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Research from the Higher Education Authority (HEA) has presented results on the graduates who are most likely to find a job after college.

Naturally, we were curious and had to check out the scores. Unsurprisingly, creative work seems fairly sparse *sighs*.

As it turns out, teachers are the most likely to find a job after they graduate, with over 93 percent of recent education grads finding employment within nine months of finishing their course.

The HEA's research found that graduates in areas such as health and welfare (87 percent), ICT (82 percent) and engineering (82 percent) had especially high employment outcomes.

Nearly 80 percent of third-level students secured work within nine months of graduating, which is good news.

The HEA found that students who studied subjects like philosophy and literature were the LEAST likely to be employed…sorry to all those deep thinkers and bookworms out there.

Anyone who completed their arts and humanities studies were actually among the highest percentages who embarked on further study, at 24 percent.

The study involved 29,000 participants who graduated back in 2017, and found that teaching grads are one of the best paid. Their starting salaries mostly came in at €30-€35,000.

The average salary of full-time graduates in employment was €33,574. The HEA's Valerie Harvey said that those who complete further study are the most employable.

She commented on the research, saying that; "The overwhelming majority of all graduates are working and as you move through the levels of educational attainment higher numbers are in employment."

She continued, "So we found that 75 percent of honours degree, 86 percent of post-graduate taught and 91 percent of postgraduate research graduates are in employment."

78 percent of those participants surveyed are working or due to begin a job, and 14 percent of those surveyed are in training or further education.

A further five percent are searching for work, and the remainder are in "further activities", like travelling the world or saving the turtles. Apparently, 90 percent of those who graduate find a job in Ireland. That one surprised us, alright.


Many of us have the unpleasant experience under our belt of dating an absolute snake. You know the one; the eternal f*ckboi who most likely ghosts you after slithering into your heart, who can't commit to a relationship and even cheats.

He's fluent in Parseltongue and has been a core member of the Slytherin Quidditch team for years.

His best mate is Draco Malfoy, he calls him 'Malfy' for short, and goes golfing with his dad Lucius every Saturday.

harry potter GIF

He wears Taylor Swift's snake print Reputation merch, but won't listen to her empowering tunes. He makes you pay for both of you on nights out, and flirts with your mates.

He gaslights the crap out of you, and gives double-handed compliments that are disguised as compliments.

Most likely he says he wants more space, even though you barely see him, and tries to argue that your relationship is casual instead of serious, no matter what the circumstances are.

Sounds familiar? Well, we've got some hiss-worthy revenge for you, best served cold.

slithering jack quaid GIF by Vinyl

A competition is being run by Wild Life Sydney to name their brown snakes after a douchebag ex, and requires the entrants to say why their ex best deserves it. GENIUS.

The programme also asks participants to donate to it's conservation fund, to help Australian native wildlife by funding research and education. It's a Valentine's Day treat, if you ask us.

The zoo's general manager, Mark Connolly, said that the competition could give "someone unlucky in love … something else to celebrate on Valentine’s Day this year."


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The winner gets to have a snake named after your slimy ex-conquest, and also an annual pass to visit your trashy snake in the zoo.

How adorable…the winner will be announced on Valentines Day to fit the romantic mood.

We can think of a fair few names to be put forward of men who have MAJORLY hissed us off, what about you ladies? 

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Students at hundreds of secondary schools across the country will no longer have to sit through religion classes if they choose not to, according to the Irish Examiner.

Education Minister Richard Bruton's directive will effectively make religion an optional subject in more than 300 multi-denominational second-level schools, including more than 80 community schools where the local education and training board are co-trustees with a religious patron, according to the report. 

“The new arrangements will ensure that children who do not want to participate in religious instruction will no longer be sitting at the back of the class or confined to the library,” Mr Bruton said of the move.

In a letter issuing to schools today, the Department of Education said the past practice of arranging religious instruction based on an assumption that majority of students are Catholic is no longer appropriate.

“In a changing context, the constitutional right not to attend religious instruction must be given effect through changed practices,” the letter said.

The key change is that those who do not want to participate in religion classes must be offered an alternative subject to study, rather than simply supervised study or other activities as is the current norm.

Parents must be made aware that such an opt-out from religious instruction is available, and the Education Minister stressed that the move wasn't about adding new subjects to the current timetable. 

“It is about ascertaining the wishes of parents and reflecting those wishes in the normal arrangements involving the timetabling of choices expressed,” said a spokesperson.

Parents will also be asked if they wish their children to attend, or take part in, religious worship or other services. Parents are to be advised about the nature, frequency, timing, and duration of the services to facilitate such decisions, according to the Irish Examiner.



If you're getting ready to head off to university, don't forget that 5:15pm this evening is the deadline for the lowered CAO application fee of €30.

Those who apply afterward will pay a fee of €45. The normal closing date for applicants is February 1.

The CAO allows applicants to add more courses, change the order of their preferences, or remove courses for no extra charge until January 31.

If you need more time to mull the decision over, applicants can modify their course selection up until July 1, though for some programmes that is not allowed.

Those 'restricted application' courses may involve interviews or portfolios, and any such courses must be listed on CAO applications by February 1.

As well, anyone applying to medical school will also need to register with HPAT (health professionals' admission test) Ireland by 5:15pm tonight in order to pay the early-bird €135 fee rather than the standard €205.

Dr Derek O'Byrne from Waterford Institute of Technology shared some sage advice with BreakingNews.ie for all those applying with the CAO.

"It’s a difficult process, there are a lot of choices available to people," he noted.

"What’s really important though is that they pick programmes that very much suit their skill-sets and their interests."

"If people pick a programme that they’re interested in, and that they enjoy, they’re much more likely to do well in that programme," he continued.

"Doing research, understanding what the content of a programme is, going to the likes of open days – that’s where you really build an understanding of the programme you’re about to study."

A list of other important dates for the CAO can be found here.

And best of luck!



The transition from secondary school to third-level can be overwhelming on so many levels.

While some people take to the new environment like a duck to water, countless others struggle massively with the process, and often feel out of step with the rest of the student body.

From adjusting to independent learning to adapting to changeable timetables, college is a far cry from your days in the local comprehensive, and for some, it's a transition which impacts on their mental and emotional wellbeing.

As you face into the second semester of this academic year, you may have toyed with the idea of jacking it all in, and if that's the case, you may want to consider some of the following questions.

1. Are you unhappy with your subjects?

Identifying the source of your upset is the first step towards taking positive action.

If you are unhappy with your subjects or degree, you need to approach the university and ask for guidance on the matter.

The staff and faculty of any university are employed to guide and support students, so they'll be more than happy to advise you on your options.

And remember, they've heard it all before, so lay it out for them, and it could be as simple as swapping subjects for one you're more interested in.

2. Are you unhappy with your university?

If you don't feel your choice of degree at this particular university is what you were expecting, that's not a reason to drop out of education altogether.

Seek guidance from the staff at your current university, and communicate your concerns.

It's always possible to start again, but doing it by yourself is where it gets tricky, so reach out and give yourself a voice.

No one knows the system better than those working within it, so there's a high chance there are options available to you which you haven't even considered.

3. Are you unhappy with the social element of third-level?

TV and movies would have us believe that college is where you make life-long friends, but for many, college is spent floating between various classes, unable to make a proper connection with fellow students.

After groups forge in the first week, those who didn't make the cut are often left looking in – a sensation which makes for a wholly unpleasant third-level experience.

In this instance, you need to bite the bullet and join some societies. College is chock-full of clubs which don't require a passion for philosophy or history, so join the trampoline club or movie society, and start making pals.

But listen…

College isn't for everyone, and maybe it's just not your time yet.

If you have addressed all of the above issues, and still know that you would benefit from some time away from education, there's no harm in taking a year out or deferring your place.

Everybody is on a separate journey, and there is no rule that says you have to do everything in the same sequence as everyone else.

But before you simply turn off your alarm, and refuse to step foot on campus ever again, make sure you talk through your options with the experts.




Rihanna is a woman of many talents; a singer, fashion designer, business woman, and an all-round badass chick – but her latest venture is probably the most rewarding.

The Grammy-winning singer announced yesterday that she's launching a global scholarship program through her nonprofit charity, the Clara Lionel Foundation, to help students pay for college and university.

According to the singer, the new program will support citizens or natives of Brazil, Cuba, Barbados, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana and Jamaica in achieving higher education in the US.

Speaking to USA Today, Ri said: "To be able to give the gift of an education is actually an honour."

"Higher education will help provide perspective, opportunities, and learning to a group of kids who really deserve it. I am thrilled to be able to do this."

Rihanna launched the Clara Lionel Foundation back in 2012, and it was created and named after her grandparents, Clara and Lionel Braithwaite.

We think this is such a kind and thoughtful thing to do!



Karlie Kloss has officially quit the catwalk to go to university. 

The former Victoria's Secret supermodel, hit the books this week, beginning her first day of college at New York University. 

The blonde beauty revealed she was ending her time on the catwalk earlier this year so she could focus on her education. 

Karlie took to Instagram to share the exciting photo of her first day at the prestigious college, but admitted in the caption that she's not as calm, cool and collected as she might seem. 

"I haven't been this nervous in years!", she wrote. 

The model-turned-student has worked hard in the past couple of months though, and just last week she teamed up with Make-A-Wish Foundation to allow two girls – Shannon and Maddie – to live their dreams of becoming models. 

Unfortunately, the girls have been diagnosed with "life-threatening medical conditions," but Karlie granted their wishes by giving them both very glamorous makeovers!

Karlie even documented the whole thing on her YouTube channel, which you can see here:

We wish Karlie the best of luck with her first semester of college!



There is some seriously feel-good Friday news just in as it has been revealed that Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi have won this year’s Nobel peace prize!

The 17-year-old education rights activist was shot in the head by a gunman in 2012 on a school bus in Pakistan but amazingly survived and went on to become a great campaigner for women’s educational rights in her home country.

Malala first gained public attention as a blogger for the BBC at the age of 11, detailing her life under Taliban rule in Pakistan.

She is the youngest Nobel laureate in history and won alongside Indian children’s rights activist, Kailash Satyarthi. His organization, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, has freed over 80,000 children from slavery and servitude and re-educated and rehabilitated them.

It’s so great to hear that Malala’s efforts and struggles in the process of getting her message across have finally been recognised!

Well done to to Malala and Kailash – so well deserved!