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Piers Morgan was caught gossiping on Good Morning Britain about Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne's break up. 

Little did he know, Cheryl was watching from her screen at home and was NOT pleased with his judgemental comments.

Earlier this month, the couple announced that they will be breaking up after two years together. Yes, we were heartbroken too. 

The couple made almost the same statement on Twitter saying that it was a very tough decision but ‘we still have so much love for each other as a family.’

They have a 15-month-old son named Bear and asked the public to respect his privacy as well.

However, not everyone is as heartbroken over the split as Cheryl and Liam.

Piers Morgan commented on the released Twitter statement during Good Morning Britain, poking fun at the situation.

He said, “If they love each other that much, why are they splitting up? They should be more honest and just say, ‘We hate each other’.” 

Cheryl  immediately reacted to Piers’ banter, ready for a throw down.

She texted Piers: “I’m so sorry you didn’t like my statement, Piers – perhaps I should have texted you the intimate details in chronological order as it unfolded,” according to Daily Mail. Get it, girl!

Reportedly, he immediately regretted his on-air comment, feeling guilty for gossiping about the couple’s break up.

Piers returned the text with a sincere apology and was quickly relieved when Cheryl said she was just joking with him.

She replied, ‘I hate those kinds of statements too, so cringeworthy. But we don’t hate each other. It just didn’t work out.’

The Girls Aloud singer and One Direction star still plan on staying on good terms, so that they can continue to co-parent their son.

The couple is committed to making sure their son is raised in a loving environment, and we're rooting for them along the way!


Liam Payne and Cheryl have announced their separation after two and a half years together. The singers issued near-identical statements last night confirming their break-up.

They admitted that it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but they have decided to go their separate ways.

Sources have shared that the split is amicable and there is nobody else involved.

“Cheryl and I are sad to announce that we are going our separate ways. It's been a tough decision for us to make,” Liam wrote.

The former One Direction member and Cheryl share a son together. They said one-year-old Bear will always be their number one priority.

“We still have so much love for each other as a family. Bear is our world and we ask that you respect his privacy as we navigate our way through this together,” the Familiar singer added.

Cheryl also asked the public to respect their family during this difficult time.

It was reported that the couple were having relationship problems earlier this year, but Cheryl and Liam hit back and showed a united front at the BRIT awards in February.

Speaking about the rumours, former Girls Aloud member Cheryl said that they were ludicrous.

The Fight For This Love singer first met Liam when he auditioned for the X Factor at the age of 14. They were reunited again when he joined One Direction on the reality TV show in 2010.

They welcomed their son Bear in the March of 2017.


At this stage, most of us know that the dynamic within Girls Aloud was a little awkward at times.

While they all started out as earnest young wannabes back in 2002, their rise to fame saw a shift in allegiances among group members.

Rumours abound that Nadine and Cheryl often clashed while Sarah was regularly seen as the outsider of the group, and it looks like a recent post on Cheryl's Instagram page may finally confirm that.

Celebrating the 15-year anniversary of the band's formation, the mum-of-one chose to share a photo of herself alongside Nicola and Kimberley.

While both Nicola and Kimberley were given a lengthy tribute, Nadine and Sarah got little more than a mere tag.

"Crazy how time flies. 15 years ago today some of the best, craziest years of my life were just beginning. I had no idea what a life journey I was starting out on," she began.

"We had some of the most amazing times of our lives and made some incredible pop moments to put the cherry on top."


Sitting here drinking coffee with these two and watching babies 15 years later !!! Crazy how time flies…15 years ago today some of the best, craziest years of my life were just beginning. I had no idea what a life journey I was starting out on. We had some of the most amazing times of our lives and made some incredible pop moments to put the cherry on top In the end I left with these two amazing, inspiring gorgeous souls and the best friends anyone could ever ask for. You blessed me and I will never be able to thank you enough for the support, love and loyalty you brought to our group. I am so proud of what we achieved together. Love you all @lilcola @kimberleywalshofficial @nadinecoyle @sarahnicoleharding Thank you#Girlsaloud15

A post shared by Cheryl (@cherylofficial) on

So far, so good, but th rest of the post has left Girls Aloud fans in no doubt that there is little love lost between Cheryl, Nadine and Sarah.

Referring to Nicola and Kimberley, Cheryl continued: "In the end I left with these two amazing, inspiring gorgeous souls and the best friends anyone could ever ask for."

"You blessed me and I will never be able to thank you enough for the support, love and loyalty you brought to our group. I am so proud of what we achieved together."

Fans were quick to notice the disparity, with one writing; "She has only specified 2 but tagged them all – nadine and sarah haven't made the cut."

Others jumped to Cheryl's defence, with one social media user writing:"They shouldn't be attacked for being closer to each other than the others."

"Like I said, they mentioned the other two to show that they haven't forgotten they were apart of it to. I'm sorry but I've seen both nadine and sarah post things and crop the other three out, so cut these three some slack."

Cheryl's post has amassed almost 175,000 likes since yesterday.


Ever since Girls Aloud burst onto the music scene back in 2002, speculation has been rife about the girls' dynamic.

As is the case with most girl groups, the relationship that existed between the five women was subject to intense scrutiny, with the press and public only too eager to pit them against one another.

And as the years progressed, there was no denying that some members formed closer bonds than others – something the girls readily brushed off when questioned about it in interviews.

However, it looks like recent developments have re-ignited interest in the group's dynamic.

With Nicola Roberts making barbed comments over Sarah Harding's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother to Sarah's suggestion that Cheryl knows how to play the press and public, fans of the band are only dying to get an insight into what really went on behind the scenes.

And now that the dust has settled and the women have essentially moved on with their lives, it looks like Nadine Coyle is happy to open up about the animosity which festered within the group at times.

While speaking on The Sun's Bizarre Life podcast, the Derry-native implied that it all came down to whose voice was heard most often.

"I'm not a victim, it's not that," Nadine insisted as she reflected on her time with the uber-successful band. "It just happened that I always got more vocals than everybody else."

Nadine admitted that the frequency with which she featured on the band's tracks ultimately contributed to a sense of ill will.

"So in terms of people wanting their voice heard, that wasn't happening and it made people very, very bitter. They didn't like that," she admitted.

And now we know…


Fans were totally shocked today when Sarah Harding appeared on This Morning, donning a very different look.

She has been very vocal about growing old naturally in the past, but now her fans aren't so sure she's staying true to her word.

When her segment was over, her followers flocked to social media to call out the singer:

However, the presenters copped on to what was happening and asked her outright if she had anything done to her face.

And to be honest, her answer was a bit wishy-washy.

"As a woman, as we're getting older we all start to become a little more insecure, that's all part of growing old and growing up. We should embrace it!"

She then tried to crease her forehead to show she has no botox in her face.



It looks a Girls Aloud reunion may be on the cards next year.

Sarah Harding was chatting on Lorraine this afternoon and hinted that she's not opposed to the band picking up where they left off.

The girl group formed in 2002, on the TV show Popstars: The Rivals.

When presenter Lisa Snowdon asked: "Would you consider a reunion, because it's been 15 years since Sound of the Underground?

"Would you perhaps next year get back together?" Lisa added.

Sarah replied: "I wouldn't say no, I do miss being on a stage.

"I'm quite a shy person, but when I'm on stage – it's like I come into something – I just change into something completely different.

"I have an alter ego when I'm on stage. I love touring, I miss touring. I loved it when I was with the girls on the road."

We may have some concerts to look forward to, ladies!



Well, well, well. Louis Walsh has reignited the long-running feud between himself and Cheryl after saying that the whole band didn't like each other and Nadine was the only one who could sing. Ouch!

While speaking on Kate Thornton's Paper Cuts on BBC Radio 2, the music mogul, who was also their former manager said: "I didn't give them a lot of my time but they didn't give me time and they didn't even like each other!"

"It was problems from day one there. I contacted them as much as I could but they didn't like each other," he said.

"It was never going to work because I said Nadine was the best singer and she was. She was the voice of Girls Aloud."

Louis' latest rant will no doubt trigger Cheryl to fight back, and we're looking forward to see what she has to say about the whole thing.


In a very strange turn of events, former Girls Aloud member, Nadine Coyle, has revealed she is studying to be a psychiatrist.

The 30-year-old shared a photo on her Instagram page of a a hoodie, with writing on the front saying, "I don't need therapy, I just need to listen to Nadine Coyle."

She captioned the photo, "Funny that. I am studying to be a psychiatrist."

But she did reveal that it may be a while until we can walk into Dr Coyle's office, adding to her caption, "in possibly 10 years."

She was also quick to point out that she's not turning her back on music, as she said on the end of the post, "ps I'm still a singer."

Whether she is being real or not, we don't know. But it'll be fairly strange to go to therapy and see a former Girls Aloud singer pop out of the office. 


Poor Nadine Coyle can't seem to catch a break. 

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine. the Derry native revealed that she would love to see a Girls Aloud reunion. The talented singer who is currently promoting her new single I Could Be with Shane Filan, hopes it will happen. 

"I hope so at some point. We need to get some more collaborations going so Shane can come along too,” she joked. 

However, if recent reports are to be believed, there is already a Girls Aloud reunion being planned and it does not include Nadine. 

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has reportedly invited Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Stewart to collaborate on her new album which pretty much means there could be a new Girls Aloud single. 

Well, a Girls Aloud single minus Nadine that is. 

It's pretty well known that Cheryl and Nadine's friendship disintegrated towards the end of the bands impressive run and her relationships with other members seem to also be strained.

According to a source close to Cheryl, the Call my Name singer has been "working on one of her biggest career plans yet, to get some of Girls Aloud back together for a new record – but Nadine is definitely not invited."

“Cheryl wants to get in the studio and have each of the girls making cameo appearances on songs she’s been working on for release next year."

Bad luck Nadine, maybe they will let you in the next one. 


Former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle has just revealed that she was close to death after being exposed to carbon monoxide in her LA home. 

The 30-year-old singer, who is in a relationship with American NFL player Jason Bell, admitted that she felt terrified after the whole ordeal. 

Speaking on today's Good Morning Britain, Nadine explained how she suffered from memory loss, extreme fatigue and severe chest pains while living in the property – but she didn't realise what was happening to her. 

"You don't notice it," she confessed and blamed her fatigue on other factors. 

"You're like, 'I'm really tired. Is it with all the flying around, is it jet lag, am I getting sick, is it a cold, have we got a bug, why are we so tired all the time?'”

She also revealed that she started to lose her memory. 

"We couldn't remember the word for table, like, “What is that? Put it on the…” – we couldn't remember what is was."

The Irish singer felt so ill that she ended up going to hospital in order to figure out what was making her chest hurt so much. 

"I thought there was something seriously wrong, and they checked for everything and they said, “You're fine”, and I said, “This still doesn't explain why I feel so bad”.

"Then when the blood tests came back they said it was exposure to high levels of gas, but still he hadn't said it was carbon monoxide."

Ms Coyle then went on to tell the show's hosts that she found out the alarming news after a gas engineer checked her house. 

"The guy in LA had seen that the boiler was faulty, there was a crack in it. It just happened to be someone was coming round – it was so lucky," she confessed.

Nadine then went on to warn viewers about the importance of having alarms fitted in homes, claiming they "could save lives."



Singer Nicola Roberts celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend, but one person didn't make the invite list.

Sarah Harding has publicly hit back at her former Girls Aloud bandmate for leaving her out of the festivities, admitting it came as a bit of a shock.

And the real stinger? Both Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Kimberley Walsh were at the bash, even helping Nicola with the preparations.

"I didn’t get a f***ing invite to Nicola’s birthday!" Sarah told The Sun.

"But you know what? I am independent so whatever. I nearly tweeted about it but I thought I better not.

"If I had an invite I would have gone but I didn't."


A photo posted by Nicola Roberts (@lilcola) on

Somehow we think a tweet might have been a bit more low-key than an article in the newspaper, but that's just us.

Nicola celebrated her landmark birthday with a lavish bash at London's Hotel Chantelle, with a giant custom-made Little Mermaid cake, personalised cocktails and a LOT of balloons.

Nadine Coyle was also left off the invite list, though given that she is currently based in the US it's certainly less of a diss.

Sarah says she's not dwelling on the snub – but she certainly didn't send Nicola a birthday card.

"Nadine lives in LA, the other three do their own thing and that’s just how it is," she said.

"I didn’t even know it was Nicola’s birthday so I definitely didn’t wish her a happy birthday."


Posting a stunning snap to her Instagram account, it's clear that X Factor's Cheryl Fernandez Versini had picked an incredible location for judges' houses this year.

Admitting that she was a lucky girl, she shared a photograph from Rome, Italy, which showed the breathtaking lakeside view from her bedroom.

Unsurprisingly, it was an image which quickly garnered more than 35,000 likes. 

"Oh wow… what I would give to be sat there for a couple of hours… amazing image x," one fan said in response.

"Wow such An amazing view," said another, while a third added: "What a beautiful view!! You are one lucky girl."

The 32-year-old singer was in the Eternal City for a whistle-stop, two-night stay. There, she was faced with the task of whittling down the groups from a total of six to just three. 

And rather than hire a private jet to transport her and her entourage, Ms Fernandez Versini was happy to catch a BA flight from London there and back, although she did enjoy a helicopter transfer to the luxurious villa on arrival in Rome. 

Still, her return journey was not entirely without incident: she said that she was surrounded by coughing and sneezing sick passengers. "Dear work," she added in an Instagram picture, "I think I'm getting sick I may need a week off."

Luckily, however, Cheryl had recovered sufficiently to make BFF and fellow Girls Aloud songstress Nicola Roberts's 30th birthday bash.

Held in London's swish Hotel Chantelle in Mayfair, the woman-of-hour herself looked stunning in a full-length black dress with thigh-high slit and a deep-V neckline.


Happy 30th to this gorgeous lady @lilcola thanks for a super fun night

A photo posted by Lily England (@iamlil) on

Also in attendance was Kimberley Walsh, though noticeably absent were Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle. 

The Roman episode of judges' houses will be aired later this month on The X Factor. Cheryl was accompanied on the trip by guest judge, Jess Glynne.

Simon Cowell, meanwhile, was in France for the same segment, while Rita Ora jetted to LA. Due to additional work commitments, Rick Grimshaw remained in England.