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To be honest, he could have just sat there and Twitter would have still lost it's damn mind. However, Chris Evans bringing chivalry back into fashion has sent fans into a frenzy.

Well, he is rather dashing, but watching him escort a powerful and deserving black woman up the stairs to her Oscar has us feelin' some kind of way…

Apparently, the internet agrees with us. Sadly, Chris Evans wasn't nominated for an award but he did present the Best Production Design award with Jennifer Lopez. 

Sporting a teal velvet blazer, he impressed viewers with his gentleman skills and all-round friendly 'just happy to be here' attitude. Nicely done, Chris.

The man knows exactly what to do when he's in the presence of a damn QUEEN, and Jamie Lee Curtis concurs. His on-screen mum made sure to comment;

"You are a gentleman!", she wrote, and he responded; "Means a lot coming from my on-screen mom!" We're living for these exchanges, we really are.

Other users were just happy he's alive and breathin'…

Seems extreme, but nevertheless the boy did good. Everyone wants to put a ring on it;

Seriously. Wedding bells are a-ringing on the world wide web. Many of us may remember the Captain America star escorting Betty White up to the Oscars stage a few years back.

We have to ask the Academy, is he strategically placed in those seats exactly for chivalrous knight in shining armour purposes? Conspiracy theory soon to be confirmed.

"I am adding Chris Evans to my roster of imaginary boyfriends. You know why." Damn right we do.

However, this one is our all time comedic favourite;

"Can you make me a formal jacket that exactly matches my eyes so that when I help Regina King up the stairs, every woman fills her pants with eggs?” – Chris Evans." We just wheezed. Amazing.

We also adore his celebration of Black Panther's win for Best Production, which he and J-Lo presented the award for. Superhero supporting fellow superheroes;

The bar is relatively low for Chris to impress fans even more, but we have to admit he's a special boy indeed.

Keep showing that gentlemanly behaviour, son. Chivalry ain't dead until he is.

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We've all been there.

The moment on the night out when you go to the bathroom, look in the mirror…and the HORROR is real.

Your foundation is a sweaty mess and you curse yourself for not bringing your concealer. 

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté have heard our clubbing cries, and have solved our problems with The All Hours Foundation Stick.


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Okay, okay – I know what you're thinking, stick foundation: too thick!

However, this foundation is soft, silky and leaves you will a matte finish that could rival any liquid foundation.

It's ultra blendable and transforms from a creamy texture to a powder formula in a matter of minutes.

The foundation gives you a matte finish without the heaviness, and provides your face a lovely lift.


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The All Hours Foundation Stick comes in 22 shades, so no matter who you are or what your skin colour is: Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has you covered.

Furthermore, you can take a darker shade and double-up the product as a contour. The stick application will allow you total control to get that contour looking sharp.

The creaminess of the product will glide over lines and won't crease – say hello to a youthful glow!

Alternatively, you can choose a lighter shade to highlight under the eyes, for a beautiful finish. 


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It is also ideal for those of us who are legging it from work, a plane or an event to a big night out.

The All Hours Foundation Stick will give you 24-hour coverage, (YES, 24!) so you can dance the night away without any fear of your make-up budging. 

Additionally, the foundation is so neat that it slips effortlessly into your bag for touch ups and for travelling.

Outsmart airport security and say bye to those little liquid plastic bags as this can stay in your hand luggage – a huge win, win for gals on the go!


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This incredible product will be available nationwide from Wednesday, August 29 and retails at €39.50 (approx £31.50).

You better act fast as we predict this one will fly off the shelves. 

The All Hours Foundation Stick is seriously versatile and with a 24-hour staying power – why would you need anything else?