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Sometimes, comfort food is all that can cure us after a bank holiday of gin and tonics. 

Dining out on carbs or ordering a takeaway are the only ways to salvage a day lost to the aftermath of a heavy night, and there are a few food that hit the spot every time. 

5. A delicious toasted sandwich

Carbs are what is needed on days like today, and while we have the weather for it, dining al fresco is very appealing right now.

Metro Cafe on South William Street has a selection of completely delish sandwiches, as well as an outdoor seating area complete with blankets to swaddle yourself in when the hangover gets to be tto much. 

We definitely recommend the hot prosciutto melt, which layers parma ham, vine tomatoes, mozzarella, freshly torn basil and extra virgin olive oil all served on a perfectly toasted ciabatta. Yum!


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4. A bubble waffle 

There are few things in this world as glorious and life altering as a mound of cream, ice cream, sauce, sprinkles and strawberry Pocky wrapped up in a delicious bubble waffle.

The Bubble Waffle stall is at Dublin's Eatyard, and their cone-shaped confectionery treats are what dreams are made of. 

The treats take their inspiration from the street food of Hong Kong, and describe themselves as creating "a bubble waffle, filled with ice cream, fruit, sprinkles, and any topping you can dream of, all so it looks like a cone." *drools*


The @bubblewafflefactory at @eatyard was almost too cute to eat. Almost. #yummydublin #eatyard#bubblewaffle #foodie #foodporn #yum

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3. Pizza, obviously

Pizza is completely necessary when hungover, and that is a fact.

Firehouse Pizza, Base and Dominos are all classics.

2. Mac'n'cheese

Again with the carbs. 

There are few things more perfect in this world that a big bowl of pure cheesy, carby goodness, aka mac'n'cheese.

Galway's Biteclub slays when it comes to the stuff, so order it if you're hangover resides in the west. 


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1. A burger 

A juicy burger with a side of fries, sweet potato fries in particular, really hits the spot when it comes to hangover feasting.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen kills it every time with their delicious servings, and we have a hankering for one right now…


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Lately we've been trawling Instagram in search of our favourite foodies, and we noticed quite a few vegetarian foodie Instas that have some amazing looking culinary delights.

Check out some of our favourite Instagram veggies who are doing it right: 

10. Damy Method

Damy is an Irish athlete and physical therapist who is undertaking a vegetarian challenge.

The gymnast proves that you can fuel a fit body without needing meat for protein.


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9. The Dreamy Leaf

The Dreamy Leaf is an extremely well-established veggie-foodie Instagram.

Its owner Maya comes up with some of the most delicious plant-based recipes we've ever seen!

8. Sarah Nuu

Sarah gives us a realistic and relatable look at life as a veggie.

With her simple, homemade recipes, this girl strikes the perfect balance between aspirational and realistic. 

7. The Wholesome Vegetarian

Naomi and her fork sample and snap some of the best veggie options in Dublin and its surrounding areas.

The veggie documents what she eats on her travels and at home, with little details about the quality that we definitely appreciate. 


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6. Sprouted Kitchen

Concocting some of the best vegetarian recipes around is no easy feat, but Sprouted Kitchen manages it beautifully.


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5. Life of a Vegetarian

Looking for veggie lunch box ideas?

Then look no further than this nifty Instagram, specialising in lunches and delicious healthy snacks. 

4. The Veg Space

Another amazing place to get ideas and recipies, the Veg Space has plenty of simple and delicious food combos for you to choose from.

Inspirational or what? 

3. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows promotes some amazing plant-based food choices, and with almost 10 years as a veggie under her belt, we're listening. 


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2. The Foodie Dietician

This blogger focuses on bringing delicious, seasonal vegetarian recipes to your kitchen and simple strategies to bring more yoga and mindfulness into your life. 

That's a message we can get behind. 


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1. Love and Lemons

Veteran veggie Jeanine Donofrio has one of the best vegetarian feeds around.

Seriously, her Instagram is goals. 



Don't have room for dinner and dessert? Why not combine the two?

Pastry chefs at Tella Balls Dessert, a Sydney café known for its glorious Nutella-filled creations, have just conjured up the ultimate lasagne-style dish.

Having originally found their niche in indulgent milkshakes, café owners, Aki Daikos and Simon Kappotos, say they enjoy exploring their culinary skills.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Aki said: “We love putting a spin on food and getting experimental in the kitchen, so we thought, why not create a savoury dish, sweet using Nutella.”

Unlike a traditional Italian lasagne, you won't find any pasta or tomatoes in this sweet dish.

Made up of layers of rich chocolate mousse and fresh cream, this decadent tower is served on top of a chocolate biscuit base and paired with lashings of tasty Nutella.

And the paste-esque dishes don't stop there.

'Pastaella' is a fettuccine-inspired style crepe served with milk and white chocolate sauce, and finished with a dollop of the house-made vanilla bean gelato.

“It’s all about great taste. Chocolate and Nutella are food for the soul,” Aki said.

Never a truer word said, Aki. So, who's up for a trip down under?


Gin lovers, listen up, because one very delightful-sounding gin has just been crowned the Best Gin in the UK.

Brighton Gin, handmade in (you guessed it) Brighton, has been given the esteemed accolade, and now we're gasping to get our hands on a bottle. 

The gin received the grand title at The People's Drinks Awards, where the public blind tasted numerous gins and chose the most delicious.

'Brighton is such a creative, pioneering, free-thinking place, with a long-standing heritage of invention and pleasure seeking and a cast of notorious, mould-breaking characters throughout its history,' founder of Brighton Gin, Kathy Caton told Cosmo.

'With Brighton Gin, we wanted to create the absolute top quality spirit this city deserves and we’re ecstatic that people across the UK have voted us as the country’s best gin.'


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Brighton Gin is made with 100% British organic wheat spirit, which we re-distill with juniper, fresh orange and lime peel, locally-grown coriander seed and milk thistle. Yum.

The gin is hand crafted in Brighton (duh) but there are more than a few online stockists who can deliver the smooth beverage straight to your door if you don't happen to be visiting the UK anytime soon.

Harvey Nichols, The Gin Box Shop, Vineyards Direct, Gin Festival, the Gin Kiosk, Craft Gins and Gin Parlour all stock the strong stuff, and you can even get it on Amazon.

We'll be waiting for our package in the mail like…

Image result for waiting

Feature image: Instagram 


Between choosing between an ice cold vat of gin or an ice cream on a hot summer day, the millennial struggle can be real.

But what if we told you that there was a famous little ice cream shop in the Emerald Isle that served up a combination of the two?  

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Murphys Ice Cream is based both on Main Street in Killarney and on Shop Street in Galway city, and the soft-serve shop is slaying when it comes to flavours.

The innovative ice cream parlour has come up with a way of combining luscious lashings of Dingle gin to the frozen treat, and we're here for the flavour to trump all flavours.  

Reviews of the shop rave about the gin ice cream, and we're dying to try it out for ourselves.

As well as gin, Murphys is offering amazing flavour combos like Irish coffee with whiskey, Dingle sea salt and caramelised brown bread. 

Take all our money, like, now. 



So Ireland has gotten more than a little bit obsessed with gin, and now there is an entire festival dedicated to the stuff coming to the capital.

Ginfusion is coming to Dublin, and the G&T drenched drinks festival will be taking up residence at the Bernard Shaw.

Ginfusion / Facebook

Utilising both the Eatyard and Shawyard spaces, this festival promises great food, gin tastings, Djs, live music, workshops, pop-up markets, classes, cocktail bars, and, most importantly, the craic. 

The event will run across four days and nights across the June bank holiday weekend (so the prefect post-Forbidden Fruit jaunt?).

The festival sounds like the ultimate summer experience, and best of all, admission is FREE.


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There are no ticket sales or door fees, just rock up and enjoy the free flowing gin. 

Just make sure you get a bit of soakage in at one opf the food stalls first. 

So, while we have you here; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


Gourmet Burger Kitchen is know for, well, their burgers.

The popular restaurant has a number of locations in Dublin, and grabbing lunch or dinner from one of their diners is definitely a delicious treat.

Now, GBK is branching out into breakfasts with their new menu, aptly titled Cereal Killers, which definitely looks like it's going beat a bowl of frosted flakes any morning. 


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The menu will be available seven days a week from now until the end of summer, and is currently available at the newly re-furbished South Anne St restaurant, Temple Bar, Liffey Valley and Swords Pavilion locations.

So, if you have the misfortune to work early shifts, you can now to kick start the day at GBK, which decidedly beats a bowl of porridge.

The menu hosts a variety of delicious breakfast baps, including the tantalisingly described Chorizo Scramble and the very trendy Avocado Toast.

The egg-stras (we see what you did there, GBK) look pretty good as well, and include hash browns, poached eggs and even chips!

Our home made breakfasts are going to look very sad from now on compared to this scrumptious menu. 

Feature image: Instagram/GBK/ThankFifi


We'd take any excuse to munch a whole bag of crisps, and now with Saint Patrick's Day around the corner, our sense of patriotism is coming in handy. 

Combining two esteemed Irish brands, O’Donnells have created a Ballymaloe Relish and Cheddar Cheese flavour of their hand-cooked crisps, and we've never needed less of an excuse to scoff the lot. 

Image result for crisps

“For many years our customers have asked for Ballymaloe Relish flavoured crisps so we are thrilled to see this happen and with such a fantastic company O’Donnells!" said Maxine Hyde, Head of Sales and Marketing for Ballymaloe Foods. 

"It was great fun developing the flavour with Ed and Kate O’Donnell. “

The crisps are made using home grown Tipperary potatoes, and O'Donnells have sourced the best local artisan food producers in Ballymaloe to provide unique individual flavours.

The gluten free crisps will be appearing on the supermarket shelves in mid-March, and we honestly cannot wait. 


There are few things that make us happier than free food, so when we saw McDonalds Ireland's latest Twitter post we got pretty darn excited.

If you're a McDonald's fan, you're in luck because the fast food favourite is giving away free breakfasts on Friday morning.

On Friday February 17, you can take your pick between a free Bacon and Egg or Sausage and Egg McMuffin for breakfast.

The offer is running from 7am to 10am nationwide, so wherever you are, there could be a free breakfast in your near future. 

While the queue will probably be out the door, we think a free breakfast muffin is well worth it. 


We know, we know, Christmas is a time of joy and love, but it is also a time of FOOD. All the food.

After all, what would an Irish Yuletide celebration be without a massive tub of Roses, a half-eaten selection box and all the USA biscuits you can eat?

Here are just nine of the 'delicacies' we couldn't live without during the festive season…

1. Afternoon Tea and USA biscuits
An absolute festive staple. But is there anything worse than being trolled by your mam when she uses the empty tin to store Christmas decorations in?


2. Cadbury Roses
Prepare for some heated discussions about whether the Coffee Escape REALLY belongs in the Roses collection or not.


3. A selection box
Just for kids? Stop your nonsense and pass us that Curly Wurly.


4. Baileys
Save your G&Ts tonic for January – once Christmas hits it's pretty much obligatory to have a cheeky Baileys or five on every night out. 


5. The melon boat
The standard Irish Mammy "fancy" Christmas starter. What's that? A glacé cherry? Notions.


6. Sherry trifle
Your Nana is duty bound to make at least one of these throughout the Christmas season. Laced with alcohol, of course.


7. The Christmas yule log
Basically a chocolate Swiss Roll with the addition of some icing sugar for snow and some plastic holly leaves.  


8. Turkey and ham sandwiches
Forget Christmas dinner, the sandwich you make that evening while watching your new box set is the TRUE taste of Christmas. 


9. Fizzy orange
What better thing to wash down that sandwich with than some ice cold Finches or Club Orange? Hello, Christmas.