Remember your chunky 90s school shoes? Well, they’re back in fashion


It seems that the fashion world's obsession with all things 90s is never ending.

The latest item to be resurrected from the sartorial graveyard might surprise you, and for any 90s kids,  it will definitely remind you of your secondary school days.

Platform school shoes were a staple for 90s teens, if you could get away with them, and they matched our chunky highlights and Backstreet Boys hoodie. 

While we definitely envied our peers who were allowed don those platform, clunky heeled school shoes, there is no way our mams were letting us head off to school in any shoes higher than a sensible half inch.

This is why when we saw these platforms on Gucci's website, our inner teenager begged for them immediately.

The shoes themselves are a platform adaption of the classic Gucci loafer, but they are distinctly reminiscent of the clunky school platforms we needed in our lives in 1998, but with a majorly modern update. 


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Unfortunately they are slightly out of our price range at €1,100.00. Just slightly…

Vintage shops are a hot bed of the original versions of the school shoes, so we know where we will be looking if they officially make a comeback. 

Now, all we need is some roll-on body glitter and our old Spice Girls C.D…

Feature image: Instagram / salonshoes10019