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While ordinary theme parks are all well and good, after a while they can begin to feel a little samey.  But a WINE theme park?  That sounds like something we could never tire of.

The appropriately named La Cité du Vin – that’s City of Wine – opened in Bordeaux earlier this summer and offers a unique wine-centred experience which promises to tantalise all of the senses.

According to Condé Nast Traveler, the new $91 million high-tech wine museum boasts 20 exhibits, a 250 seat theatre and – just like any good theme park – a simulator boat ride on which historical figures talk passengers through world famous wine routes.  Fancy!

Visitors can enjoy expert-led wine tastings, a Belvedere wine saloon, restaurants, a boutique and even a giant chair which tells those seated famous alcohol-infused stories.

The multi-sensory wine tasting experience uses moving sets, 3D images, lights, sounds and smells to bring guests through the world’s markets so they can pair virtual food with real wines.

And if your French isn’t quite what it used to be there’s no need to worry as The City of Wine is well equipped for international guests with each guided headset being pre-programmed with eight languages.

Adult tickets to La Cité du Vin start at €20.  Now just to get to Bordeaux…



It was the video seen by millions – not just in Ireland, but around the world too. 

Yes, in a Euro championships marred by thuggery, Ireland supporters have been winning over their own fans – and making a few local ladies blush at the same time.

Meet Carla Romera: a stunning young Bordeaux woman who works as a lifeguard and loves the beach and bikinis.

She was the centre – quite literally – of attention when Ireland were beaten 0-3 by Belgium in her home city at the weekend, being playfully ambushed by dozens of boys in green. 


Le top ces irlandais Ils aiment bien les françaises je crois #delire#euro2016#irish#france#bordeaux#france

A video posted by ~ CARLA ROMÉRA ~ (@carla_rm_) on

Posting her own video of her amazing experience to her Instagram account, Carla showed her appreciation for the 'top' Irish, whom she reckoned 'liked the French'.

In it she can be seen surrounded by 'les verts' – who treated her to a rendition of Can't Take My Eyes Off You, and latterly, Hey Baby.

In conversation with Mail Online, she also revealed: "I want to say that I am very proud of the Irish, it was a magical time filled with kindness and joy."

In her own video, one lucky Irishman can also be seen smiling in Ms Romera's direction – his charm eventually seeing him steal a cheeky kiss by the end of the crowd's rendition. 

Now all that's left to find is that young gentleman – who has amassed his own following of female supporters following the video's release. 

Although several requests as to his identity have been made online, as of yet he remains nameless. 

Do you know the Ireland supporter who nabbed a kiss from Carla? Email us hello@shemazing.ie.