‘I was just afraid for my children…’ Janice Dickinson talks cancer


Janice Dickinson was diagnosed with cancer at the start of this year, and while she has been vocal since her diagnosis she has admitted that telling her family was seriously tough.

Indeed, speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on ITV's This Morning today, the 61-year-old candidly spoke about how she was point-blank AFRAID to tell her children – Savannah Dickinson, 22, and Nathan Fields, 29.

"In the beginning I was in a state of numbness… I was truly – not denial or pity – but I just walked around feeling kind of numb because I was afraid for my children,” she said via a live link from LA.

"I was afraid how my two grown children would take the news and they were very upset. And then I went through a period where I thought I wasn’t going to be attractive to my fiancé.”



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Janice was diagnosed with cancer back in March after doctors found a lump in her breast; she is now encouraging others to check themselves regularly.

"It's for this reason that I appear in front of you today to share my experience. I implore all women to go get their breast examined and do it themselves.”



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The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant went through six weeks of radiation, but found that by talking to people during her treatment she was able to stay herself.

“I found Janice again by really talking to people [during treatments] and asking about their day… I’d make them healthy biscuits… trying to be of service to people that have far worse afflictions.

"That’s how I found my light at the tunnel and I just want to keep going. It’s not the end, I’m not out the door yet.”