Stylewatch: Hot pink


Hot pink is back on our style radars after months of pastels and rose-based hues.

You can embrace the colour without having to do it head to toe like J-Lo, why not incorporate some of the lively, fun-loving colour into your wardrobe this season?

Miranda’s amazing dress is more of a Barbie doll pink than a hot pink and it suits her cute personality to a tee. The fit doesn’t hurt either of course!

Mel B takes a leaf out of Jennifer Lopez’s book and actually pointed out the similarity between their outfits on her Twitter account with this hot pink t-shirt.

We love the look with the black jeans a bit more than J-Lo’s matching pants though!

Perhaps it may have worked a bit better if the outfit had a pattern. And was slightly less…well, pink!

Reese knows how to wear hot pink and tones it down with a summery white skirt and black blazer.