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Shemazing Awards

With the SHEmazing Awards on the horizon, we've been trawling Instagram in search of our favourite members of the Irish fit fam.

We have a #Fitfam Award up for grabs as part of our amazing SHEmazing Awards, and we want to know who you think deserves the crown.

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You can vote for your favourite gym instructor on Instagram fitness guru here, and have a look at our grand total of 16 categories to see what other nominations you have to offer.

We're feeling uber-inspired after our little Instagram jaunt, and nabbing some new gym gear is on our minds. 

The first port of call? A stylish gym bag to haul all our swag, of course: 

 Left to right: ALOHA gym bag with tropical print €69.56

Gym and Tonic bag €17.87

Penneys Mini Backpack €10.00

RI Black Camo Tote Bag €45.00

 Left to right: Topshop Foldaway Tote Bag €13.00 

Hype Transparent Pink Backpack €34.00 

Nike Gym Club Bag €28.00

Topshop LEO Leather Duffle Luggage Bag €55.00

Left to right: ASOS Quilted Holdall €37.33

Ban.Do After This We're Getting Pizza Gym Bag €42.67

JD Williams Gym & Tonic Bag €25.00

Jack Will Gym Bag €49.95

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


Lately we've been trawling Instagram in search of our favourite foodies, and we noticed quite a few vegetarian foodie Instas that have some amazing looking culinary delights.

Check out some of our favourite Instagram veggies who are doing it right: 

10. Damy Method

Damy is an Irish athlete and physical therapist who is undertaking a vegetarian challenge.

The gymnast proves that you can fuel a fit body without needing meat for protein.


A post shared by Damy (@damymethod) on

9. The Dreamy Leaf

The Dreamy Leaf is an extremely well-established veggie-foodie Instagram.

Its owner Maya comes up with some of the most delicious plant-based recipes we've ever seen!

8. Sarah Nuu

Sarah gives us a realistic and relatable look at life as a veggie.

With her simple, homemade recipes, this girl strikes the perfect balance between aspirational and realistic. 

7. The Wholesome Vegetarian

Naomi and her fork sample and snap some of the best veggie options in Dublin and its surrounding areas.

The veggie documents what she eats on her travels and at home, with little details about the quality that we definitely appreciate. 


A post shared by Naomi/Noms (@thewholesomeveggie) on

6. Sprouted Kitchen

Concocting some of the best vegetarian recipes around is no easy feat, but Sprouted Kitchen manages it beautifully.


A post shared by Sara Forte (@sproutedkitchen) on

5. Life of a Vegetarian

Looking for veggie lunch box ideas?

Then look no further than this nifty Instagram, specialising in lunches and delicious healthy snacks. 

4. The Veg Space

Another amazing place to get ideas and recipies, the Veg Space has plenty of simple and delicious food combos for you to choose from.

Inspirational or what? 

3. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows promotes some amazing plant-based food choices, and with almost 10 years as a veggie under her belt, we're listening. 


A post shared by Angela Liddon (@ohsheglows) on

2. The Foodie Dietician

This blogger focuses on bringing delicious, seasonal vegetarian recipes to your kitchen and simple strategies to bring more yoga and mindfulness into your life. 

That's a message we can get behind. 


A post shared by The Foodie Dietitian (@karalydonrd) on

1. Love and Lemons

Veteran veggie Jeanine Donofrio has one of the best vegetarian feeds around.

Seriously, her Instagram is goals. 



May 4 saw Ireland's biggest, brightest and best influencers take to the Mansion House in Dublin for the inaugural SHEmazing! Awards.

James Butler was up against fierce competition in the Man of the Year category, but walked away with the title on the night.

'I was shocked when I got the nomination because it's unusual not to be nominated for something social influencer related, obviously it's unusual to be nominated for anything, so it was cool to be nominated for something other than that, and I was in great company so I did not think I would win,' he said. 


A post shared by James Butler (@james_patrice) on

'I was thrilled (to be nominated), and then to win on the night was just fab, I think it took me a while to get up off the seat,' he exclaimed, recalling the moment he was named Man of the Year at the SHEmazing Awards ceremony. 

James has enjoyed a hugely successful career in the areas of Irish TV and social media influencing, taking up a unique space in the industry thanks to his hilarious, creative and entertaining content. 

Not just one for Snapchat, James kicked off his social media career by starting a style Instagram, posting outfits and style inspiration, before he decided to start a blog on the subject.

His blog was a hit success after much hard work, and led to opportunities with brands and TV shows like Ireland AM's blogger style-off segment and Xposé fashion reports.


A post shared by James Butler (@james_patrice) on

As his following built up, he started doing more TV bits for RTE, including videos for First Dates and covering the Rose of Tralee for their Facebook Live.

'It hasn't been an overnight thing, it was lots of little different things that just came together, and thankfully worked in my favour so far,' he said. 

Discussing his influencer success, he said: 'Not everyone will like everything, so the key is to keep ticking away as you are but keep an eye on what your followers like.'


A post shared by James Butler (@james_patrice) on

'A bit of a cliche, but take each day as it comes as they say, and don't ret on your laurels and become too complacent.' 

The influencer industry has a reputation for being highly competitive, thanks to the thousands of influencers and micro-influencers who all share a space in a now saturated online field.

However, James hasn't found that the social media movers and shakers he has encountered entertain that kind of attitude.  


A post shared by James Butler (@james_patrice) on

'I would say it's quite supportive and I say that because I think the reason that influencers might be where they are is because they're not like other people.'

'Those that try and copy wouldn't do as well because why would people want to work with someone that there already is a version of?'

'There isn't really the room for any bitchiness because it doesn't really get you anywhere. Just be sound, that's what I say.'


A post shared by James Butler (@james_patrice) on

The avid Snapchatter cites the career opportunities awarded to him with help from his following as one of the best perks of the job. 

'The best part is the opportunity that it leads to so it's led to a good bit of TV work for me, brand work, fashion work that I might not have gotten if I didn't have a following that I have, it's opened doors.'

Unfortunately, there will always be those who seek to demean and troll influencers who put their personal lives online. 


A post shared by James Butler (@james_patrice) on

'Because you do expose yourself to so many thousands of people, you might get some smart comments here and there, luckily I don't get too many, but you would get the odd one about your appearance or your weight.'

'But they're one in a million. You just need to forget about those, maybe be angry for 30 seconds and then be like "ah feck it they're saying it behind a keyboard they won't say it to your face."'

Hear, hear, James, hear hear! 




Thursday night saw Ireland's biggest, brightest and best influencers take to the red carpet at the Mansion House in Dublin for the inaugural SHEmazing! Awards.

The style stakes were high, but mega-blogger and makeup artist Lisa Jordan took home the award for Best Dressed attendee on the night.

There was some fierce competition, but ultimately the SHEmazing! team, along with James Kavanagh who was announcing the winner, thought that the Just Jordan founder's look was drop dead gorgeous. 


A post shared by Lisa Jordan (@justjordan.ie) on

With 82,000 followers on Instagram, the fashion guru shared her amazing look with her fans, who completely loved it, and we agreed. 

Donning an elegant but eclectic dress by Camino Couture, the mum-of-one looked stylish and striking in her stand-out ensemble.

The blogger added a perfectly coordinating pair of gold strappy high heels and a gold handbag to the look, completing the sartorially sound ensemble. 


A post shared by Lisa Jordan (@justjordan.ie) on

'I was sent this beautiful dress from Camino Couture in the UK, they're a new enough brand but I absolutely adore it, I think it's a bit bright but with the weather and everything it will go down fine,' said the blogger as she took to the red carpet at he SHEmazing! Awards.

The professional makeup artist accentuated her features with a bright red lip, long lashes and a tussled high ponytail.

Congratulations on your win, Lisa!




Whether they’re performing a simple file and polish or providing a full-set of extensions, a good nail salon needs to inspire trust and creativity among its clientele.

With that in mind, we wanted to know if there was one establishment which always leaves you feeling chic, slick and pretty kick-ass.

And it turns out that the nail salons around the country are absolutely slaying right now, and you guys wasted no time voting.

So, without further ado, here are your five finalists!

Polish Spa

Located on Dublin's Fitzwilliam Street, Polish Spa provides luxurious nailcare treatments in stunning surrounds.

From its Georgian environs to its attentive and talented team of staff, Polish Spa provides an experience not rivalled by many others.

Tropical Popical

While synonymous with all things quirky, kooky and Saoirse Ronan-related, Tropical Popical's greatest attribute is its incredibly talented, creative and engaging staff.

Located on South William Street, this salon provides more than just manis and pedis, but ensures an all-round invigorating experience.

5th Avenue Nails

With branches in Dublin and Cork, 5th Avenue is known for its meticulous technicians and indulgent treatments.

From coconut manicures to chocolate manicures, they sound good enough to eat.

Edvard & Pink

Your fourth finalist for Nail Salon of the Year comes in the form of stunning Dundrum salon Edvard &Pink.

From their slick design to their indulgent treatments, Edvard & Pink is one of the capital's best-loved beauty destinations.

Beauty Lounge

A Galway favourite, Beauty Lounge is known for its talented staff, tranquil atmosphere and exceptional treatments.

With over a decade of experience within the industry, Naoise Martina and Selma Orman have been instrumental in ensuring their salon provides a luxurious getaway for Galwegians.




Earlier this year, we asked you which hair salon has come up trumps for you over and over again.

We wanted to know if you regularly put your trust (and tresses) in the hands of one salon, would recommend the staff without a moment’s hesitation, and only wept tears of joy over your latest style.

And you guys responded in your absolute droves.

So without further ado, here are your five finalists for Hair Salon of the Year Award!

Melo Yelo

A favourite among the public in Limerick, Melo Yelo is known for its high energy atmosphere and second-to-none stylists and colourists.

Redefining creativity is the name of the game for this Shannon Street salon, and you guys love it.

Style Club

With three branches in Dublin, Style Club has cemented itself as a firm favourite among you guys.

From its creative and engaging team of stylists to its electrifying decor and design, Style Club actively seeks to turn your appointment into an experience of the senses.

Zero One

Located in the heart of Greystones, Zero One's dedication to each individual client's needs and expectations is its primary driving force.

From the luxurious setting to the team's focus on each customer, Zero One has made a serious impact on the world of haircare.

Dylan Bradshaw

Having worked at the helm of the hairdressing industry since the tender age of 17, Dylan Bradshaw sought to bring his passion and enthusiasm for the craft to his salon on South William Street.

And since its opening in 2000, Dylan Bradshaw has become synonymous with style, luxury and creativity.

Keville Hair

With three branches nationwide, Keville Hair is the brainchild of Alan Keville who spent years honing his craft in London and Milan before establishing three bustling salons across the country.

If Keville Hair is your go-to spot, it's time to give them the nod!



We put out a call for the best Food Influencer of the last 12 months, and you guys couldn't wait to share your thoughts on the subject.

Whether a health food junkie or fast food fanatic, this person's page pops, their enthusiasm motivates and their love of food always, always, always engages.

And as a nation of food and drink lovers, it's no surprise we are fascinated by food influencers and the effort they put it into their passion.

So, without further ado, here are your five finalist for our Food Influencer of the Year award.

Yummy Dublin

Amanda Holtz, the face behind the uber-popular Yummy Dublin, is on a mission to connect some of Dublin's tastiest establishments with her legions of loyal followers.

She may say she's 'just a girl and her fork eating (and drinking) her way through Dublin', but Amanda's keen eye for detail and ability to tap into her followers' interest on the gastronomy scene has earned her a very well-deserved place on our shortlist.


Founded by Emilia Rowan, Cocu has become a firm favourite with foodies in Ireland.

Taking inspiration from far-flung lands while giving more than a passing nod to the important of local produce, the folk behind Cocu never fail to inspire, influence and invigorate.

French Foodie in Dublin

Ketty Elisabeth, the face of French Foodie in Dublin, started her blog in 2012 and has watched it grow in popularity over the past five years.

Authentic, passionate and utterly charming, if you want a unique look at the capital's gastronomy scene, French Foodie in Dublin has you covered.

The Happy Pear

When it comes to enthusiasm, these two guys have it in absolute spades.

Dave and Steve, the siblings behind The Happy Pear, are pros at communicating the importance of fresh food, the significance of simple recipes and the value of creating wholesome produce.

Gastro Gays

Russell James Alford and Patrick Hanlon established their blog back in 2013 and initially intended to review Dublin restaurants, but life got in the way and they ultimately found themselves in London where they really found their voice.

Their enthusiasm, warmth and passion for home cooking makes them two of the most relatable Food Influencers in the industry.



Earlier this year we announced that we were on the hunt for Ireland’s most style-savvy fashionista.

We said that the crown was reserved for the blogger, social media star or famous face who is absolutely killing it on the fashion scene right now.

And you guys responded in your droves.

So, without further ado, here are the five finalists for our Style Icon of the Year Award!

Courtney Smith

As a stylist, creative director and all-round fashionista, Courtney Smith's appeal cannot be overestimated.

With fans and followers that number in their tens of thousands, Courtney's contribution to the world of fashion is one of the most impactful of the last decade.

Louise Cooney

Dividing her time between the worlds of fashion and travel, Louise Cooney has made a serious name for herself as a style icon.

With a background in Communications & Marketing, Louise has a knack for making style relatable and fashion fun.

Clementine MacNeice

One of the most sought after stylists in Ireland today, Clementine's route to the world of fashion was somewhat unconventional.

Having initially embarked upon an English and Drama degree in Trinity College, Clementine couldn't ignore her passion for fashion, and ultimately threw herself into various style-related jobs before establishing herself within the industry she loves.

Suzanne Jackson

Over the course of seven years, Suzanne has watched her blog, SoSueMe, go from strength to strength.

And with over a million followers worldwide, the beauty and lifestyle fashionista recently decided to branch into the world of design cementing her reputation as a bonafide style icon.

Vogue Williams

Having first come to public prominence for her role in reality TV show Fade Street, Vogue's career has gone from strength to strength over the last seven years.

And while currently best known for her role in media, Vogue's modelling background means her flair for fashion always shines through.




So, we said we were on the hunt for that one social media personality who nails their look each and every time…. and doesn't even realise it.

Fashion may not be the centre of their world, but they sure know how to influence, inspire and invigorate with each and every wardrobe change.

And you guys couldn't wait to fill us in, so without further ado, here are your five finalists in the Most Stylish Influencer category!

Rosie Connolly

One of Ireland's leading bloggers, Rosie has amassed a loyal following by sharing her thoughts, tips and tricks on a variety of subjects.

With seven years in the cosmetic industry, the effortlessly chic Rosie now focuses her time on content creation and media contribution.

Lauren Arthurs
Like many well-known social influencers, Lauren started her blog as a hobby back in 2013, and over the last four years watched it grow in popularity.

An avid globetrotter, Lauren regularly shares her travel experiences with followers that number in their tens of thousands.


Known for her incredibly personal blog entries and video uploads, Anouska focuses her attention on satisfying her wanderlust, sharing her thoughts and inspiring her followers.

With a passion for photography and videography, Anouska shares snapshots into a life lived to the fullest.

Sinead Cady

The face behind The Makeup Chair, Sinead's star in the world of social influencers has gone stratospheric.

And while her blogs and video uploads focus predominantly on sharing cosmetic tips and tricks, Sinead's eye for style has not gone unnoticed by you guys!

Chloe Boucher

When it comes to cosmetics, Chloe is a total pro, but her passion and enthusiasm for makeup artistry is not the only factor which keeps her thousands of online followers enthralled.

Possessing an enviable eye for style, Chloe is your fifth finalist in our Most Stylish Influencer category!




For many of us, it took a few false starts and some over-plucked eyebrows before we finally landed at the door of the salon which gave us the treatments we’ve wanted (and needed) for years.

Taking us (and our nonexistent brows) into the 21st century, the folk at the helm of the brow and lash business in this country have done much to remind us all of the power of a good eyebrow and lash treatment.

And we couldn’t let the inaugural SHEmazing! Awards pass without paying tribute to the men and women who have given us brows to be proud of and lashes to lust after.

So, without further ado, here are your five finalists for Brow and Lash Salon of the Year.

Up To My Eyes

Located in Greystones Co Wicklow, Up To My Eyes specialises in Eyelash Extensions, EmBrowdery, and HD Brows in addition to countless other treatments.

If this salon is your go-to establishment, and never fails to leave you feeling amazing, it's time to give them the nod… and the vote!

Elysian Brows and Beauty

One of the best known establishments on Dublin's South William Street, Elysian Brows and Beauty has been catering to the masses for years.

And it sounds like they've certainly impressed you guys as they've found their way onto our finalists' list!


Located in Naas, Co Kildare, Millie's provides a range of services which ensures everyone who passes through their doors leaves feeling totally pampered and utterly indulged.

From tinting to tweezing and threading, this salon plays host to some of your most sought-after brow and lash treatments.


One of Limerick's best known salons, WaxWorks is our fifth finalist in our Brown and Lash Salon of the Year Award.

With more than ten years experience, the therapists at WaxWorks are dedicated to ensuring each and every customer leaves feeling totally indulged.


The Brow Artist

Based in Ranelagh, The Brow Artist specialises in complete brow re-design.

Experts in shaping, threading, tinting and Semi-Permanent Brow solutions, The Brow Artist has made a serious impact on the industry… and you guys!


Ellen Kavanagh, co-founder of Waxperts, is one of our guest judges.



Life can be tough and there are few among us that don't rely on certain things to make our lives that little bit simpler, right?

With that in mind, we put a call out for the gadget, gizmo, app or establishment that makes your hectic life easier.

And you guys wasted no time filling us in on the various tips and tricks you use to keep your life running on rails.

So, without further ado, here are the five finalists for our Makes Life Easier Award.

My Taxi App

Once known as Hailo, this incredibly popular app may have had a name change this year, but remains one of the handiest apps around.

Initially launched back in 2009, this app allows a customer to connect directly with a driver for a safe and swift journey.


The first outlet opened its doors on Baggot Street back in 2012, and five years later Brian Lee and Andy Chen boast an incredible 19 branches nationwide.

Putting an exceedingly healthy spin on the term 'fast food', Chopped provides a range of salads, wraps, sandwiches and soups for a time-poor but health-conscious public.

Water Wipes Cleansing Wipes

Considered one of the purest facial wipes on the market, Water Wipes Cleansing Wipes are a firm favourite with you guys.

Made with just 3 ingredients: water, Dead Sea minerals and fruit extract, this beauty product has made a serious splash.

Just Eat app

As a nation of foodies, it's no real surprise that we're utter devotees of food-focussed delivery app, Just Eat.

Ordering on the go became so much easier when these guys decided to grace our iPhone and Android devices.

Clarisonic Facial Cleanser

According to you guys, the Clarisonic Facial Cleanser has totally revolutinised your beauty routines.

So if you want to see it crowned winner of the Makes Life Easy Award, it's time for you to vote!




Earlier this year we told you that we were officially on the hunt for the best product of the past 12 months; one that has totally transformed your beauty routine and left you feeling like an utter queen.

And considering you guys have your fingers on the pulse when it comes to the world of cosmetics, you wasted no time filling us in on your favourites.

With hundreds of incredible products to consider, our panel of judges got to work, and presented us with your five finalists.

Ladies, we give you the final nominees for SHEmazing's Beauty Product of the Year!

The Skin Nerd; Cleanse Off Mitt

Designed by Jennifer Rock, the Cleanse Off Mitt is a reusable, microfibre cosmetic mitt designed to remove makeup and oil from the skin.

This innovative Irish product is easily one of the most talked-about of the year.

Inglot Gel Liner

Water-proof, smudge-proof and crease-proof, it's no surprise that Inglot Gel Liner has made your list of ultimate favourites.

Brows on fleek, amirite?

Benefit Brow Zings

When it comes to eyebrows, you ladies know what you like, and you certainly won't settle for less.

And with its combination of eyebrow powder and wax, mini slant tweezers and dual-sided extendable applicator, Benefit Brow Zings is mere votes away from being crowned your Beauty Product of the Year.

Urban Decay Complexion Primer

Most of us would be absolutely lost without primer, and it looks like Urban Decay has seriously impressed you lot this year.

If you want to see Urban Decay Complexion Primer crowned winner, have your say in time for our inaugural SHEmazing Awards.

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess
A shimmering body oil, which was designed to add an illuminating glow to enhance your Cocoa Brown Tan, Golden Goddess, has proven a massive hit with self-tan users everywhere.

And perhaps the most appealing aspect? It's perfect for non-tanners too as this product can be used alone for a hint of luminosity and a sheen finish to your skin