Adele the peacemaker? She ended Pro Green & Robbie Williams’ feud


So, not only can Adele sing, be funny and look fab, but she's also one Hell of a peacemaker!

Professor Green has opened up about his fight with Robbie Williams and has admitted that it was Adele who patched everything up.

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The rapper fell out with Robbie after he pulled out of a collaboration. Robbie ended up choosing Dizzee Rascal instead of Pro G on a new track, which riled Green up.

Pro told The Sun: "We had a cuddle at Glastonbury while watching Adele. It was all down to Adele.

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“I was p*ssed off that he wasted my time. But he sent me a really nice email saying sorry and it takes a proper person to apologise.”

We're glad they've patched everything up!