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It's becoming increasingly obvious which couple are the most infatuated with one another on ITV's Love Island, but it was sealed with a kiss last night.

Curtis Pritchard and Tommy Fury's 'bromance' has been heating up for weeks, and the love is positively sizzling between them. The chemistry, the adoration, the connection; it's all there.

Forget Amy and Molly, they're history. Fans exploded on social media last night after witnessing their balcony bonding, and we have to agree…it's pretty darn cute. 

Hilariously, Molly assumed that Tommy and Curtis would be discussing herself and the boxer "doing bits" in bed, but the conversation was entirely a sharing of love between the two boys.

They've sworn to be best mates for life, and we can see them getting matching "It is what it is" tattoos any day now.

Viewers of the show are HERE for the smashing of toxic masculinity between the pair, and want the £50,000 cash prize to be handed over to #Turtis.

Amy and Molly have yet to notice that their men are wandering off with each other… 


We all know that they'd make it on the outside:

Tommy: "Bro."

Curtis: "Yeach bro?"

Tommy: "Love you so much bro, to the moon and back."

Curtis: "BRO."

Time for a gay rat wedding, we think…

The public are also arguing that Curtis and Tommy as a couple are more believable than Curtis and Amy, and they're not totally wrong:

In conclusion: In BRO we trust. Confiscate all of our finances and gift it to #Turtis as the greatest love bunnies of ALL TIME.

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Feature image: ITV/Love Island 



With Obama and Biden setting the bar high for bromances, last week Ashton Kutcher and John McCain followed suit with their love for each other.

But now, there's two new guys in town that are literally gushing over each other on social media.

It all started when the king of documentaries, Louis Theroux tweeted a picture of an interview with Stormzy, where he was wearing a t-shirt with Louis' face on it.

Louis wrote: "So honoured to see this! Great interview too."

When the grime artist saw Mr Theroux's tweet, he responded and said, "thanks Louis you are a true legend (sic) I respect you HIGHLY! Thank you."

But, it was actually a few days earlier when the Twitter exchanges began. Louis tweeted a picture of him and director John Dower at the NME Awards, to which Stormzy wrote to him and said, "you are the GOAT."

Don't worry, he didn't mean Louis is like a farm animal, but rather the Greatest Of All Time.

These guys… 


Barack Obama and Joe Biden literally delighted us all with their bromance in the White House.

They just always seemed to have each other's backs and had the best craic ever together.

However, when they left the White House, we thought we'd be left with a bromance-shaped hole forever.

But alas, good ol' Ashton Kutcher is here to save the day.

Ashton was in the US senate today to talk about human trafficking and modern-day slavery, and while he as there, he had a little joke with John McCain and they also shared an air-kiss.

Lads, a new bromance has been born.


Scott Disick may no longer be with his baby mamma Kourtney Kardashian, but that doesn't mean his relationship with Kourtney's younger brother Rob has suffered.

The Lord's long-running bromance with the father-to-be reached a new milestone recently as Scott shared some parenting advice with Rob.

Scott – who is the father of six-year-old Mason, four-year-old Penelope and one-year-old Reign – advised Rob "not to get ahead of himself" and to treat "everyday like it's a new day" when his first child with Blac Chyna arrives this Autumn.

The reality star told Rob to "be present, be happy…have a positive energy and a positive vibe so [his] child comes into the world with a positive energy".

Speaking candidly about his friend, Scott told E! News: "I think he's going to be unbelievable. He's got one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. He's just an amazing guy and I'm so happy for him."

He said: "Rob is like my brother and I love him more than anybody in the world. I've been around with him and helping out where he needs help and kind of showing him the ropes of what it's going to be like to be a new dad."

The 33-year-old New Yorker also explained that Rob's child will be more like a brother or sister to his children than a cousin because the extended Kardashian family is so close.

He said: "We're all such a close-knit family that all of our kids are more like brother and sister and not just cousins. It's bigger than just cousins."

"We all live within each other's lives, so yeah, it's like everyone is like everybody's [child]. So it's not going to be different when Rob and Chyna have their kid, that's going to be a sister or a brother to my kids."

While this will be Rob’s first experience of fatherhood, his partner Blac Chyna already shares a three-year-old son with Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga.

Rob and his fiancée are set to have their experience of pregnancy documented on a new reality show called Rob & Chyna which is due to hit screens later this year.



Don’t worry ladies – JT isn’t cheating on his stunning wife Jessica Biel!

Although, he is very eager to strike up a bromance with Aaron Paul.

Justin let his feelings for the Breaking Bad actor known – and vice versa – as they locked down a pizza date on Twitter.

Justin began the chat by tweeting about Aaron’s character from Breaking Bad, that ended its five-season run last September.

“Question: Does anyone else legitimately miss Walter White and Jesse Pinkman? It can’t just be me, right?” said Justin.

Aaron, 34, who celebrated his first wedding anniversary with wife Lauren Parsekian last month, was quick to tweet back.

“I miss you too man,” Aaron wrote, adding, “We should hangout and eat some pizza.”

Justin obviously liked that idea and soon posted a Vine video of a pizza being made.

“Can I be honest? I think I may love that pizza in an emotional way,” Aaron tweeted back.

The SexyBack singer replied, “Right?? It’s criminal. #Pizza4Ever.”

We’re just loving this super cute bromance!




One Direction star Harry Styles has formed an unlikely friendship with Johnny Depp but it may well open the door to a career in Hollywood.

The pair first met when 1D performed at Johnny’s LA home in 2013 but it wasn’t until they became neighbours in Hampstead, London that their bromance truly blossomed.

According to a source: “Harry and Johnny have become good mates lately. Johnny has been on call to give Harry advice and, if he can, help him cope with the pressures of being a superstar.”

Harry texted his new BFF when he was in LA recently asking him to meet up and Johnny has even told the 1D heartthrob that he can stay on his private island in the Bahamas, whenever he wants.

The pair have a  lot in common what with them both of them being “one of the most famous people in the world.”

The insider added: “Harry is in total awe of Johnny and looks on him as his ultimate hero, while Johnny sees Harry as a younger version of himself.

Hopefully the other 1D boys won’t feel left out.