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Holly Hagan may not be making an appearance on the next season of Geordie Shore, but the outspoken model has made her feelings known about the latest ad for the series.

Taking the Twitter, Holly basted the ad, which features Geordie veteran Gaz Beadle posing nude with a photoshopped pregnancy belly.

Holly claims the ad is "insensitive" and branded it as being "in bad taste after what's happened," referring to the ectopic pregnancy that nearly killed her pal and former co-star Charlotte Crosby. 

Charlotte opened up about her struggle with an ectopic pregnancy last summer, a pregnancy which was conceived with star of the ad Gaz. 

The new ad also includes a video which shows Gaz being rushed through the hospital experiencing labour pains, and then giving birth to a number of new co-stars. 

Charlotte has not tweeted directly about the ad, but posted a cryptic tweet saying "I heard karma works in mysterious ways…"

Fans rushed to support Charlotte on both her and Holly's tweets, with many claiming that they will not be watching the show now that only the bare bones of the original cast is remaining. 

"This advert is so disrespectful to the person that actually made this show worth watching," said one fan via Instagram.

"Disgusting as f***. How could Sophie and Marnie agree to this?? This is bullshit. Charlotte may want an apology," said another. 




Geordie Shore is trying to shake things up a bit by adding eight new cast members to the show.

As well as the usual suspects (Marnie Simpson, Scotty T, Gaz Beadle, Sophie Kasaei, Chloe Ferry and Aaron Chalmers) returning, it looks like the series' producers want to add a little bit more drama.


Some of the new members include, Lamborghini heiress Elettra Lamborghini, Sam Bentham, Billy Phillips, Abbie Holborn and Zahida Allen.

Sam describes himself as "lean, keen and every girls dream." Erm, okay…


The new series of Geordie Shore will hit our screens next month on MTV.

Well, it's certainly going to be… interesting.



Marnie Simpson has lashed out at ex-boyfriend Lewis Bloor after it was revealed that he cheated on her on Valentine's Day.

Taking to Snapchat last night, Marnie branded the TV personality a "scumbag" in a series of videos. 


"I don't normally do videos but I feel like I want to get my point across about what the hell has just happened," began the star, in the first video of many in a seven-minute rant.

"I've literally just spend the last seven months of my life with an absolute phoney, lying cheating scumbag."

Marnie went on to thank the female, albeit sarcastically, who Lewis cheated with, for saving her from staying with her cheating boyfriend and opening her eyes to his "true ways."

"Thank you for being a massive s*** and jumping into bed with my boyfriend." 


A post shared by Marnie. (@marniegshore) on

The woman with whom he cheated has come forward to share her story about the infidelity encounter.

Amelia Guest spotted the reality TV star hailing a taxi, and in a star-struck moment, jokingly asked if he wanted to come to London with her and her friend. 

Lewis was reportedly "begging to snog" Amelia, and in a video obtained by The Sun, the two can be seen kissing and canoodling under the covers of hotel bed. 


A post shared by Marnie. (@marniegshore) on

In her Snapchat rant, Marnie also revealed that she remained faithful to Lewis in the upcoming series of Geordie Shore, despite living with her ex Aaron Chalmers, with whom she was "quite serious." 

The new 12-episode series is set to air sometime in April, so if anyone was hoping for a rekindling between Aaron and Marnie, according to the Geordie star you are set for disappointment. 



Marnie Simpson was partying yesterday – and footage captured in the early hours of the morning has some fans seriously concerned.

The Geordie Shore star was out in Shropshire's Inferno nightclub and at one stage piled into a toilet cubicle with a gaggle of three mates. 

A fellow reveller spotted the reality TV personality and filmed over the top of the door while Ms Simpson was locked inside.

The resulting footage seems to show the 24-year-old Celebrity Big Brother contestant holding a phone with a line of white powder on the back of it. As she realises she's being filmed, she quickly hides the item and screams "Oh my god!" 

The video was originally posted to Facebook along with a caption that claimed: "We saw Marnie off Geordie Shore sniffing the beak," but has since been removed by the original owner. The Mirror is carrying the footage here

Marnie's people are refusing to comment on the matter, but the star herself did take to Twitter to acknowledge that she was suffering after a night of partying. 

Inferno was at the time packed to capacity with Miss Simpson making a personal appearance alongside boyfriend Lewis Bloor, Towie's Chris and Jon Clark, and Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson.

The popular event had been promoted as a "Boxing Day Reality TV Special".


Even though we know they're not together anymore and they've been through SO much drama, we still hold a special place in our hearts for Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle.

Series 13 of Geordie Shore came to an end last night, and while the gang all paid tribute to Holly Hagan on her last ever episode, her BFF Charlotte shared a little emotional post about her past relationship with Gaz.

Taking to Twitter, the reality star shared a little fact about the episode.

"An interesting fact about this EP that's being played now on @MTVUK me and @GazGShore actually went to love lock bridge and did our own [lock].

"…but it never got shown on the actual show. It's still there somewhere on the bridge. Can't quite remember what it said."

But luckily for Charlotte, a fan captured the moment and sent it to the former GS member.

We dieeee. So cute.


After weeks of speculation, it looks like Geordie Shore's Aaaron Chalmers and TOWIE's Lauren Pope have finally gone public with their relationship.

The rumour mills began spinning earlier this year when Lauren alluded to the fact she found the Newcastle lad more than a little easy on the eye.

Speaking to New magazine in May, she explained that she had crossed paths with the Geordie lad that month, and had herself a whale of a time altogether.

"I was DJing at a club and he was there," Lauren explained. “We had a very funny, drunken night. We went to bed at 6am!"

Not content to leave it there, Lauren added: "I think Aaron is the hottest on the show and my type is tattoos and a beard, so he fits the bill."

And it sounds like Lauren's comments must have done the trick as it seems the pair are a fully-fledged couple these days.

Heading along to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland in recent days, the reality stars were reportedly all about the public displays of affection – something which bystanders were only too happy to discuss.

"It was a very romantic date, they were holding hands throughout," an onlooker revealed. 

“They looked completely loved up and really enjoyed the day out," they added.

Well sure look it, tis the season and all.


Vicky Pattison has responded to claims which suggest she heavily edits her social media posts to make herself appear slimmer than she really is.

The former Geordie Shore star faced criticism this week after The Mirror published a series of unflattering photos of her smoking on an Australian beach in which she appears far less toned than she does in images on her Instagram account which were taken on the same day.

Speaking to The Sun, the 29-year-old television personality revealed that a newfound sense of body security is all that prevented her from being “floored” by the allegations.

“Bodyshaming makes me sick,” she said.  “It’s because I’m so secure and focused on more important things right now, that this latest critique of my body hasn’t floored me entirely like they normally do.”

“When are people going to get tired of making women feel bad for the way they look?” asked Vicky.

“I am appalled that people would criticise another woman, body shame her and attempt to shatter her confidence based solely on a bad camera angle or an unflattering picture.”


He's everything…  @johnnoblejn

A photo posted by Vicky Pattison (@vickypattison) on

The fiery Newcastle native went on to question why society feels it is more important to “shame” women for their appearances than it is to celebrate their ambitions, positive attitudes and career achievements.

“Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m healthy, happy and enjoying my life,” she stated.  “I genuinely believe in inner beauty and that we rise by lifting and supporting others.”


Missing The Winter Attire Back Home My VIP Ribbed Mini £13.99 & Tailored Couture Jacket £45 Both Restocked At @HoneyzUK

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Holly Hagan isn't exactly opposed to plastic surgery, as the Geordie Shore star is rumoured to have had upwards of €40,000 worth of cosmetic procedures.

Indeed, Holly's surgical transformation has to-date included veneers, two boob jobs, a breast lift, Botox and multiple lip fillers.

Continuing on her quest for aesthetic perfection, the reality TV star opted to follow in best friend Charlotte Crosby's footsteps and get some work done on her nose. 

The 24-year-old opted for a non-invasive procedure to correct the "bump" on her nose.

The original Geordie Shore cast member shared the outcome of the "non-surgical nose job" on Instagram.

"To have been able to fix the bump in my nose with filler rather than having surgery was incredible," she said.


A photo posted by LE BEAU IDEAL (@lebeau_ideal) on

The procedure involves having a small amount of dermal filler injected to smooth out any imperfections in the nose. 

"Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out an uneven bumps on your nose and make the nose look straighter" according to Le Beau Ideal, where the Geordie Shore girls famously get their fillers. 

Sharing the before and after snap of her nose, Holly wrote: 'Cannot stress enough how thankful I am to @drtijionesho @lebeau_ideal I could have so easily gone down the route of surgery but in less than five minutes with a small amount of filler my bump is gone! Miracle worker."


Late last week, Vicky Pattison sent the rumour mill into overdrive when she posted a touching tribute to Alex Cannon on social media.

But while the popular reality star may have shared “a special moment” with the model, she now seems to have redirected her affections back towards her former flame John Noble.

This morning, the 29-year-old Newcastle native took to Instagram to share a loved-up snap of herself and John as he joined her mother on a trip to Australia, where Vicky is currently filming the I’m a Celebrity… spin-off show Extra Camp.

In the image, the former Geordie Shore star can be seen kissing the businessman on the cheek as they celebrate her birthday.

The post’s caption furthers the idea that she and John have rekindled their romance as it reads: “What’s meant to be will always find a way.”


What's meant to be will always find a way…  @johnnoblejn

A photo posted by Vicky Pattison (@vickypattison) on

John shared a similar image on his account in which he wished Vicky a happy birthday with a trio of accompanying love heart emojis.


Happy birthday to this one  @vickypattison.

A photo posted by John Noble (@johnnoblejn) on

According to the Mail Online, John is already well embedded in the Newcastle social scene having previously been pictured partying with Vicky’s former co-star, Scotty T.


Fresh as fook ! Where's next #professinalpartyanimal

A photo posted by John Noble (@johnnoblejn) on



In May this year, Geordie Shore fans were devastated to learn that Charlotte Crosby had suffered an ectopic pregnancy while carrying Gary Beadle’s baby.

Having spoken candidly to Heat about her traumatic ordeal, the much loved reality star made the admirable decision to donate her interview fee to The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and the St John and Elizabeth Hospice.

Last night, the 26-year-old television personality announced her intention to extend her support to The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust by revealing that in the run-up to Christmas she will be selling Christmas jumpers in an effort to raise funds for the charity.

According to a post on Charlotte’s Twitter account, £1 from the sale of each jumper will be donated to The EPT.

Currently, two types of jumper are available through InTheStyle.com – a ‘Santa’s My Boyfriend’ piece and a ‘Sleigh My Name’ style.  Both jumpers cost £19.99 (or €26.26) and are available in red or black.

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner has been praised online for her charitable intentions.


Dressed head to toe in @tigermist! They're running free express shipping to the UK for 24 hours only! Starts now!

A photo posted by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on

“Couldn’t be prouder what a wonderful inspiring woman (sic),” tweeted one fan.

“What she’s decided is amazing.  I will definitely be buying a jumper from her range knowing something is being donated to the @TheEPT,” said another.


What a bloody lovely night

A photo posted by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on



When it comes to reality TV shows, it can be difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction.

Geordie Shore, which is famous for explosive arguments and dramatic love triangles, is at the centre of a scripting scandal after an apparent "script" was leaked on Twitter.

It appears that a member of Geordie Shore’s production team left some script notes behind in a cafe after filming in Newcastle.

The alleged script describes a scene in a nail salon between the girls and Nathan. 

"Get some funny chat from Nathan and Marnie informing the newbies that if they are proper Geordies then they need to be properly preened,” the opening lines dictate. 

The script continues on to prompt the group into discussing Chloe Ferry's shock departure from the show. 

The 21-year-old was "axed" from the hit MTV show after physically attacking new cast mate Zahida.

The script prompts the cast to discuss this, saying: " Chloe didn’t get annoyed about Sarah kissing Marty at work but was livid with Zahida – why do they think that is?”

The script also seems to reveal a previously undisclosed story line between Marnie, Aaron and new girl Abbie. 


A photo posted by Geordie Shore (@marnieandaaron) on

"Marnie knows Abbie likes Aaron so watch these 2 – don’t want it coming out here really, better at night."

It seems that the script is encouraging a confrontation between Marnie and Abbie on a night out, in true Geordie style.

MTV has declined to comment on the matter. 


Three years on from her dramatic Geordie Shore departure, recently returned Sophie Kasaei has reportedly been removed from the show for a second time.

According to The Mirror, the 27-year-old was asked to leave the house after becoming involved in the same argument which led to Chloe Ferry’s shock exit.

But it seems Sophie’s punishment may be less permanent than Chloe’s as The Sun has reported that Sophie has denied any wrongdoing.


Muchas Gracias Barcelona …..

A photo posted by Sophie Kasaei (@sophiekasaei_) on

A source told the site: “Sophie hasn’t been axed.  Her friends and family have been really worried about her.”

“She’s horrified to have been implicated in this row…She had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

Yesterday, it emerged Chloe Ferry had been “axed” from the controversial reality series for lashing out at her new housemate, Zahida Allen.

It is alleged that Chloe attacked Zahida after seeing her holding hands with Marty McKenna.



A photo posted by Chloe Ferry (@chloegshore1) on

With only days of filming complete, it looks like series 14 could be the most dramatic one yet.