Holly follows in Charlotte footsteps with another cosmetic procedure…

Holly Hagan isn't exactly opposed to plastic surgery, as the Geordie Shore star is rumoured to have had upwards of €40,000 worth of cosmetic procedures.

Indeed, Holly's surgical transformation has to-date included veneers, two boob jobs, a breast lift, Botox and multiple lip fillers.

Continuing on her quest for aesthetic perfection, the reality TV star opted to follow in best friend Charlotte Crosby's footsteps and get some work done on her nose. 

The 24-year-old opted for a non-invasive procedure to correct the "bump" on her nose.

The original Geordie Shore cast member shared the outcome of the "non-surgical nose job" on Instagram.

"To have been able to fix the bump in my nose with filler rather than having surgery was incredible," she said.


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The procedure involves having a small amount of dermal filler injected to smooth out any imperfections in the nose. 

"Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out an uneven bumps on your nose and make the nose look straighter" according to Le Beau Ideal, where the Geordie Shore girls famously get their fillers. 

Sharing the before and after snap of her nose, Holly wrote: 'Cannot stress enough how thankful I am to @drtijionesho @lebeau_ideal I could have so easily gone down the route of surgery but in less than five minutes with a small amount of filler my bump is gone! Miracle worker."