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We already know how big a Spice Girls fan Emma Stone is, thanks to her adorable reaction after receiving a message from  her pop idol, Mel B.

But The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star got another opportunity to speak to a Spice Girl this week, Mel C.

Emma Stone along with her on and off screen boyfriend, Andrew Garfield were at a London radio station yesterday, to promote the new Spider-man flick.

Stone’s love of the girl band was brought up by the radio hosts and as a result the actress was challenged to a Spice Girls’ sing off.

Little did she know, that they had Sporty Spice listening the whole time to her performance and of course, the 25-year-old’s reaction is priceless.



Ex Spice Girls singer Mel C, said she has finally overcome her battle with bulimia thanks to the ‘80/20’ diet.

In the past, the 40-year-old suffered from depression and now admits that she ate next to nothing and exercised excessively in the bid to lose weight

Fortunately, the star is no longer afraid of food and has learned to adapt a healthier lifestyle:

“I have my 80/20 rule where through the week I’ll try to be healthy – and then at weekends, I’m a lot more relaxed, especially in front of Scarlet”

We’re not surprised  she brought up her five-year-old girl, because her pregnancy with Scarlet also played a part in her battle with weight loss:

“After having a child, it makes you realise how incredible your body is and it’s made me a lot kinder to myself. Becoming a mum gave me the freedom to finally love myself physically.”

The mother-of-one now cut her workouts from six-per-week to four and seems to be doing well – we’re happy to hear she’s picked herself up!