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The Jonas Brothers visited a local hospital in Hersey, Pennsylvania, while on their worldwide tour to visit teenage fan Lily Jordan on Saturday night.

Lily was undergoing chemotherapy and was unable to make the Jonas Brothers concert she had originally bought tickets for due to her health.

Social media followers shared Jordan's Facebook post inviting the group to see her in hospital, which said;

“I was supposed to be at your Hersey concert tomorrow but instead I’m across the street doing chemotherapy,” Jordan wrote in an Instagram post. “If y’all wanted to pop in I’ll give you my room.”

“Seriously though I wish I was seeing the Jonas Brothers so bad so like? I don't know, tag them or put this on your story or something for lil' old me,” she added.

The youngster has been battling cancer bravely for years, and said that the band's visit to Penn State Children's Hospital 'made her life'.

“Thanks for inviting us,” 31-year-old Kevin says in a clip from the visit, shared online by the hospital. “We saw your message, we had to come over,” added 30-year-old Joe.


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“Do you have a favourite song that we can dedicate to you?” 26-year-old Nick asked, as Priyanka Chopra promised that the boys would send her a video of their performance.

“Definitely S.O.S.,” Jordan replied. “That’s my favourite.” Jordan offered a gift to Joe's wife, Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark in HBO series Game of Thrones.

“I have something that I wanted to give Sophie,” Lily told Joe, offering a handmade bracelet.

“I love her so much, so I wanted to give her that,” she added, explaining that the colours matched the Stark house banner, which was hung behind Lily's bed.


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Jordan thanked the Jonas Brothers as well as everyone who passed along her message for making the visit possible;

“Wow. The power of social media you guys. YOU did this. YOU made my crappy chemo session into something incredibly special and unforgettable." 

“Thank you thank you thank you @jonasbrothers for taking time out of your day to come pay me a visit. Literally made my life,” she added.

Feature image: Instagram/@ljsworkinprogress


We all remember Draco Malfoy lighting up our screens as the sneaky Slytherin bully of the Harry Potter franchise.

one direction 1d GIF

Some of us (Emma Watson included) even had a gigantic crush on the bleach-blonde bad boy; Others just straight up hated him.

Love him or loath him, we can all admit that the actor who portrays the character is pretty incredible.

Tom Felton has played many a part since hanging up his Slytherin cloak, but most young fans will always see him as the cruel prankster who called Hermione a 'Mudblood' and shocked us to our core.


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One young fan clearly agrees that he did a good job of making us hate him, but the actor makes sure to assure her that he's actually a lovely human being in real life.

Felton met a young fan this morning who rushed to hug him, and their exchange has warmed our ice cold hearts.

The star can be heard telling the little girl; "My name is Tom. I play Draco Malfoy. Do you wanna hear a secret? I'm nice in real life, it's only Draco that's mean. Tom is a really nice person."

The youngster is even clutching a wand, and clearly sees Tom through the eyes of an idolised fan. The viral clip has since racked up over 54,000 likes on Twitter and has been retweeted over 36,000 times.

Felton is clearly a kind-hearted person, and avid fans in the comments section who were lucky enough to have met him can attest to his compassion.

If anyone knows how we can get a hug from the actor, please let us know via owl post. We want to hear more of his secrets…

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Feature image: Instagram/@tomfeltoner 


Gemma Collins made a major impression on Hollyhwood hunk Chris Pratt during her time on TOWIE and Big Brother. 

In an interview with Glamour, the actor said he knew of the reality TV queen, saying:

;The GC, she’s a real star, I love that show. I watched it when I was out here shooting years ago. I got hooked on it.'


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He also said he was a big fan, admitting: 'I’d be a little star struck if I met Gemma.'

The journalist interviewing Pratt asked the actor if he knew of Gemma's now notorious faceplant on lat week's Dancing On Ice.

Not having heard of the show, he expressed his concern: 'Stop! And she fell hard? Did she hurt herself? Is she ok?” he asked.

'Oh Gemma, I’m sorry darling.'


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Gemma was delighted with Chris' comments, posting a video of the interview to her Instagram page.

Taking the message as a birthday wish, she wrote: She posted: 'Wow my birthday dreams have come TRUE'

'@prattprattpratt thank you for your lovely messages and I’ve got you 2 tickets to come and see me on @dancingonice.'



Katy Perry is officially the nicest human being on Earth. Prepare yourself, this story is an absolute tear-jerker.

The pop singer is currently on tour and had a concert set in Australia, but one fan could not attend.

Little Grace had bought tickets to see the show with her mum over a year ago, but unfortunately, she’s been battling a brain tumour all year.

Her sister, Tiana, immediately took action and was determined to get Grace the concert she had been dreaming of for so long.

“RETWEET PLEASE! my baby sister is meant to attend @katyperry concert in Adelaide this year but was diagnosed with a 6cm Brain tumour and has been battling all year,

“Grace has love been Katy’s biggest fan since she was 3, please help us try and get in contact with @katyperry,” Tiana tweeted on July 24th.

The Internet came to her aid and eventually, the news reached Katy Perry herself.

Just yesterday, the popstar came down to Grace’s house and gave her a private concert!


The Power Of The Internet #helpGracemeetKatyPerry 

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Katy introduced herself to the whole family, commending Tiana for shaving her head to raise money for her sister’s treatment.

The singer also said that little Grace was ‘the first person’ she had ever given a private concert in their home.

In the video, Katy is seen laughing and hanging out with all the kids and singing her hit song “Firework” while holding Grace’s hand.

Grace and Tiana’s mum thanked Katy and gave her a big hug for doing this for her daughter.

‘The power of the Internet’ that Katy captioned her photo can truly be attributed to the power of sisterhood.

Tiana probably wanted to cheer up her little sis in any way she could, and her constant posting with the hashtag #helpgracemeetkatyperry spread like wildfire.

We wish Grace the best of luck with her recovery and are so glad that she has such an awesome sister and supportive family surrounding her.


A Justin Bieber fan was left bleeding in Barcelona last night after the singer punched him in the face while travelling in a moving car.

Video footage shot outside the Spanish city’s Palau Sant Jordi stadium shows a male fan reaching through the chauffeur-driven vehicle’s open window to touch the popstar’s upper body as he greeted those waiting around the venue.

The 22-year-old star’s hand can then be seen jutting out the window before connecting with the youth’s face.

As the car rolls out of sight, the Spaniard turns toward the camera to reveal his bleeding lip. 

He touches the wound a number of times with his thumb while telling other frantic fans what happened, using a punching gesture as part of the re-enactment.

According to The Mirror, the teenage fan is considering suing the Sorry hitmaker but has yet to report the incident to Spanish authorities.



As anyone who’s ever flown long haul will know, there is nothing better than sleeping as you fly.  But as One Direction’s Niall Horan has discovered, catching forty winks mid-flight can have its disadvantages.

The Mullingar man shared a few choice words on Twitter last night after an overenthusiastic One D fan snapped him while he slept.

After finding themselves flying alongside the popstar, the fan shared a picture of Niall's nap with the caption: “And to sum up the PERFECT European adventure, I sat directly next to Niall from One Direction for 9 hours on my flight home from London last night.” 

“He was sick and asked for no selfies, but here is a pic I snapped when he was sleeping lol he was so friendly!” 

“Talked about Ireland, LSE, lolla, and more.  Not a British Duke…But an Irish Popstar will do.  Thanks for treating me so well Europe.”

Clearly Niall was less than impressed with his privacy being invaded as upon discovering the post he screenshotted it, re-shared it and wrote: “I think this sh*t is unreal.  I mean if you can’t sleep on a plane without people taking photos of you, what can u do” (sic).



In classic One Direction fashion, the band’s fans already have a hashtag trending over the incident.

#RespectNiall is currently doing the rounds on Twitter as fans share comments like “There are no words for this” and “All I can say is ‘HE’S REAL’”.












If you aren’t on your best behaviour at your next Justin Bieber concert, you better be prepared to say Sorry as JB has shown he has no time for messing.

During his sell-out Atlanta show on Friday night, Justin was interrupted mid-speech by a fan who decided to throw something onto his stage and – according to E! – the singer was less than impressed with the move.

Taking the opportunity to make a point, Justin told the crowd: "Take this moment to listen and try not to give me a hat or whatever you're trying to throw onto the stage right now, because I probably don't want that sh*t."  Ouch!

Although his comments received a huge round of applause, the Love Yourself performer quickly realised how harsh his message may have sounded and so, not want to break a Belieber’s heart, he added: “Sorry that was mean.”

The effect of the interruption was then obvious as Justin needed a moment to get his performance back on track.

He said: "But yeah, no I lost what I was going to say."

"I was deep into, like, a mode and a zone. I was — I was into it. Now I'm out of it. I'll get it back. Just give me a second."

The star – who is currently touring the US as part of his Purpose World Tour – then continued his show with a song before once again apologising for calling out the fan: "Sorry for throwing your hat but you ruined the moment…Whatever, let's do it."

It sounds like Justin really did feel bad after all.


Irish band Kodaline got a nice surprise this morning when Paris Jackson revealed to the world that she is a fan of their work.

Earlier today The King of Pop’s daughter tweeted the word “fricK” with a screenshot of the band’s debut album In a Perfect World.

And being the gents that they are Kodaline replied “thank you, glad you like the tune” with a kissy face emoji.  Awh!

18-year-old Paris currently has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter and over half a million on Instagram.

The teen regularly uses her social media accounts to discuss social issue and defend her late father.

With hits like High Hopes we're not surprised that Paris is a fan, but it sure was nice of her to let the lads know. 



Selena Gomez is spreading all kinds of good vibes with her current Revival tour and the latest video to emerge from her time on the road is the most special yet.

Before performing in Louisville yesterday, the Good For You hitmaker took some time out of her schedule to dance with seven-year-old Audrey Nethery who suffers from the life-threatening bone marrow condition Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA).

Selena shared the video on her own Instagram account last night with the caption: “Finally got to meet this sweetheart – she owned it fully.”


Finally got to meet this sweetheart -she owned it fully

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We’re not sure who should be fan-girling on who in this viral clip since Audrey herself is already an Internet sensation for her own online performances.



An Irish soccer fan attending the Euro 2016 tournament has died in Nice.

The 24-year-old Northern Ireland supporter fell 8-metres from a promenade on to a stony beach below and later died from his injuries. A local official later confirmed the man been climbing a sea-front railing shortly before his death.

A police spokesman at the city added that the incident took place yesterday.

"Many fans were out on the promenade, and were drinking heavily when the man fell from the promenade.

"The victim was taken to Nice hospital but has since died," the spokesman said. 

The identity of the young man has not yet been released.

About 10,000 fans from Northern Ireland are in France for the competition. 



Selena Gomez has been having all sorts of random fun during her current Revival tour and luckily for one fan that trend continued during her Saturday night concert in Washington.

While on stage, Selena spotted someone in the front row who was FaceTiming their friend live from the concert.

Rather than get mad at the fan for using their phone during her performance, the former Disney star reached down from the stage and took the phone right out of their hand.

As her audience cheered, the Good For You singer began chatting to the person at the other end of the phone, asking them jokingly: “Did you guys not buy a ticket or…?”

Last month Selena plucked an audience member's “Marry Justin Bieber” sign from the crowd and crumpled it on stage during her concert in Fresno, California.

The songstress has also been posting pictures with fans outside her concerts to her Instagram account.

We're waiting on your call, Selena!



It was meant to be a snap that caught Adele in all of her glory on stage – but instead it turned out to be an epic photobomb.

The cheeky singer saw a fan in the front row try to take an action shot so she perched down with a grin on her face, right in the middle of the photo.

The lucky woman who Adele photobombed told the Liverpool Echo: "I just couldn't believe it. She was going around the edge of the stage saying hello to people and interacting with the crowd and I just shouted at her.

"The whole night was amazing. We're both huge fans of Adele, even my kids Kyle and Ella absolutely love her – they sing along to Hello. She said my hair looked great. I just couldn't believe it."

This has made us love Adele even more now – she really cares for her fans but we just want to know how we can nab a selfie with her too.