So, these are the top 50 things we all miss most from childhood

There's nothing like putting on a pair of rose-coloured glasses and taking a stroll down memory lane.

As much as we love being grown up queens, we have to admit, it was pretty amazing being a kid. 

A recent poll of 2,000 adults in the UK found that an astounding 67 percent wished they could be a child again.

Same, tbh. 

However, that doesn't necessarily mean the poll's participants want to grow up in the current era of Snapchat and Facebook.

In fact, 58 percent said that it was better to be a kid 'back in the day' because they didn't need technology to entertain themselves, the Daily Express reports.

As far as what makes us feel little twinges of nostalgia, school holidays topped the list of what adults miss from childhood.

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There was nothing like those days of freedom where it felt like you could do absolutely anything!

Hot summers were the second most missed thing about being a kid, according to the survey commissioned by Hollywood Bowl.

Who doesn't yearn for those sunny days filled with swimming and slowly melting ice cream?

Other things we pine for from childhood include everything from Enid Blyton books to having someone else wash our clothes (the dream).

Here's the rest of the 50 things we miss most from our childhoods:

1) School holidays

2) Hot summers

3) Playing outside with friends until the streetlights came on

4) Not having to work

5) Spending time with your parents

6) Family holidays

7) Going on the swings

8) Having someone else cook your meals

9) Penny sweets (that actually cost a penny!) 

10) Weekends with no errands or chores to do

11) Having someone else wash your clothes

12) Celebrating your birthday as child

13) Having a friend around to play/for tea

14) Other people's birthday parties

15) Getting money from the tooth fairy

16) Pocket money

17) Enid Blyton books

18) Sleepovers

19) Having milk delivered to your door

20) Lego

21) Writing a Christmas/ birthday list from a toy catalogue

22) Playing football in the park for hours

23) Break time

24) Water fights

25) Making daisy chains

26) Playing Tag

27) Collecting stickers

28) Party bags

29) Playing Bulldog

30) Playing arcade games

31) Playing Stuck in the Mud

32) Roald Dahl books

33) Meccano

34) Sega Mega Drive

35) Nickelodeon

36) Sabrina the Teenage Witch

37) SMTV Live

38) Space hoppers

39) Live and Kicking

40) Going bowling

41) Inflatables in the swimming pool

42) Eating Coco Pops and Golden Nuggets for breakfast instead of muesli or porridge

43) Slush puppies

44) Gladiators

45) Ball pools

46) Nintendo 64

47) Soft play

48) CITV

49) Knight Rider

50) Macaroni cheese