on her teeth."

Jodie captioned the picture: "Someone sent this to me on Twitter. Fitting."

We think she needs to move on from the whole thing!


Ferne McCann looked a little worse for wear today after staying up to party all night with Kylie Jenner.

The reality star was set to present a segment on This Morning, but when she turned up, it was clear she was out on the town all night.

And presenter Rylan Clark didn't shy away from it, pointing out that she didn't look like her usual glamorous self.

"My favourite thing about this entire chat is that, Ferne you look lovely but you can tell you have been up all night," he said.

"Can I just say, you ain't even got cue cards! Babe, are you holding a load of receipts?!"

Then Ferne confessed that she'd just come straight from a party thrown by the youngest Jenner sibling, Kylie – which we'd day was very interesting.

"I can confirm and give you some exclusive news that them two, I think, are pretty much back together. He was there, he didn't want any photos.

"Them two were canoodling, they were literally sat right there on the table next to me," she added.


Even if you think Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are totally set to last and live happily ever after, it's hard to deny that their relationship is definitely one of the showier in the industry.

From allowing paps to get shots of their long walks on the beach to wearing items of clothing which declare their love for one another, the TayTo romance is playing out for all to see, and they seem to love it.

And while media outlets around the world are busy speculating about the pair, it seems the answer to the 'Is it real or not?' question lies with none other than…Philip Schofield.

That's right ladies, Schof apparently has the inside scoop on the romance, and he said as much during a This Morning segment devoted to the pair.

With Rylan Clarke pouring scorn on their countless PDAs and the speed with which their relationship is developing, good ol' Phil decided to add his tuppence in.

"I was talking to someone yesterday who knows him very well and said he wouldn’t do the T-shirt thing – it’s not in his nature to that," Phil revealed.

"She's leading everyone on," he added. "She's leading everyone on. I'm pretty sure. I'll stick my neck out here"

That's it! If Phil says Tom wouldn't wear a T-shirt dedicated to his girlfriend, then who are we to question him?