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Dads are gas, and Dads on Christmas Day are especially gas.

While the rest of the family tend to evolve and mature as each year passes, there's something particularly steadfast about our fathers' behaviour on December 25.

Whether you're five or 25, you'll proffer the same presents, hear the same jokes, and endure the same digs.

And in honour of the dads in our lives, here are just 10 things every one of them does on Christmas Day.

1. Puts on the new jumper your mam bought him, and admires himself in the hall mirror when he thinks no one is looking.

"I'll cut some dash at mass, I'd say."

2. Pretends to know what he has supposedly bought for his loved ones.

"Ah, you know your mother looks after that."

3. Acts as if his one and only contribution to Christmas dinner has kept the whole meal afloat.

"Where would we be without these carrots, lads?"

4. Creates a very neat pile of the presents he's received and then disappears upstairs with them.

"Sure, I don't know myself with all my new loot."

5. Tries to make you laugh at mass before getting a bollockin' off your mam.

"Don't mind your mother, you know I'm hilarious."

6. Examines everyone else's gifts and acts as if he's discovered fire.

"And you're telling me every step you take is measured on this watch yoke?"

7. Examines every chocolate he removes from the tin, and insists they're getting smaller each year.

"In my day you could barely fit your gob around a caramel barrel,"

8. Insists there's feck-all on the box this Christmas, but manages to cram in a solid 14 hours of viewing.

"I'll watch it, but I won't be happy about it."

9. Reminds everyone about the best Christmas present he ever received as a young lad… for the 30th year in a row,

"A Raleigh racer, and Jesus, she was a beauty."

10. Invites the neighbours in, and then disappears after he's thinks they've outstayed their welcome.

"Jaysus, would she be as quick getting through a bottle of Baileys in her own house?"




Whether you're a Daddy's girl or not, we'd like to think that most fathers and daughter have a special kind of bond.

But all of us would agree that we would NEVER let our dads read our texts that we send to our boyfriends. 


Whether it's talking about how drunk you were last weekend, or how good he was the night before, we think that kinda talk would either make our dads angry or cry… or both.

So, these ladies in this video were VERY brave to let their dads into their messages. But we have to admit, it does make the after-lunch slump a little bit more amusing. 


Well, what are the chances of something like this happening of a Friday?

Actually, considering that there are not that many dedicated supporters on location in Zenica this evening, the odds of spotting your dad in the crowd on the telly is decidedly more likely. 

Which is exactly why William Murphy’s dad is going to have some serious explaining to do when he arrives home.

Yesterday, William realised that he hadn’t seen his dad for the entire day. Naturally, he was beginning to feel a bit unsettled by the notion.

However, he need not have worried because once he turned on the on the nine o’clock news on RTÉ his questions were answered. 

There’s dad! Right there on the streets of Zenica in his very fetching green jersey. He is quickly being branded a hero by social media users for his dedication to the sporting cause.

In case you were wondering, Zenica is 2,752.9 kilometres away. So, you know, a handy detour on your way back from picking up a few messages. 

Fair play to him, but now we’re dying to know how he explains himself when he gets home. 



David Beckham

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There is nothing funnier than a child’s crazy imagination, and the dads of the clever kids who wrote this hilarious script were eager to lend a hand bringing it to life.