‘In A&E all night’: Fans rush to Pro Green’s side after trip to hospital


We all know Professor Green has had a rough couple of weeks.

He ended his marriage to Millie Mackintosh last month, who has now reunited with her Made In Chelsea ex, Hugo Taylor.

But now, the rapper has his fans in uproar over a photo he posted of himself in hospital.

In an Instagram post, Pro Green explained that he went to A&E after being in pain for 6 hours straight.

He added that the doctors had to rule out a "strangulated hernia," which meant he had to stay in the hospital all night.

"Been in A & E all night ruling out a strangulated hernia. Nearing 6 hrs since the pain/discomfort started – think if it was I'd be dead already. Only plus is cute staff."

Fans then rushed to the star's social media accounts to wish him good health:

We hope he feels better soon!