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Joanna Chimonides has posted a tearful video online after watching Michael Griffiths admit his feelings for Amber Gill on last night's Love Island.

The ex-Islander was dumped from the show on Monday, and reacted to the firefighter confessing that he can't get his former flame out of his head.

Drama ensued after Michael recoupled with Joanna Chimonides following Amber's stint on Casa Amor, where she remained loyal to him. 


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Amber was heartbroken after the blow was dealt, and had to experience him treating her like dirt over the next few days while cuddling up to new partner Joanna. 

Michael stayed in the villa after Joanna was sent home, which left both the Islanders and viewers confused. Joanna didn't hesitate to call him a "snake" as she walked out the door, without him in tow.

The Essex native took to Instagram Stories to reveal that the episode was "hard to watch".

Image: Instagram/@joannachimonides

The firefighter spoke to Joanna's close friend Belle last night about how Joanna was "stand-offish" to him. Belle told Michael that Joanna won't waste her time waiting for him at home, rightfully so.

It's the same trend where as soon as the woman is gone, Michael starts bitching about them behind their backs and acts as if it's totally their fault that the relationship has problems.

Michael later decided to tell Amber how he feels, interrupting new Limerick lad Greg O'Shea's chat with her. The rugby player and solicitor also has his eye on Amber.

As the 27-year-old walks over to tell the Newcastle beauty how he feels, Joanna says;

"So obviously I've had to just pause the TV purely because for me being stand-offish is more me having respect for those in in the villa because someone else is hurting in there," Joanna told her followers during the show, referencing Amber's heartbreak.

"It's hard for me to watch this right now I'm not gonna lie." 

Feature image: ITV/REX



Instagram is our go-to for stunning travel snaps, beauty inspiration and checking in on what our besties are up to. 

The app doesn't currently have the same ability as Facebook and sites like GoFundMe to allow it's users to raise money for worthy causes.

However, that could be about to change, as it seems the app is testing a Donate button.

Spotted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is trialling the button in its Stories feature,

The donate sticker would act similarly to Facebook's fundraising options.

Based on the screenshot, it looks like 'grammers will be able to search through a list of nonprofits and charities, and choose one to share with their followers.

The sticker will then be added to the story, where viewers can choose to take action via a donation.

Sadly, it is not confirmed that the Donate element will make it to all users, as not all tested features become a permanent part of the app. 


Vogue Williams is very nearly ready to pop.

The 32-year-old DJ and TV presenter took to Instagram Stories to share her packed hospital bag – and there was a lot to it!

Super-organised Vogue explained exactly what had made it into her case and why.

To make the whole thing easier, the case was split into two sides – Labour Side and After Labour. 

So, first off – Labour Side!

You have your basics – things like toiletries, face creams, cleanser and moisturiser because, as she says, ''I don't wanna be a sweaty mess.'' 

Preach, Vogue.

Also on the Labour side of the suitcase was a speaker, as she has ''a playlist that really calms me down.''

Add in a few candles that will help and a ''sweet dreams'' oil.

Vogue showed her followers the clothes she got for actual labour, as she explains that she was told to get dark clothes – cue cute pjs and a string top ''that's really stretchy for when you do give birth and I'm just gonna throw them out after,'' she says in the Instagram Story. 

Packs of bobbins and hair clips are ''essential!''as well as some Berocca for energy.

She adds that it's Spencer's job to make sure i'm hydrated so she'll make sure she gets snacks and some Lucozade.

Vogue moves onto the After Labour suitcase, which includes two pairs pf pjs, a dressing gown and all her maternity bras and underwear.

Then we got the stuff for the less glam side of giving birth – nappies, pads and instant cold packs to put in your underwear ''because I heard that your gonna need them too,'' Vogue laughs. 

As for her going-home outfit? 

''Definitely flats, either sandals or trainers and a floaty dress,'' she says. 

''If I don't want to wear a dress then jeans and a shirt…I did bring cycling shorts as well.''

Vogue rounded up the hospital suitcase with, of course, clothes for the baby.

''There's newborn size or 0-3 months as I don't know what size hes gonna be, he might never fit into newborn,'' she explains. 

There were a few extra bits at the end (yes, this did all fit into one suitcase!)  like a blanket to bring baby home in, a laundry bag for dirty bits, nipples shields for breastfeeding, soothers, earplugs, an eye mask and socks, ''as I was told your feet get cold in labour.''

She certainly seems ready for baby – good luck Vogue, we're wishing you a safe birth and a healthy little one. 


If you've been plumping for Instagram Stories over Snapchat in recent months, you're most certainly not alone.

According to a recent study conducted in the United States by marketing firm Mediakix, influencers, who are active on both platforms, are more likely to opt for Instagram Stories when sharing images and videos.

In fact, the research, which focussed on the activity of 12 top influencers, established that they were posting to Instagram 44 per cent more and Snapchat 33 per cent less.

Over the course of two 30-day periods in February and August of this year, the firm tracked the number of posts shared by the influencers, and established that the popularity of Snapchat is waning when it comes to frequent usage.

The study highlighted the key findings, with the report stating: "On average, influencers posted 7.6 Stories per day on Instagram, compared to 3.5 Stories per day on Snapchat."

"There were two times as many Instagram Stories as Snapchat Stories posted throughout the study."

"In comparison to the data from our previous study (6 months ago), there was a 33 per cent decrease in Snapchat Stories usage and a 14 per cent increase in Instagram Stories usage."

"This shift indicates a clear preference for Instagram Stories over Snapchat Stories among top influencers."

Instagram Stories, which has been lauded for its user-friendly interface, launched in August 2016, and currently boasts 250 million users.


Okay, lets set the scene – you're in the dressing room of your favourite store trying desperately to decide which dress you want to purchase for the big night out. 

You have sent a snap into the group Snapchat asking which dress looks best, but no one has opened it yet, and you're getting paranoid that the glam changing room attendant is going to be wondering why the hell it's taking you so long to try on two dresses. 

This is where Instagram's newest feature is going to change our lives.

Instagram is rolling out two new features. 

The first will be the introduction of a polls feature on their Instagram stories. 

This means that next time you need a second opinion, you can get it from the masses on Insta.

Choosing that night out ensemble just got a lot easier.

The second new feature is the option to source a colour for your story text from the image itself. 

So if you want the text you're writing to perfectly match whatever you're writing about, this new aspect will ake it all the easier, for aesthetically ideal stories.



Instagram Stories has fast become one of our fave social media tools to use, and now it has even more features.

From today, you can customise your snaps in three new ways, which include geofilters and sticker pinning.

Another thing that's new is a sticker selfie. You can get your very own sticker selfie by simply taking a picture or video, then tap the smiley face up top and swipe right. 

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Doing this will let you capture a mini selfie which comes with frames, different sizes and placements, so you can play around with it in your photos.

Custom geofilters are also new. You can now slap a city-centric filter over your videos, and you'll also be able to share other people's geofilters too.

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But our favourite of all is sticker pinning on a video. For this, you choose whichever sticker you want, and then move it to where you want to place it on your pic.

Then all you have to do is press pin and the sticker will move with you!

We can't wait to use these new features.