On today's This Morning, a debate broke out over the term 'Essex Girl.'

It has been added to the Oxford Dictionary and it is coined as a girl who is "typically sexually promiscuous and materialistic."

This Morning

Holly Willoughby and her co-host Ben Shephard were joined on the show by campaigners Juliet Thomas and Natasha Sawkins.

The women were both against the term in the Oxford Dictionary, but then Life on Marbs stars Danni Levy joined them on the couch and said the term was just a bit of fun.

This Morning

However, then things took an awkward turn.

Danni insisted that "the term 'Essex Girl' has put Essex on the map. It's even given a rise to shows like TOWIE

This Morning

"The term 'Dumb Blonde' is in the dictionary, but Holly… do you feel…" And Holly stopped her right there, bursting into laughter, saying, "hang on a minute!"

Holly clearly didn't want the debate to turn to her, and stopped Danni before she even started.