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If you know a lad called Cormac who lived it up in France during the Euro 2016 championship, it might be worth telling him he's wanted.

In a move which has sent Irish football fans reaching for every innuendo they can think of this week, a French girl called Rita posted a message to an Irish football fan Facebook page in search of a little assistance.

"I was hoping to have some help from the You Boys in Green supporters club in finding an Irish football fan called Cormac who I met here during the Euros this year," she began.

"I don't have any more information other than his first name and where we met, but I'm trying to contact him about an important matter."

Rita explains that she met Cormac at La Place du Change – a square in the Old Town where Irish fans gathered together on Saturday and Sunday evening during the Euros – at around 1am on June 27.

"We met while the crowd was singing "Don’t take me home”, which they continued to sing for at least 10 minutes. He had lost his friends."

While most people, including us, are jumping to conclusions, Rita is keen not to alarm poor Cormac, finishing: "He needn't worry, I just need to touch base with him about something."

"Someone left more than memories in France. Man up now, u have a little one the way," wrote one. (sic)

Referencing a Christy Moore classic which tells the story of a hapless Joxer in Stuttgart, another follower of the page wrote: "Time for Christy Moore to write another classic song – Cormac goes to Lyon"

Cormac, you on this?



As if the Brexit drama wasn't enough for our dear friends across the Channel, England finally came to the end of their Euro 2016 journey yesterday evening. 

In what was set to be a victory for Wayne Rooney's team, the English side met Iceland on the pitch in Nice, but things didn't pan out quite as expected.

In a result which surprised the vast majority of football fans, the English side were defeated by their Icelandic opponents with a score of 2:1 at the final whistle.

Iceland, with a population of just 332,000, was the lowest ranked team entering the Euro 2016 competition, which only adds insult to injury for the English squad. 

The defeat not only resulted in total humiliation for England, but Roy Hodgson, the manager of the team, resigned from his post just moments after the loss.

Hodgson, who was earning a whopping £3.5 million a year, announced his retirement in a press conference in France after the match. 

The English players were comforted after the game by the parade of WAGS in attendance, including Coleen Rooney, the captain's wife. 

We are looking forward to seeing how far this team from Iceland can go…maybe they can replace Britain in the EU? 

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We'd have thought that being the Prince Of Wales brought with it certain perks of the job – namely jetting around in private aircraft.

But no siree, it seems that Wills Windsor also has to battle the likes of liquid restrictions, passport control, and carry-on luggage just like us peasants. 

He was in France yesterday to see England's 0-0 draw with Slovakia – and when it came his return journey to London he hopped on a standard British Airways plane.


Prince William on a flight back home this morning after Eng.v.Slovakia Game. . #princewilliam #dukeofcambridge

A photo posted by The Cambridges. (@thecambridgespage) on

Not only that, but Mr Cambridge also indulged in a spot of shut-eye once the aircraft took to the skies, promptly nodding off for much of the 1hour and 45minute journey.

Fellow passenger James, who was seated behind the British royal, remarked in conversation with Mail Online: "We were all tired after being put through a roller coaster of emotions so I don’t blame him for falling asleep."

James added: "He was clearly shattered after all the excitement from last night’s match."

Becoming an internet hit last week, the Duke will today be celebrating his 34th birthday with his family – his wife Kate, and their two gorgeous children Prince George, 3, and one-year-old Princess Charlotte. 


It was the video seen by millions – not just in Ireland, but around the world too. 

Yes, in a Euro championships marred by thuggery, Ireland supporters have been winning over their own fans – and making a few local ladies blush at the same time.

Meet Carla Romera: a stunning young Bordeaux woman who works as a lifeguard and loves the beach and bikinis.

She was the centre – quite literally – of attention when Ireland were beaten 0-3 by Belgium in her home city at the weekend, being playfully ambushed by dozens of boys in green. 


Le top ces irlandais Ils aiment bien les françaises je crois #delire#euro2016#irish#france#bordeaux#france

A video posted by ~ CARLA ROMÉRA ~ (@carla_rm_) on

Posting her own video of her amazing experience to her Instagram account, Carla showed her appreciation for the 'top' Irish, whom she reckoned 'liked the French'.

In it she can be seen surrounded by 'les verts' – who treated her to a rendition of Can't Take My Eyes Off You, and latterly, Hey Baby.

In conversation with Mail Online, she also revealed: "I want to say that I am very proud of the Irish, it was a magical time filled with kindness and joy."

In her own video, one lucky Irishman can also be seen smiling in Ms Romera's direction – his charm eventually seeing him steal a cheeky kiss by the end of the crowd's rendition. 

Now all that's left to find is that young gentleman – who has amassed his own following of female supporters following the video's release. 

Although several requests as to his identity have been made online, as of yet he remains nameless. 

Do you know the Ireland supporter who nabbed a kiss from Carla? Email us hello@shemazing.ie.



*UPDATE Wednesday, June 15, 12pm: Kane has now been found. His friends say he was attacked and robbed in Nice, but that otherwise he is well and safe. They have thanked everyone who shared the campaign for their support. 


The friends and family of soccer fan Kane Leslie are getting behind a social media campaign to locate him in Nice. 

The young Northern Irish man has been missing since Sunday afternoon and significantly missed his team's first Euro 2016 match against Poland.

It is believed that he has last seen heading towards the French costal city's beach.

Among those who retweeted the appeal was Calum Best, the socialite son of Belfast legend George, and radio presenter Colin Murray.

He has now officially been reported as a missing person to French police. A close friend – Steve Hudson – who is driving the campaign with the hashtag #findKane added on Twitter this morning that he believes Mr Leslie has lost his wallet.

Anyone with information about Kane's whereabouts is being asked to contact Steve on social media.

Yesterday, it was revealed that a young Northern Irish fan had become the first fatality of Euro 2016. Darren Rodgers, who was 24 and from Ballymena, fell 8metres to his death on Nice's beach promenade. 

As a mark of respect, Republic of Ireland fans stood up and applauded on the 24th minute of their team's game against Sweden yesterday evening. 


Tens of thousands of Irish fans are currently in the French capital in advance of the team's opening Euro 2016 game.

And joining them this evening is none other than Mr Tayto himself.

The oversized potato-man furthermore made sure he was suitably decked out for the sporting event – which sees the Republic of Ireland squad take on Sweden. 

Wearing a green, white, and orange curly wig he proudly sported a green jersey and scarf while getting to know some of in situ fans.

Closer to home, the same Mr Tayto can currently be found across Tayto Cheese & Onion 150g sharing bag and Tayto multipacks.





An Irish soccer fan attending the Euro 2016 tournament has died in Nice.

The 24-year-old Northern Ireland supporter fell 8-metres from a promenade on to a stony beach below and later died from his injuries. A local official later confirmed the man been climbing a sea-front railing shortly before his death.

A police spokesman at the city added that the incident took place yesterday.

"Many fans were out on the promenade, and were drinking heavily when the man fell from the promenade.

"The victim was taken to Nice hospital but has since died," the spokesman said. 

The identity of the young man has not yet been released.

About 10,000 fans from Northern Ireland are in France for the competition. 


We get it. It's the Euros. And nearly every man in Ireland is getting giddy with excitement.

First, we had these two lads prank their mother by painting their WHOLE house green, white and orange. And now, we have this lad, who decided to prank his girlfriend.

Liam Kehoe from Co Louth text his girlfriend Rachel, pretending that he won tickets to Ireland's first game in the competition next Monday.

Being the supposedly loving boyfriend that he is, he then asked if she was free.

Rachel quickly responded, "Is this another prank?" before telling Liam that she's off on Monday.

However, Liam, who owns a bar, then hit her back with "Will you cover the bar for a couple of hours??" OUCH.

After the prankster uploaded the messages onto Facebook, he said: "I would imagine she is going to find some way of getting her own back or sweet revenge."

Oh, don't worry Liam, we bet she's plotting something brilliant for you.



After a very shaky start indeed to their Euro 2016 journey, Martin O'Neill's side have come out victorious.

Ireland will indeed be heading to France next year for the tournament, following a 2-0 win over Bosnia-Herzegovina at the Aviva Stadium this evening.

The Irish went into the break with a one goal advantage thanks to a 23rd minute penalty from Jon Walters, who missed out on last week's away game to Bosnia after picking up a suspension in Ireland’s defeat to Poland last month.

He then scored again after the break, just 20 minutes from full time.

Despite his suspension, Walters was considered a favourite for tonight's line-up, having scored three goals in the nine qualification games he did play in.

After drawing 1-1 against Bosnia under the fog of Zenica last Friday, Ireland could have walked away victorious with a scoreless draw, but clearly didn't want to win using such high-risk tactics.

"I think it's more dangerous to try and play for the draw," soccer legend Ray Houghton told Radio 1's Sunday Sport.

"You leave yourself very vulnerable to giving away one goal. You could keep it tight for 80 minutes, then you give away a penalty or a needless free-kick."

And indeed, a loss for Ireland – or a draw of 2-2 or more – would have seen the Bosnians qualify.

Fans took to Twitter in their droves after the final whistle:

Roll on 2016!


Earlier today we brought you great news from the Keane camp as they announced the birth of their second child.

Roy Keane  was then speaking with reporters today when he was asked if Robbie Keane would be available for selection for the Republic of Ireland team. 

He then delivered the most 'Roy Keane' response people had heard in a while. The 44-year old was confused as to why Robbie wouldn't be able to play. 

Reporters then noted that his wife had just had a baby. 

Roy Keane doesn't exactly have a history of being the most patient of interviewees over the years.  However, this one-liner will more than likely go down as one of his best moments. 

The assistant Republic of Ireland coach  was speaking to the press ahead of the team's Euro 2016 qualifier against Germany on Thursday.

Robbie Keane, is expected to play a part in his country's crucial clash with Germany, despite the fact that his wife Caludine just gave birth to their second child in LA.

When pushed on whether Robbie Keane would definitely feature, the former Manchester United player's response was priceless.

Very quickly, Twitter users reacted- and it was a touch bizarre.