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Colombian pop star Shakira has been summoned to appear in a Barcelona court following allegations that she illegally avoided €14.5 million in taxes.

Spanish media reports claim the singer and philanthropist has been accused of tax evasion since December of last year.

Prosecutors argue that she falsely claimed to live in the Bahamas when she lived in Catalonia, and is due in court on June 12 over the claims.


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In Spain, only trials are public, therefore her hearing will take place privately behind closed doors.

Spanish state prosecutors accused the mother-of-two of fraud last year, claiming she had pretended to live abroad and use an existing complex offshore corporate structure to prevent herself meeting tax obligations between 2012 and 2014.

She began dating former Manchester United defender Pique in 2011 and moved back to Barcelona, so should supposedly have paid taxes on her worldwide earnings to Spanish tax services.


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Shakira was previously a tax resident in the Bahamas but only registered in 2015 as a full tax resident. Those who spend over 183 days in a given calendar year in the country are obliged to pay tax as Spanish residents.

Tax inspectors have been following Shakira's finances for years, and she appeared in an investigation carried out by the Guardian in 2017 on offshore corporate finance. The Paradise Papers was carried out by other news organisations alongside the Guardian.

Despite paying the €14.5 million debt settlement, she hasn't been able to stop the case from going to court. Her lawyer insisted she had always fulfilled her tax obligations in accordance with the advice of her financial advisors in every country.

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World-renowned footballer Ada Hegerberg had just been crowned the first ever female recipient of the Ballon d'Or award, which essentially is a marker that you are the best player IN THE WORLD btw, when French DJ Martin Solveig put his foot in it.

He created a hugely awkward moment on stage when he asked the gifted player if she could 'twerk', to which she curtly responded with a simple 'No'.

We probably would have responded in a much less classy manner, but that's a testament to how much sexism she has presumably had to deal with as a female footballer.


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The 42-year-old DJ claimed that the Lyon and Norway superstar forward, despite answering "no" – had told him after the ceremony that she "understood it was a joke".

Hegerberg also told BBC Sport she "didn't consider it sexual harassment" after the 23-year-old was recognised as the world's best player in Paris

It was all the more awkward seeing as the footballer's speech was referencing her hopes of inspiring girls to believe in themselves.


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The reaction on social media was swift and furious, with tennis player Andy Murray commenting on the matter; "Another example of the ridiculous sexism that still exists in sport."

"To everyone who thinks people are overreacting and it was just a joke… it wasn't. I've been involved in sport my whole life and the level of sexism is unreal."

Solveig took to Twitter to express his apologies, but claimed that it was a total misunderstanding.

He also uploaded a video, claiming that anyone who has known him for a while is aware of his respect for women, and that it was taken out of context;

We don't quite know what to think of this one.

Do you think the question was out of line, and that Murray is right in saying that sexism still exists in sport?

Or do you think this all blown way out of proportion? 



According to emerging reports, Lionel Messi has been sentenced to 21 months in prison after being accused of tax evasion.

The 29-year-old international footballer was accused of creating a number of fake companies in Uruquay and Belize in order to avoid taxation on image rights between 2007 and 2009.

While the footballer will not actually spend time behind bars as the Spanish system states that prison terms under two years can be served on probation, he was fined €1.9 million by a court in Barcelona and will face imprisonment if he reoffends.

It has been established that Messi, who earns more than a quarter of a million euro a week and won Fifa World Player of the Year five times, attempted to evade €4.1 million in tax over the course of two years, but insists he was unaware of these financial oversights

Messi's father, Jorge, who – according to his son – dealt with the footballer's financial affairs, received the same sentence as his son.


Today Lionel Messi welcomed his second child into the world. His long-term girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo gave birth to a baby boy in Barcelona. Named Benjamin according to Argentine reports, the little one was born in Barcelona.

The Barcelona soccer star missed training this morning due to reported “family matters” before he made the good news public.


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It was reported in April that the couple had looked to one of Lionel’s teammates for help picking the name, Sergio Aguero was given the task of naming the little boy.

Lionel, 27, had just returned from a trip to the United States yesterday. This left him with one training session left before Saturday night’s important match against Atletico Madrid.


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"Leo had the coach's and the club's permission to miss training for personal reasons," coach Luis Enrique told a news conference.

The couple are already parents to one son, Thiago, who was born in November 2012.

The sports star had taken to social media four months ago to reveal to his fans that Antonella was pregnant with their second child. He shared a very cute picture of his girlfriend and their son and wrote: “Can’t wait to welcome you into our world!! We love you!”


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When Thiago was born three years ago his dad was similarly excused from training to be there with Antonella.

At the time he posted a heartfelt message to announce the arrival of his first son:

"Today I am the happiest man in the world, my son was born and thanks to God for this gift!"

Since then Lionel has hand Thiago’s hand prints tattooed on his calf, we wonder if that was the beginning of a tradition.