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While most of us are planning our New Year’s resolutions, Rochelle Humes has another special occasion to celebrate.

Today marks The Saturdays star’s seven-year marriage anniversary with her husband Marvin.

He proposed to her exactly eight years ago on a romantic beach in the Maldives.


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Rochelle posted tropical photos to commemorate the special milestone and penned the sweetest tribute to her husband as well.

“Eight years ago today to the hour, this smart man asked me to be his wife right here on this beach in the Maldives,” the S Club Juniors singer wrote.

“And I’ve been annoying him every day since. 7 years of marriage and two babies later we are still the biggest kids.

“Here’s to more love and more margaritas. Happy New Year!”


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The English presenters celebrated by returning to that very same beach that etched itself into their relationship’s history so long ago.

All smiles, the two seem to be having the best time swimming in the clear blue water and channelling their inner children.

Many fans have congratulated the lovebirds on their accomplishment, wowed that time has flown by so quickly.

“The love just radiates from you two,” said one comment. “You look so happy. Absolute couple goals.”


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“Happy anniversary and love to you both,” said another.

Rochelle and Marvin share two gorgeous daughters together – five-year-old Alaia-Mai and one-year-old Valentina Raine.

Congratulations to the happy couple! We’re glad you get to start the new year off with the ones you love the most.



While two former members of the S Club Juniors are still very much in the public eye, we have been a tad curious as to what happened to the rest of the sensationally pop-tastic group. 

Having given us instant pop classics such as Sundown and One Step Closer, it seems only right that we check in on the group now that they are all grown up. 

While Frankie Bridge and Rochelle Humes are both happily married with kids on top of finding super-stardom as part of the Saturdays, just how well did the other members fare? 

Calvin Goldspink

So Calvin, who was our favourite male member of the group by a country mile, is still gorgeous. 

In 2007, the star moved to LA to re-ignite his music career as a solo artist. He released his first EP The Lemon Tree in 2014. 

He also dabbled in acting and starred as James Middleton in the Lifetime movie William and Kate. Since then, he has since moved back to the UK and, to our dismay, is engaged. 

Stacey McClean

Stacey dyed and straightened her hair making her unrecognisable when she appeared on the X Factor in 2009. 

Making it through to judges houses with mentor Dannii Minogue, she has since kept a low profile until the last few weeks. 

"I’m so excited 2016 has lots of exciting projects lined up with modelling, presenting and singing… watch this space," she has just told the Daily Mail this week. 

Aaron Renfree 

Aaron went on to become a professional dancer after his stint in the S Club Juniors. 

He has danced on the West End and served as assistant choreographer on the X Factor LIVE tour in 2009 and 2010. 

And while he has been a backup dancer for the Saturdays, he has since joined a reunion S Club Juniors which also includes Daisy, Jay and Stacey. 

Daisy Evans 

In 2007, Daisy became a member of girlband From Above who landed their own brief stint on MTV with a reality show. 

The band made it to the bootcamp stages of the X Factor in 2011. 

Daisy was in the reformed S Club Juniors for a yearwhich toured the US playing mainly in student unions. She has since quit the group. She is married with one child to British footballer Jonjo Shelvey. 

Hannah Richings 

Hannah left the limelight completely following her time in the pop group. 

She currently works in a bank and has three children. 

Jay Asforis 

Jay, who now goes by the stage name Jay Perry, has had a successful career in musicals and has appeared on the West End. 

He was also involved in the S Club Juniors reunion group. 

And just in case you are not feeling nostalgic enough, here is a recent snap of the gang back together taking us one step closer to heaven…



Ever since the news broke that Noughties boy band Busted would be getting back together, we’ve been feeling seriously nostalgic.

We reminisced about some of our other favourite bands from times past. For example, S Club Juniors- or S Club 8, depending on the era. 

Don’t pretend you don’t remember this eight piece band that were nothing short of pop music legends.

Sundown was an absolute choon! The dance moves alone were enough to have us head over heels- never mind the fact that the band members were probably too young to even hear their songs played at teenage discos. 

Oh, and let us never forget the Christmas single!

It included puppies, so naturally we were all about that S Club life. Allow us to make you feel every bit your age as we re-introduce you to the band.

Frankie Sandford: 

She went on to join The Saturdays, a huge success and she’s married to footballer Wayne Bridges. The pair have two children together.

Rochelle Hume: 

Also a member of The Saturdays (currently taking a hiatus), is spending her time off hosting The Xtra Factor with Melvin Odoom. She married former JLS member Marvin Humes in 2012 and the two have a daughter.

Aaron Renfree: 

The 28-year-old was an assistant choreographer on various X Factor live shows and is a backing dancer for The Saturdays (gotta love those connections) and most recently Fleur East.

The openly gay star also reached an impressive no. 26 on this year's Attitude Hot 100.

Daisy Evans: 

After S Club 8, blonde beauty Daisy attempted another shot at musical fame, joining a girl band called From Above who were eventually signed by Beyoncé's dad Matthew Knowles.

After From Above failed to break into the charts and a failed X Factor attempt, Daisy gave up on chart success.

She married footballer Jonjo Shelvey earlier this year, and has a one-year-old daughter called Lola Fleur.

Calvin Goldspink: 

Everyone loved Calvin. He has an amazing surname, and got most of the male solos in the group. *swoon*

Sadly, he is now off the market after marrying Melissa Caballero earlier this year, and lives in Los Angeles. Excuse us while we cry into our S Club duvet (from Argos, don’t pretend you didn’t want one).

Calvin is still pursuing a career in music and has recently released his debut EP, The Lemon Tree.

Stacey McLean: 

Stacey made it to the final six girls on the X Factor in 2009.

Dannii eliminated Stacey before the finals in favour of Stacey Solomon, Lucie Jones and Rachel Adedeji. After a romance with Lawson singer Ryan Fletcher, the 26-year-old got engaged this year to Stevenage footballer Fraser Franks.

Jay Perry: 

The singer has taken to the theatre since his S Club days. He now boasts a long list of musical theatre credits, including Beautiful: The Carole King Story. He also presents a weekly show on Hoxton Radio.

There is also his Twitter account, on which he enjoys sharing topless selfies, just FYI.

Hannah Richings: 

The 24-year-old has disappeared from the showbiz world in favour of motherhood, with her Twitter and Instagram accounts littered with pictures of her three children with boyfriend Phil Blackford.



Saturdays singer Frank Sandford turns the ripe old age of 26 today… and as well as making us feel like TOTAL under-achievers, it's also got us thinking back over some of the star's top style moments!

The Strictly Come Dancing finalist is well known for her amazing taste, so here's a look back at some of the moments she was totally on fleek…

1. The time she completely outshone all the other Saturdays
"I'll see your dresses and raise you an AMAZING polka-dot playsuit…"

2. The time she got winter style down to a T
We need that camel coat… now!

3. The time she still oozed red carpet glamour while six months pregnant
If we look half as good as that when we're preggers we'll be delighted!

4. The time she rocked this bizarre colour combo and still looked amazing
Blue, yellow AND red together kind of screams "Boy Scouts" to us but Frankie made it look classy!

5. The time she was part of S Club Juniors and yet was still a style icon
Spot her on the right! We lusted after those flared jeans with the floral embroidery for our Confirmation outfit…

Happy birthday Frankie!