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We've all been absolutely addicted to Love Island over the last four weeks, and it's reminding us how tricky the single life can be.

Especially when seemingly angelic boys like Michael and Curtis stab you in the BACK at a moment's notice. We're not over it yet, it will take time. To distract us, why not attend this gas single's event?

McGowans of Phibsborough host a single's party on the first Friday of every month from 10pm, and it's becoming a huge success for the pub. 

Image: Eventbrite/McGowans

Their next party is on Friday, July 12, and it could be the ideal spot to meet your perfect match and put a ring on it. Or just a great night out to have a few drinks, join in the games or just mingle with the DJ.

The pub have had so many enquiries that they've even added an extra date to due high demand, seeing as people evidently want to find that spark with someone during the summer time.

Whether you're just looking for lust or love, the party looks like unreal craic. They've got icebreakers in case you came alone, and games for you and your best wingman/wingwoman. 

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Summer can be a tricky time when you're single, or it can be the perfect season to have some fun with strangers. This event is definitely more of a relaxed environment, and you'll 100 percent have fun.

Entry is free of charge, you begin the night with a playing card and a free glass of Prosecco. If you can find the card's match then you get a complimentary drink.

Basically it's encouraging socialising through the handy means of alcohol. It gives you plenty of excuses to chat up the lad or lass you've been eyeing up the entire night…

McGowans do plenty on the night to calm your nerves and allow you to embrace the chilled out and fun atmosphere in the pub.

Register for free on Eventbrite for McGowan's Singles Party on July 12, and drag a mate along if you must.

You'll either find a lifelong lover or just a hilarious disaster dating story to tell the grand-kids. Either way, there's booze and banter to enjoy, so throw caution to the wind.



Nightclub love can be an… interesting game.

It went from teen discos and 'meet me mate, yeah?' attitudes, to finding romance in the chipper on the way home.

Not your average fairytale, but what else are we supposed to do?

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Well, if your anything like this person, and feel like your crush is slipping away, just pop her a note in the middle of the night to clear things up.

The infamous McGowans took to Facebook this morning to share a note that one of their cleaners found.

They captioned the post: "Cleaners found this earlier. I wonder did he/she go home with them? I'd be tempted for the grub alone."

And what exactly did the note say? You're all going to love it:

"If you come home with me I'll promise you won't regret it. I have Netflix and pizzas in the freezer and my ma will probably make us breakfast in the morning."

Can there be a better chat up line?

Since this morning, the post has received more than 1500 likes on Facebook.

We're not optimistic though, since the note was found in the bar. Did the recipient say no? Did they lose the note? Did their ma make them breakfast this morning?

We're dying to find out what happened.