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Remember when Jodie Marsh decided to rock three strategically-placed belts during a red carpet event in the early noughties?

Well, it looks like the former glamour model has decided to pay tribute to that particular look by giving it an overhaul which better reflects her current passion – weightlifting.

In a move which turned Instagram creepy AF this weekend, the 37-year-old shared two shots of herself rocking nothing but a hat and a pair of boots while getting her burn on.


When you're naked in the gym and the bars are in just the right place

A photo posted by Jodie Marsh (@jodiemarshtv) on

"Damn them bars!" wrote one fan of the star while another added: "Wish i was a fly on wall in that gym at that time….id av been one happy fly…" (sic)

"Ha ha just had to screenshot this so I could zoom in!" admitted one of of Jodie's fans.


"Why can't you show us your boobs completely? Or personally send em to my account." asked another Instagram user beneath a picture of Jodie chilling out on the floor of her private gym.

"Everyone zooming in like…" wrote another while a fellow follower added: "Don't hide your body."

The photos have been liked almost 15,000 times since their upload yesterday.



Jodie Marsh is done with MEN.

The former model has revealed that after her last divorce, she not only never wants to date guys again, she never wants to marry again either.

Jodie ended her marriage to James Placido after only eight months last year, and as far as we know, it was messy.


A photo posted by Jodie Marsh (@jodiemarshtv) on

While she hasn't given details of the break-up yet, she did indicate in a previous interview that the police had to get involved.

And when it comes to moving on, Jodie believes she'll never fall into the marriage trap again.


A photo posted by Jodie Marsh (@jodiemarshtv) on

"I'm not against having another relationship, but at the moment the people I fancy are women and I am only sexually attracted to women," she told the Daily Star.

"I will never get married again. It was the worst mistake of my life," she added.



She's known for her modelling and enhanced assets, but now it seems Jodie Marsh wants to go down a different route.

According to The Mirror, the former bodybuilder has revealed that she wants to have a boob reduction, after living with 32GG breasts for years.


A photo posted by Jodie Marsh (@jodiemarshtv) on

"If you have something about your body you don't like then I'm all for changing it. I currently want to make my boobs smaller. They're too big, I can't stand them. 

"I've gotten to the point where it's a pain in the arse getting dressed."


A photo posted by Jodie Marsh (@jodiemarshtv) on

She added that her age also comes in as a factor.

"The older you get the classier you want to look, and me wearing a nice classy dress… classy dresses don't tend to be made of lycra. I'd rather have a reduction."



She caused a lot of controversy over the last few weeks with #lipstickgate, but finally it seems like Jodie Marsh is moving on.

The former model shared a picture on Instagram page of her younger self with her cousin; actor Alex Walkinshaw.

She primarily made the post about him, saying: "With my gorgeous cousin Alex Walkinshaw who's currently in Holby and has also been in the Bill and Waterloo Road. He's a talented beast."

However, her fans were more interested in what she looked like before she ever got a nose job, and we have to admit that she looks VERY different.

Jodie has previously opened up about her surgeries and was only 15-year-old when she got her first nose job.


Sometimes lipstick gets on teeth – it’s awkward, it’s embarrassing, it happens.

And when most people discover they’ve flashed a less than pearly smile, they wipe away the damage and try to pretend like it was never there.  But as the latest instalment of ‘lipstick gate’ has shown, Jodie Marsh is not most people.

The glamour model has taken to social media once again to blast This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby for not warning her she had lippie-smeared teeth while on the show almost a month ago but, as anyone who’s been following the bizarre dispute will know, Holly did actually point out Jodie’s coloured smile on the This Morning set.




A video posted by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on


After Jodie shared a picture on Twitter stating “there's a special place in Hell for a woman who does not tell another woman when she has lipstick on her teeth,” Holly used Instagram to post a quick gif of her informing Jodie of the lipstick issue.

Now Jodie has fired back with a Wedding Singer clip in which Adam Sandler can be heard shouting: “Once again things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY.”

And just to be sure everyone knows she is still talking about that same lipstick incident, Jodie wrote: “When you’ve just done an interview on live TV and you’ve had lipstick on your teeth and the interviewer only tells you when the interview is finished and you’re going off air…Makes you feel like…wahahahahaha soak it up people.  Soak it up…”


Erm, ok?


As we mentioned earlier, Jodie Marsh hit out (AGAIN) at Holly Willoughby for not telling her she had lipstick on her teeth during an interview on This Morning.

Taking to Twitter, Jodie shared a picture which read, "There's a special place in Hell for a woman who does not tell another woman when she has lipstick on her teeth."

However, Holly has fired back, taking down Jodie with one simple gif.

The presenter took the the photo-sharing app to post a clip of her TELLING the model she had a lippy blunder just before they went on air:



A video posted by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on

Oh, Holly, you so sassy.


It's been almost a month since Jodie Marsh's beauty blunder on This Morning, but it seems like she's still holding a grudge.

When Jodie appeared on the chat show, viewers were left cringing after she appeared on air with lipstick on her teeth. Many of Jodie's fans took to social media to call out Holly Willoughby for not telling her.

In the same day, Jodie uploaded a video on her Youtube channel, saying she was disappointed about how the interview went and she also agreed with her fans, hitting out at Holly for saying nothing about her lippy malfunction.


Someone sent this to me on Twitter. Fitting

A photo posted by Jodie Marsh (@jodiemarshtv) on

However, it seems like she hasn't let the incident go just yet, as she took to Instagram this weekend and shared a picture saying: "There's a special place in Hell for a woman who does not tell another woman when she has lipstick on her teeth."

Jodie captioned the picture: "Someone sent this to me on Twitter. Fitting."

We think she needs to move on from the whole thing!



Yesterday, Jodie Marsh appeared on This Morning and suffered a little beauty mishap of having lipstick on her teeth.

Look, it's something that can happen to all of us, and we're sure that you've come home after a long day and discovered you have red all over your teeth and nobody told you.

But Jodie was quite annoyed by the blunder and took to YouTube to make her feelings known.

She wasn't happy at all with the presenters for not telling her and said on the video: "I just wanted to turn today into a positive rather than dwell on the negative – rather than dwell on the fact I had lipstick on my teeth and maybe someone should have told me.

"I definitely would have told someone I was interviewing but maybe that's just me," she said.

However, she wasn't just irked by the make-up malfunction. She appeared on the show to talk about her search for a sperm donor, and revealed she was upset that Holly and Phillip focused so much on her past rather than her present.

"The fact is I didn't feel like I had enough air-time today.

"I know they can't give you more than the allotted 8 minutes or whatever but I felt like my air-time focused a lot on the past and who I used to be – and I'm talking 15 years ago – and not the person I am today.

"I just wasn't happy with how it went, talking about me being a sex addict.

"I think all 23-year-olds are sex addicts. You only have to watch Love Island to see that, all having sex on TV – which is something I've never done," she added.


We've all suffered our fair amount of make-up fails through the years, but one we all totally dread is going out with lipstick on our teeth.

Unfortunately, that happened to Jodie Marsh when she appeared on This Morning earlier today, and fans of the former model were quick to point it out.

She was on the programme to talk about how embarrassed she is about her past dating life, and how she plans to have a baby via sperm donor in the near future.

However, her fans were more interested about her beauty fail:

Sure look, it can happen to all of us! 



Jodie Marsh has announced on Instagram that she is now married to her partner James Placido. 

The star shared her happy news on Instagram last night with the caption:"I have news. I just married the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend; James Placido I love you and I'm so proud to be your wife."

"I promise to love you, support you, encourage you, help you and I promise to make you laugh every day of our lives."

The picture shows the newly wed's wedding bands and Jodie's gorgeous engagement ring with a bouquet of white roses visible. 

The couple wed in a secret wedding ceremony and fans on Instagram can't believe how quiet she kept it.

Jodie has managed to keep her new hubby away from the spotlight during their relationship in recent months and she is yet to share a picture of him. 

She previously wed Matt Peacock in September 2007, but they split after just three months of marriage. Her wedding to Matt was part of a television show called Totally Jodie Marsh: Who'll Take Her Up The Aisle? 

For the series, Jodie auditioned potential husbands and chose Matt from the bunch but it didn't last as long as expected. 

A year earlier, the television star also announced her engagement to DJ David Doyle following just 11 days of dating. But the pair soon called it quits on their relationship. 



We all know Katie Price has never been afraid to stand up for herself, and this recent Twitter rant has just proved it further.

The model has hit out at Jodie Marsh due to Jodie telling Zoo magazine that Katie is "the one whos famous for having loads of different kids with different dads."

Harsh, Jodie.

Of course, Katie didn't let her get away with it and has spoke out on Twitter in a VERY lengthy message.

She began by saying: "Jodie gone quiet, digging my name up for a headline! For someone who used to say, 'I'm natural', followed me having boob jobs (vile ones), now wanting them out like me! Your nose done (like a builder's elbow!) not like mine!"

"You joke who is she? Oh yeah, she's the one with kids and different dads! Don't knock mothers like me. There's lots of us! Didn't you go out with my ex's names written over your body marking them out of ten after you shagged them (classy.)," she said.

She continued: "Well you have shagged nearly all my leftovers and not one of them wanted you (gutted) and you're celibate because no man actually wants you unless… what did u quote before… you're looking to pay for sex yuk! I don't know any celebrity or man who finds you attractive. You're the most vile thing I've ever seen. You're no model. Just look like a man in drag, maybe you and Alex Reid would suit!"

"Wind your beak in and get back in your box. You'll never be me but keep trying," Katie concluded.


Jodie has yet to respond, but we have our popcorn at the ready.



Twitter was awash with tributes today after the tragic death of fitness instructor, model and actor Greg Plitt over the weekend.

Greg was hit by a train on Saturday while filming an ad for one of his diet products in Los Angeles.

"He had on all black. The train went by. I saw him stumble over the tracks. He had a camcorder in his hand," said one onlooker.

The renowned fitness instructor is also known for his modelling work with Calvin Klein and his acting roles in The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon and Terminator 4 with Christian Bale. 

Many celebrities have taken to social media to share messages of sadness and shock, with glamour model Jodie Marsh leading the tributes. "Holy s**t, just seen the awful news about greg Plitt. An amazing fitness model & so hugely motivational. He will be so missed #RIPGregPlitt," she wrote on her Twitter page this morning.

Celebrity personal trainer Russ Howe also expressed his disbelief at the shocking accident. "R.I.P. Greg Plitt. One of the most awesome people the fitness industry has ever known," he wrote.

Our thoughts are with Greg's family at this hard time.