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Andy Murray and his wife Kim welcomed their third child into the world earlier this month. The tennis player’s wife gave birth to a baby boy at the beginning of November and they have finally shared his name.

They decided to call their son Teddy, which is too cute for words.

The name Teddy is of English origin and means wealthy guardian. 

Andy shared the sweet news during the launch of his new clothing brand on Tuesday. According to Hello, he said: “He is called Teddy. My wife liked that so she chose it.”

The dad added that his son’s middle name is Baron, but he’s not awfully fond of it.


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“The middle name is a family connection. I don't actually love the name, but my dad's middle name was Baron, his dad was Baron, my grandad's dad too, so I kept that,” he shared.

Andy and Kim are also parents to two daughters- two-year-old Edie and three-year-old Sophia. There’s no doubt they’ve got their hands full with three little ones at home, but the dad said he has been loving every moment.


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“It's been good. It's just busy. We've got three under four now and two dogs, so you've got to keep an eye out all the time, but we are sleeping fine and everyone’s healthy,” he revealed.

Andy and Kim couldn’t have chosen a cuter name for their baby boy.



Andy Murray and Kim Sears have welcomed their third child together. The couple have welcomed a baby boy.

Andy’s grandfather Roy Erskine confirmed the joyous news to The Sun. He said, “It's a wee boy. He was born during the week, I don’t know what his name is yet. My wife is away down, she went down this morning."

It is understood that Kim gave birth to their little boy in London last week.

Andy opened up about the pending arrival of their third child in an interview with The Times. The dad-of-three told the publication that Kim’s due date was just around the corner when he was heading to the European Open in Belgium.


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"Obviously the baby can come any time from pretty much next week. If the baby came early, I would miss Antwerp and then maybe play at the Paris Masters,” the tennis champion explained.

Andy and Kim are already parents to two daughters-one-year-old Edie and three-year-old Sophia, who will be the best big sisters to their little brother.

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This is Andy and Kim’s first baby boy so there’s no doubt the couple are thrilled by the new addition to their family.

Huge congratulations to the family-of-five.

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Tributes are pouring in for tennis star Andy Murray after a tearful press conference addressing his possible retirement.

The former world number one has claimed that retirement is imminent following injuries which have plagued him for years, especially that of his hip.

Speaking about the upcoming Australian Open, Murray broke down in tears as he said it could be his last tournament.

The three-time Grand Slam winner has broken himself in order to keep up with arguably tennis' greatest generation, with Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer hot on his heels all the time.

Murray was emotional as he spoke about this summer's Wimbledon tournament, saying; “I'm not sure I'm able to play through the pain for another four or five months.”

The Scotsman has won the beloved British tournament twice, and wants to finish his career in the place where he won his first ever Grand Slam.

He couldn't hold back the tears at the conference, after years of intensive physiotherapy and surgeries to try and maintain his status as one of the world's top players.

"I said to my team I think I can get through this until Wimbledon – that's when I'd like to stop playing,” he said.

Tributes have been coming in fast for the player and iconic feminist, among them is one from the infamous 39-time Grand Slam winner Billie Jean King;

Fellow player and BFF Nick Kyrgios posted a touching tribute to his 'brother' and 'old friend' Andy, and our hearts legitimately shattered;

Murray has become a low-key feminist icon after consistently defending female tennis players battling the notorious sexist in the sport, such as Serena Williams.

He has argued for women's rights in the sport in numerous press conferences, and has battled sexist questions from journalists throughout his career. SLAY ANDY.

During Wimbledon in 2017, Murray called on schedulers to give women more opportunities to play on the main show courts.

Let's not forget his unreal take-down of a reporter who claimed a male player was "the first US player to reach a major semi-final since 2009," even though Venus and Serena Williams as well as three other female players had achieved this.


He's also renowned for his blunt Scottish wit;

We love you Andy, never change.

Congratulations for all that you've achieved in the tennis world, you'll be remembered as one of the greats.

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World-renowned footballer Ada Hegerberg had just been crowned the first ever female recipient of the Ballon d'Or award, which essentially is a marker that you are the best player IN THE WORLD btw, when French DJ Martin Solveig put his foot in it.

He created a hugely awkward moment on stage when he asked the gifted player if she could 'twerk', to which she curtly responded with a simple 'No'.

We probably would have responded in a much less classy manner, but that's a testament to how much sexism she has presumably had to deal with as a female footballer.


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The 42-year-old DJ claimed that the Lyon and Norway superstar forward, despite answering "no" – had told him after the ceremony that she "understood it was a joke".

Hegerberg also told BBC Sport she "didn't consider it sexual harassment" after the 23-year-old was recognised as the world's best player in Paris

It was all the more awkward seeing as the footballer's speech was referencing her hopes of inspiring girls to believe in themselves.


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The reaction on social media was swift and furious, with tennis player Andy Murray commenting on the matter; "Another example of the ridiculous sexism that still exists in sport."

"To everyone who thinks people are overreacting and it was just a joke… it wasn't. I've been involved in sport my whole life and the level of sexism is unreal."

Solveig took to Twitter to express his apologies, but claimed that it was a total misunderstanding.

He also uploaded a video, claiming that anyone who has known him for a while is aware of his respect for women, and that it was taken out of context;

We don't quite know what to think of this one.

Do you think the question was out of line, and that Murray is right in saying that sexism still exists in sport?

Or do you think this all blown way out of proportion? 



World No.1, Andy Murray, recently dubbed by The Guardian as 'the feminist that tennis needs', has lived up to his female-friendly reputation once again.

The defending champion, who was knocked out of wimbledon yesterday afternoon when he lost to American underdog, Sam Querrey, is being praised after he quickly shut down a reporter who seemingly forget the achievements of a number of female players.

Footage from the post-match press conference shows the tennis star correcting a reporter who claimed Sam Querrey was the first US player to reach a Grand Slam semi-final in eight years.

"Andy, Sam is the first American player to reach the semi-final of a Slam since 2009."

"Male player," Andy interjected.

"I beg your pardon?" the reporter responded.

"Male player, right?" Murray repeated.

"Yes, first male player, that's for sure," the reporter said.

Serena and Venus Williams, Madison Keys and Coco Vandeweghe are all American players who have qualified for Grand Slam semi-finals since 2009, with Venus doing so the day before the reporter made the comment.

Andy has been praised on social media for refusing to allow the press to engage in casual sexism, with his mother, Judy, even proudly tweeting: “That's my boy.”

G'wan Andy!


Congratulations are in order for Andy Murray and Kim Sears – they're expecting their second child!

Andy's agent confirmed the news today, however he noted that the tennis player does not want to comment on the news.

The Daily Mail also confirmed the news, stating that the couple have only told close family and friends.

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Andy and Kim already have a daughter, Sophia, who is 17-months-old.

The pair married in 2015, and Andy previously said that he will put his family first, before his career.

"My child is more important to me and my wife is more important to me than a tennis match.

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"It's a big change for me and my wife, but that's the current priority."

We're delighted for the growing family!



World No. 1 tennis champ, Andy Murray has vowed to donate his prize money from this week's Aegon Championships to victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Should he successfully defend the title he has already won five times, he would earn £347,000 for the survivors of last weeks tragedy, which is now thought to have claimed at least 79 lives.

According to The Independent, his plans were confirmed by a tournament source, however his own management declined to comment.

Reports also suggest that the tournament itself will make a significant donation following last week's tragic events.

Andy has always been a generous supporter of charities. Throughout his career he has helped a number of causes, though he has never sought any publicity for his donations.

Four years ago, the tennis star gave his £73,000 winner’s cheque to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity after his close friend, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, has been treated at the hospital.

He also lent his pro skills to a fund-raising match at the end of that tournament.

In 2009 Andy Murray and David Beckham joined forces to launch an anti-malaria campaign and in 2014 he became the global ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund.

Many have praised Andy for his huge generosity following the news of his latest donation. 



Maria Sharapova faces a lengthy ban from professional tennis after she failed a drug test ahead of playing the Australian Open in January and it seems that fellow player Andy Murray has no sympathy for her. 

The 28-year-old Russian sports star tested positive for the drug meldonium, a substance she has been taking for over ten years for alleged health reasons. 

Meldonium was put on the official list of banned substances on January 1 and the tennis champion claimed she was oblivious to the recent changes in doping protocols. 

While many fans and fellow tennis players have come out in support of the star, others find her explanation for taking the drug implausible, including Scottish player Andy Murray. 

"It’s not up to me to decide the punishment, but if you’re taking performance enhancing drugs and you fail a drugs test, you have to get suspended," he said at an Indian Wells Masters event this week. 

"I think taking a prescription drug that you don’t necessarily need, but just because it’s legal, that’s wrong, clearly. That’s wrong.

"If you’re taking a prescription drug and you’re not using it for what that drug was meant for, then you don’t need it, so you’re just using it for the performance enhancing benefits that drug is giving you. And I don’t think that that’s right."

The 28-year-old also found it hard to believe that Maria and no one on her team had made sure that what she was taking was legal. 

"Some people put a lot of trust in the team around them so it’s hard to say what’s the right thing for everyone, but it’s almost kind of part of her job to know everything that’s going into her body and not just rely on what a doctor is saying or a physio is saying.

"You check yourself to make sure, double check to make sure, that anything that’s going into your body is safe."

Maria spoke for the first time since the announcement yesterday and thanked her fans for their support. 



Andy Murray is celebrating today, but for once it's nothing to do with his successful tennis career.

The Wimbledon champion reportedly welcomed a baby girl with wife Kim Sears on Sunday night. Andy's reps have yet to confirm the news but a formal announcement is expected shortly.

News of the couple's pregnancy first emerged last August, and though the pair have both kept quiet about Kim's pregnancy on social media, Andy hasn't been able to resist gushing about his excitement in various interviews.

"She’s been amazing, handled everything unbelievably well," he said of his wife at a press conference after losing to Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open final last month. 

"I have to thank her for allowing me to play and stay here with everything that was going on," he said, adding that Kim was a "legend" and that he was on the "first flight home" to England to be with her.

Andy insists his priorities are always where they should be when it comes to his family, and says he would have had no qualms about leaving Australia early if Kim had gone into labour.

"My child is more important to me, and my wife is more important to me, than a tennis match," he told journalists.

"It's a big change for me and my wife, but that's the current priority and I'll see after that."


British tennis star Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears married in April of this year and now there are reports circulating that the pair are expecting their first child together.

The former Wimbledon champion is said to have only just broken the news to friends and family who are overjoyed at the latest news.

According to the Mail Online sources have said that the couple decided to make the announcement to their families following Kim’s hospital visit. The reports said that Kim, 27, is believed to be due in February of next year.

Andy’s mom, Judy, who starred appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in the past is said to be thrilled at the news. Just weeks ago she was just joking about her dreams of becoming a “very active granny for sure”.

These reports also surface not too long after Andy was encouraged by fellow Wimbledon champion Andre Agassi to start a family to improve his performance. According to now retired tennis pro a baby would “put stuff in perspective” for Andy.

In 2013, following his gold medal win at the Olympics one year previously, Andy said he and Kim were considering starting a family. The two have been together for ten years.

Up until now Andy apparently has believed their two terrier dogs Maggie May and Rusty, to be his children, he joked that he often Skypes with the canines while travelling.

The pair will possibly even already have a playmate for their new baby as Andy’s coach Amelie Mauresmo is expected to give birth to her baby. She announced her pregnancy on social media just days before Andy and Kim married in his hometown of Dunblane.



Wimbledon kicked off last week, and since then has seen a host of celebrity attendees. 

We have been waiting patiently each day to see which celebrities turn up, and it seems the closer we get to the final, the more celebs we see. 

Will and Kate left the kids at home today as they attended the Andy Murray match in the All English tennis law club today. Kate, who is known for her Wimbledon attire, wore an elegant red, knee length, L.K Bennett dress.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen cheering on Andy Murray in the quarter-final match as they chatted and laughed with each other, while other members of the royal family also sat in the royal box alongside them. 

Also in attendance today, was former English footballer David Beckham with his son Romeo. The father and son wore matching outfits of white shirts and navy blazers and looked adorable sitting side-by-side smiling in the crowd. 

The 12-year-old model was the only one out of four of David and Victoria's kids to be at the match today but we are hoping more of them make an appearance before the competition is over. 


​John Legend took a break from his European tour yesterday for a little court-side relaxation with his wife Chrissy Tiegan. The pair went to see number one player in the world, Serena Williams, as she battled it out with her sister Venus yesterday. Serena's players box was clearly reserved for celebrities only as a few seats down from the power couple was champagne papi, Drake. 

Looking extremely Dapper, Bear Grylls along-side his wife Shara were spotted today cheering on Andy Murray. Bear looked handsome wearing a tailored navy suit with a crisp white shirt. 

Hollywood heart throb Bradley Cooper was sitting with Mirka Federer as Roger played on court one. Bradley was seen attending Wimbledon last year with now ex-girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, but by the looks of things, he doesn't seem to be missing her.




While most celebrities opt to stay away from social media on the day they tie the knot, tennis ace Andy Murray has been uncharacteristically forthcoming in his latest Twitter post.

The star, who is set to wed his longterm girlfriend Kim Sears today at Dunblane Cathedral, took to Twitter to give his followers an insight into how he’s feeling – and it’s a rather mixed bag of emotions!

Summing up his emotions and each stage of the couple’s wedding day in cute emojis, Andy included everything from tears at the altar to plenty of cocktails and sleep.

Even if he doesn’t win a single trophy for the rest of the year, Andy has well and truly won the internet this weekend.

The Wimbledon champion popped the question to Kim just last year, with the pair having dated for nine years.

Previously opening up on their relationship and Kim’s unwavering support, Andy said: “I work better in a relationship. At the end of the day, especially if I’ve lost a match, I don’t like talking about tennis, so it’s nice to have someone to talk to about other stuff.”

Given how fabulous Kim’s style is, we can’t wait to see her amazing dress.