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Pixar fans, rejoice! Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, and co. will be returning to screens very soon as Toy Story 4 has been given an official release date.

The highly anticipated film is set to hit theatres on June 21, 2019.

It is understood that the movie will focus on the love story between Woody and Bo Beep- how adorable!


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The fourth installment of the much-loved franchise will be released nearly a decade after Toy Story 3 where fans waved goodbye to Andy as he embarked on his new life as a college student.

Many fans believed that we wouldn’t see Woody and co. on the big screen again, especially with the way Toy Story 3 ended, but it seems like the creators came up with a story that just had to be told.

Disney Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter told CNBC that they would never release a film unless the storyline was perfect.

He shared, “At Pixar and at Disney, we only make sequels if we come up with a story that's as good or better than the original.”

He added, “That's our rule. We don't do things just to print money.”

We may have to wait until next summer to see Toy Story 4, but fear not,  Incredibles 2 will be released this summer, 14 years after the original movie was released.

We're all just big kids, really.


There's nothing like putting on a pair of rose-coloured glasses and taking a stroll down memory lane.

As much as we love being grown up queens, we have to admit, it was pretty amazing being a kid. 

A recent poll of 2,000 adults in the UK found that an astounding 67 percent wished they could be a child again.

Same, tbh. 

However, that doesn't necessarily mean the poll's participants want to grow up in the current era of Snapchat and Facebook.

In fact, 58 percent said that it was better to be a kid 'back in the day' because they didn't need technology to entertain themselves, the Daily Express reports.

As far as what makes us feel little twinges of nostalgia, school holidays topped the list of what adults miss from childhood.

Image result for nostalgia

There was nothing like those days of freedom where it felt like you could do absolutely anything!

Hot summers were the second most missed thing about being a kid, according to the survey commissioned by Hollywood Bowl.

Who doesn't yearn for those sunny days filled with swimming and slowly melting ice cream?

Other things we pine for from childhood include everything from Enid Blyton books to having someone else wash our clothes (the dream).

Here's the rest of the 50 things we miss most from our childhoods:

1) School holidays

2) Hot summers

3) Playing outside with friends until the streetlights came on

4) Not having to work

5) Spending time with your parents

6) Family holidays

7) Going on the swings

8) Having someone else cook your meals

9) Penny sweets (that actually cost a penny!) 

10) Weekends with no errands or chores to do

11) Having someone else wash your clothes

12) Celebrating your birthday as child

13) Having a friend around to play/for tea

14) Other people's birthday parties

15) Getting money from the tooth fairy

16) Pocket money

17) Enid Blyton books

18) Sleepovers

19) Having milk delivered to your door

20) Lego

21) Writing a Christmas/ birthday list from a toy catalogue

22) Playing football in the park for hours

23) Break time

24) Water fights

25) Making daisy chains

26) Playing Tag

27) Collecting stickers

28) Party bags

29) Playing Bulldog

30) Playing arcade games

31) Playing Stuck in the Mud

32) Roald Dahl books

33) Meccano

34) Sega Mega Drive

35) Nickelodeon

36) Sabrina the Teenage Witch

37) SMTV Live

38) Space hoppers

39) Live and Kicking

40) Going bowling

41) Inflatables in the swimming pool

42) Eating Coco Pops and Golden Nuggets for breakfast instead of muesli or porridge

43) Slush puppies

44) Gladiators

45) Ball pools

46) Nintendo 64

47) Soft play

48) CITV

49) Knight Rider

50) Macaroni cheese



Who else remembers the pure excitement of popping that beloved, worn out Disney video in the VCR? 

You prayed the video wouldn't get eaten by the dusty machine as your favourite scenes were rewound over and over.

If you were one Disney fan who happened to keep every early variation of the movies – on either VHS or DVD – it turns out that your no-doubt prized collection could be worth a fairly tidy sum.


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There really is a serious market for Disney nostalgia on the likes of sites like Ebay and Esty, with certain collections fetching thousands online.

Both the DVDs and VHS videos could give your daily earnings more than a little top-up but going by some of the collections for sale, the most valuable seems to the Black Diamond VHS Collection.

This rare collection includes 18 animated features all released between 1988 to 1993 for VHS. These editions come in a clamshell case and display a logo in the shape of a black diamond that says 'The Classics' on the spine, according to Stylist

Image result for disney princess excited

Over on Etsy, a set of 21 pre-owned vintage Disney VHS tapes (including one Black Diamond edition) is selling for an astounding £182,294.74.

Full sets will usually always be snapped up by specialist collectors but you can get lucky if you even own singular videos; a root around on Ebay and you'll see some range from in the sixties to the hundreds, according to The Mirror

Would you dust yours off if you were cash-strapped before payday? 


Oh Happy Hardcore, the ony music genre it was cool to listen to back in the 2007-2009 era.

The genre itself was dominated by some key players, namely DJ Rankin, DJ Cammy and Special D – patron saints of sounds your parents dubbed 'chipmunk music' thanks to their fondness for high-pitched, fast paced vocals. 

It was a simpler time, when music tastes were dictated by whatever songs your friends could Bluetooth (or God forbid, Infared) from Motorola flip phone to Sony Erikson brick in the school yard. 

These were the days when holing up in your room in your Foroige hoodie Limewiring songs onto your phone and using 'txt spk' on MSN was a national hobby.

Oh, and don't forget to add Fly on the Wings of Love as your Bebo flash box, lest anyone forget what a full time mad ba***rd you were.

Well dust off your Cantos and whip out the glow sticks, because The Wright Venue is resurrecting some Happy Hardcore legends. 

 If you are a fan of DJ Cammy, DJ Rankin, DJ Badboy and DJ Zitkus, you may want to head to The Wright Venue in Swords on December 1. 

The venue is playing host to some of the 00s most iconic DJs (and to be honest, we kind of had been wondering whatever happened to them).

Tickets currently range from €8.00-12.00, so get in there quick, as this epic nostalgia fest is sure to sell out fast. 

Until them, here's a little anthem to remind you of your youth (DJ Rankin in the mix mother f*****):




It seems that the fashion world's obsession with all things 90s is never ending.

The latest item to be resurrected from the sartorial graveyard might surprise you, and for any 90s kids,  it will definitely remind you of your secondary school days.

Platform school shoes were a staple for 90s teens, if you could get away with them, and they matched our chunky highlights and Backstreet Boys hoodie. 

While we definitely envied our peers who were allowed don those platform, clunky heeled school shoes, there is no way our mams were letting us head off to school in any shoes higher than a sensible half inch.

This is why when we saw these platforms on Gucci's website, our inner teenager begged for them immediately.

The shoes themselves are a platform adaption of the classic Gucci loafer, but they are distinctly reminiscent of the clunky school platforms we needed in our lives in 1998, but with a majorly modern update. 


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Unfortunately they are slightly out of our price range at €1,100.00. Just slightly…

Vintage shops are a hot bed of the original versions of the school shoes, so we know where we will be looking if they officially make a comeback. 

Now, all we need is some roll-on body glitter and our old Spice Girls C.D…

Feature image: Instagram / salonshoes10019


Every year, there was at least one.

One jammy little so-and-so in your primary school who managed to score a trip to Lapland just in time for Christmas.

While your teacher (the traitor) encouraged them to share their excitement with everyone, you watched from a dark corner of the classroom and silently plotted their downfall.

And here are just eight thoughts that ran through your head while your so-called friend ruined your Christmas.

1. “Why are her parents bringing her to Lapland, and my parents are bringing me to mass?”

“I swear I was born into the wrong family.”

2. “There should be a pay-off for this.”

“If she gets to go to Lapland, she shouldn’t get any presents.”

3. “Why is the teacher making us listen to this?”

“She must enjoy our misery. She must relish our envy.”

4. “Did she actually say she’ll get to make presents with Santa?”

“That one is living on another planet.”

5.  “Why is she still talking?”

“We get it. Reindeers, snow, Santa; change the record.”

6. “When I’m an adult, I’m going to Lapland every Christmas.”

“And then who’ll be laughing?”

7. “Are these knots in my stomach jealousy or pure rage?”

“I swear, she”ll pay for making me feel like this.”

8. “When she gets back, I’m not asking her one damn thing about it.”

“And I’ll shred her photos if she comes anywhere near me.”

If you’re still not over it, why not get your own back by planning your trip this year?

Sunway are currently offering one and two night trips to Lapland this December with flights from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock and Kerry.

Ladies, you know what to do.

Sunway Holidays have a fantastic choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 night trips to Lapland for Winter 2017.

With flights direct from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock and Kerry to Finland, Sunway will look after everything so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy this once in a lifetime, magical experience with your family.

If you would like to learn more about the Sunway Lapland programme log on towww.sunway.ie/lapland or call 01- 231 1800 where a Sunway representative will be happy to take your call.



There's nothing quite as harsh as a younger friend or relative telling you "wow you're old!"

And all because we were getting reminiscent about the pre-recession days and simpler times that they missed out on.

From the end of free plastic bags to radiation scares involving Nokia 3310s, here are some of our fondest memories.

1. The Euro

Try explaining to younger siblings that we once had to change our money EVERY time we went abroad.

To be fair, a single currency has made travelling so much easier!

2. The smoking ban

Banning smoking in pubs caused mass hysteria as Irish social life pretty much revolves around alcohol.

But we took it in our stride and used smoking areas as yet another way to socialise.

Many friendships and relationships have blossomed in smoking areas since…

3. The end of free plastic bags

We would NEVER go to the supermarket without a plastic bag these days!

Yet we somehow have an entire cupboard full of reusable bags…

4.Dial up Internet

These days every kid has an iPad and can't relate to the struggles of prioritising phone calls (on the land line) over MSN time.

Don't waste your time trying to explain MSN, you'll just get teenage attitude.

5. The Spire

The giant spike acts as an unofficial meeting place and point of reference for lost tourists. It even has it's own Twitter account!

Kind of hard to imagine Dublin without it now…

6. Nokia 3310's

Officially the best phone ever!

We didn't have group chats or Tinder but we did have Snake and an industrial strength battery.

Text bundles were crucial and there was unfounded panic about our brains being fried by radiation. Ah simpler times….

7. The Luas

2004 was an exciting time to be alive, modern light-rail transport for Dublin!

We're not going to be known internationally as "the country with awful public transport" anymore!

Yeah right, 13 years later and half the city is being excavated to connect the Luas lines…

Have you got a favourite memory or a story that you would love to share with Shemazing? We'd love to hear them! Click here and you could be in with a chance of winning €250.


She might be best known for her teenage roles in A Cinderella Story and Lizzie McGuire, but Hilary Duff actually landed her first major movie role way back in 1998.

The actress took to Instagram last night to share a nostalgia inducing throwback of herself dressed as Wendy from Casper Meets Wendy alongside a pic of Wendy in her grown up form.

The 29-year-old mother of one captioned the post: “Well just in time for Halloween @snapchat gave me this little treat of a filter #caspermeetswendy #wendythegoodwitch #20yearsago?! #ahhhhhhh.”

Fans are loving the 90s feels with social media users coming out in droves to comment on the share.

One fan wrote: “I didn’t know I wanted this until right now”.  While another said: “20 years ago???!!! That’s still one of my favourite movies!  I use to want to be just like Wendy (sic).”

Almost two decades on, Hilary is the spit of her childhood self!


If the words "Toxic Tuesday" simultaneously thrill you and make you feel a bit nauseous, then you'll want to read on.

DCU's beloved Old Bar will be no more as of this summer, but before it's gone forever, the college's Students' Union are planning one last hurrah on May 21.

These days the Old Bar is mainly used for club and society events, but in its heyday it was the sweaty, sticky-floored home of dirt-cheap pints, pool tables and DJs who mainly played The Fratellis' Chelsea Dagger on loop.

"For one night only, The Old Bar will be open to DCU alumni to say goodbye to their youth and drink cheap pints from plastic glasses with some old favourites on the stage/decks," the organisers say via Facebook, where the event has already attracted interest from over 1,000 people.

"Take the weekend off, grab a bag o’cans and treat it like it’s 2006… just don’t try hop the fence into Hampstead or go looking for an afterparty in Shanowen, you might actually get arrested this time."

According to Deirdre O'Sullivan from DCU's Office of Student Life, the Old Bar is a bit of a "shell" these days, which is why the SU are hoping to "bring back some of its former glory" on May 21.

A DCU grad herself, Deirdre got in touch with fellow alumni Louise Bruton and Alan Flanagan to help organise the one-night event, before the bar is demolished to make way for a new €14m four-floor Student Centre. 

"We're still getting everything confirmed for May 21, but we're hoping to get some of the old bands and DJs that have played there before on board," says Deirdre.

If you're already counting down the days and have any ideas or suggestions of what you'd like to see on the night (More Dutch Gold? The entire back catalogue of Kaiser Chiefs?), you can email deirdre.osullivan@dcu.ie.

See you there!


Ever since the news broke that Noughties boy band Busted would be getting back together, we’ve been feeling seriously nostalgic.

We reminisced about some of our other favourite bands from times past. For example, S Club Juniors- or S Club 8, depending on the era. 

Don’t pretend you don’t remember this eight piece band that were nothing short of pop music legends.

Sundown was an absolute choon! The dance moves alone were enough to have us head over heels- never mind the fact that the band members were probably too young to even hear their songs played at teenage discos. 

Oh, and let us never forget the Christmas single!

It included puppies, so naturally we were all about that S Club life. Allow us to make you feel every bit your age as we re-introduce you to the band.

Frankie Sandford: 

She went on to join The Saturdays, a huge success and she’s married to footballer Wayne Bridges. The pair have two children together.

Rochelle Hume: 

Also a member of The Saturdays (currently taking a hiatus), is spending her time off hosting The Xtra Factor with Melvin Odoom. She married former JLS member Marvin Humes in 2012 and the two have a daughter.

Aaron Renfree: 

The 28-year-old was an assistant choreographer on various X Factor live shows and is a backing dancer for The Saturdays (gotta love those connections) and most recently Fleur East.

The openly gay star also reached an impressive no. 26 on this year's Attitude Hot 100.

Daisy Evans: 

After S Club 8, blonde beauty Daisy attempted another shot at musical fame, joining a girl band called From Above who were eventually signed by Beyoncé's dad Matthew Knowles.

After From Above failed to break into the charts and a failed X Factor attempt, Daisy gave up on chart success.

She married footballer Jonjo Shelvey earlier this year, and has a one-year-old daughter called Lola Fleur.

Calvin Goldspink: 

Everyone loved Calvin. He has an amazing surname, and got most of the male solos in the group. *swoon*

Sadly, he is now off the market after marrying Melissa Caballero earlier this year, and lives in Los Angeles. Excuse us while we cry into our S Club duvet (from Argos, don’t pretend you didn’t want one).

Calvin is still pursuing a career in music and has recently released his debut EP, The Lemon Tree.

Stacey McLean: 

Stacey made it to the final six girls on the X Factor in 2009.

Dannii eliminated Stacey before the finals in favour of Stacey Solomon, Lucie Jones and Rachel Adedeji. After a romance with Lawson singer Ryan Fletcher, the 26-year-old got engaged this year to Stevenage footballer Fraser Franks.

Jay Perry: 

The singer has taken to the theatre since his S Club days. He now boasts a long list of musical theatre credits, including Beautiful: The Carole King Story. He also presents a weekly show on Hoxton Radio.

There is also his Twitter account, on which he enjoys sharing topless selfies, just FYI.

Hannah Richings: 

The 24-year-old has disappeared from the showbiz world in favour of motherhood, with her Twitter and Instagram accounts littered with pictures of her three children with boyfriend Phil Blackford.



We call this meeting of the Babysitters Club to order!

It's been twenty years since Kristy, Stacy, Mary-Anne, Dawn and Claudia graced our screens, but last night the cast got together for an epic reunion.


special memories times infinity #bscreunion #bsc20yearslater @drafthouse #melanieisfunny

A photo posted by Schuyler Fisk (@schuylerfisk) on

The actresses attended a special screening to mark the 20th anniversary of the film, which was based on the hugely successful book series by Ann M Martin.

Director Melanie Mayron and cast members, including Rachael Leigh Cook, Larisa Oleynik, Schuyler Fisk and Marla Sokoloff gathered for a Q&A, some movie-watching… and a few adorable selfies.


A photo posted by Marla Sokoloff (@realmarlasok) on

"I've known these ladies for 20 years and I feel so lucky to share this special evening with them," wrote actress Marla Sokoloff, who played the girls' sworn enemy Cokie Mason.

Actress Rachel Leigh Cook, who went on to find fame with She's All That, was also there to celebrate the landmark evening.


It's ON! #BSCreunion Alamo Theater, Austin Tx

A photo posted by Rachael Leigh Cook (@rachaelleighcook) on

Rachel played bookworm Mary-Anne in the Nineties film, and seemed delighted to reunite with her former cast members. "It's ON!" she wrote next to a selfie of the ladies before they headed on stage at The Alamo Theatre in Austin, Texas.

And of course the actresses had to pose for a Babysitters Club-style snap, too:

Is it bad we want to go and re-read all the books now?


The Snapper is celebrating its 22nd birthday this year, and over two decades on it's still Ireland's most beloved film.

So when RTÉ One showed the film last night to round off the Bank Holiday weekend, the people of Ireland got VERY excited – so much so that #TheSnapper is still trending on Twitter this morning.

First up, people were just chuffed to hear the film would be on in the first place





There was also a LOT of love for Colm Meaney aka Dessie Curley



Anything that could be quoted was quoted





And the nation rejoiced when Sharon gave birth to her baba…