Irish dad goes missing for a day… is found at the match in BOSNIA?

Well, what are the chances of something like this happening of a Friday?

Actually, considering that there are not that many dedicated supporters on location in Zenica this evening, the odds of spotting your dad in the crowd on the telly is decidedly more likely. 

Which is exactly why William Murphy’s dad is going to have some serious explaining to do when he arrives home.

Yesterday, William realised that he hadn’t seen his dad for the entire day. Naturally, he was beginning to feel a bit unsettled by the notion.

However, he need not have worried because once he turned on the on the nine o’clock news on RTÉ his questions were answered. 

There’s dad! Right there on the streets of Zenica in his very fetching green jersey. He is quickly being branded a hero by social media users for his dedication to the sporting cause.

In case you were wondering, Zenica is 2,752.9 kilometres away. So, you know, a handy detour on your way back from picking up a few messages. 

Fair play to him, but now we’re dying to know how he explains himself when he gets home.