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Síle Seogie gave us a blast from the past this week when she shared a throwback photo from her debs on Twitter.

The TV star came across the photo which her mother kept safe.

Síle wrote: "Came across some photos at home & this that my Momma had kept. 20 years ago in the @CTribune."

She added, "The fringe," along with a laughing face (have we all had that fringe at some point?!).

However, the one thing that people noticed the most was how Síle hasn't aged at all.

She's just as fresh-faced now as she was 20 years ago!

It's safe to say we all want her genes!


We all know prom night is a big deal in the States and like all special occasions some people tend to go a little further than others with how they celebrate.

But American teen Azja Fazier has pretty much beaten everyone who ever wanted to claim the title of “Most Dramatic Prom Reveal Ever” as she hired professional dancer Floyd Wimberly to entertain her crowd – yes, she had her own crowd – before she revealed her prom look.

A video of the event – which has now been viewed more than 3 million times – shows Floyd dancing to Beyoncé’s Formation before he is joined by another dancer and a smoke machine.

Eventually the true star of the show Azja comes through a haze of golden foil to reveal herself – and her sequined feathered dress – to the crowd.

Is it too late to re-do our debs?



Sometimes, you don’t mind forking out for a great upstyle professionally done in your local salon.

On other occasions, however, you don’t necessarily have the time or money to do anything other than give it a bash yourself.

Thankfully, A LOAD of amazing YouTube tutorials for killer hair-looks are available; red-carpet delights that can be adapted for Debs, wedding or college ball.

So what’s the issue? Well, for one deciding on what will work and what definitely won’t is something of a serious pickle. Indeed, with so much choice and so, so many online tutorials, it’s difficult to even know where to start.

And even if you do want to leave things in the hands of professionals (probably advisable for a REALLY big event) you need to be able to relay to them clearly what you want to achieve.

Thankfully, the experts at Toni&Guy in Dundrum Town Centre – which recently marked its 10th anniversary – have a load of top tips for us… which means you can get red-carpet ready in no time. Hurrah


1) The most important thing to consider when deciding on a hairstyle for the big night is whether or not you will feel comfortable. 

If you never wear your hair up chances are an upstyle will leave you feeling exposed and uncomfortable. Equally if you never wear it down you might spend the whole night fidgeting with it.


2) The neckline and style of your dress is really important when deciding on a style. With a high neckline hair is usually better drawn back and over the shoulder, or worn up. 

A sweetheart neckline can look fabulous with hair down or up, but bear in mind if you wear an upstyle you may want to think about a neck piece or earrings as it will be a more exposed look.


3) It is always best to work with and enhance the look of your own natural hair. Hair pieces can of course be used but remember that if you want the hair to be curled the piece must be made of real hair.

Take inspiration from celebs with a similar hair length and style as your own; it will give a better indication of what will suit you and what's achievable.


4) Also remember that you want to balance out your overall look nicely. That means if your dress has a lot of detail, a simple hair style may complement it best.

Equally if you are wearing a strong or dramatic make-up look, you may want to consider a softer style for your hair.


5) This year less is definitely more: relaxed and paired-back looks are taking centre stage with soft tumbling curls and sleek ponytails taking centre stage. That's not to say that iconic glamour – which will always have its moment – is totally out.

In fact, Forties-inspired waves and beautiful chignons are still a seriously popular choice for anyone with a big event to attend.


6) Finally, if you're having an upstyle, it is best to wash your hair the night before. Shampoo and condition (conditioner only ever through mid-lengths and ends) and simply blast dry or let your hair dry naturally. Don’t put any product in to your hair before or after you dry it. 

This means that your hair won’t be super silky and will hold the style more easily. And the same prep also applies if you're wearing your hair down and you want your curls to really hold all night.


As well as on-trend hair and styling services, Toni&Guy Dundrum boasts lots of lovely added extras such as head massages and giant reclining chairs at its basins. Refreshments on offer include – hurrah! – herbal teas, red and white wine, and cold beers so you can REALLY relax.



Sure – it’s the rite of passage that few young women want to miss out on: the Debs.

But while it’s certainly a glamorous night to remember, it’s also a seriously pricey event. In fact, the recent SHEmazing! Debs survey, which was released earlier this month, revealed that some gals are spending more than a GRAND on their soiree.

It’s easy to baulk, but by the time you tot up hair, makeup, accessories and shoes – not to mention The Dress – costs can quickly spiral.

So we challenged one of Ireland’s top bloggers, Lorna Duffy from FashionBoss.ie, to create a stunning Debs look… and ALL for less than €100.

It was certainly a tall order, but suffice to say we are pretty impressed with the results…

"Overwhelmed at first, when I decided to take on the SHEmazing! Debs-look challenge I was actually pleasantly surprised by just how much €100 will buy you.

"Over the course of around two hours, I hit five stores in a bid to get a great gown. And when I eventually found it – in Debenhams – I knew I’d stumbled upon the perfect look.

"Firstly, I was really impressed with the variety Debenhams has on offer. There are dresses in there (and online) for as little as €50 and plenty of simple and elegant styles.

"I settled on a €70 full-length black dress with gold detailing on the front and a gorgeous criss-cross back.

"Next, I headed out to find a bag, and in the end I picked up a €23 clutch from Parfois; it looks really expensive too.

"I have to say I was really worried about sourcing decent shoes under budget but when I walked into Penneys I discovered my ideal pair… for a fiver!

"They’re simple and black and not too high so you won’t be crippled by midnight.

"They also have a mesh detail which makes them look that bit more upmarket.

"While I was in Penneys, I also picked up a pair of really nice earrings for just €1.50. They have slight drop, a little bit of sparkle and are very elegant.

"When I came to hair and makeup, my gorgeous model Mei-Ling Tong and I looked at a load of YouTube tutorials and clips for inspiration. 

"There are so many incredible videos on offer there really is no need to fork out a lot of money to complete your look.

"Actually, the one thing I learned from this challenge is that yes, with a small amount to spend you do really have to be ruthless and you have to be efficient.

"However, that certainly doesn’t mean you’ll look any less incredible on the night itself."


How Fashion Boss pulled together the look for just €99.49

1) Dress: €70 from Debenhams.ie, currently on sale for €56 (with gowns available from €31.50)


2) Bag: €22.99 from Parfois.com


3) Shoes: €5 (on sale) from Penneys stores nationwide 


4) Earrings: €1.50 from Penneys stores nationwide 


5) Hair and makeup: YouTube tutorials 


PLUS… Don't miss Fashion Boss Lorna Duffy’s top five tips for cutting the cost of your Debs:

1) Shop around: Boutiques and specialist stores tend to sell expensive dresses but they often have sales so make sure to keep an eye out. Otherwise, hit the High Street. And the more you browse the better!

2) Plan: Do your dress research online first to give yourself a better idea of what styles and colours you might like. This will also save time when you do go shopping

3) Fancy footwork: First of all, your shoes NEED to be comfortable. If you're wearing full-length you won't even necessarily see a lot of what's on your feet – so don't go mad. You might even have a pair lying around at home.

4) Accessories: Most of us definitely have wow-pieces from a previous special occasion so get rooting. Charity shops are a good bet too.

5) Ask for favours: Most of the time, your aunt or granny will be delighted to lend you something or other. Or you might have a cousin with a dress just gathering dust in the wardrobe. We all like to have new things… but don’t dismiss borrowing either. 


She's one-fifth of the always beautiful The Saturdays – and probably one of the biggest hotties that Thurles has ever produced. 

And while being rich and famous definitely boosts what nature already gave you (oh, and the gorgeous rugby star husband probably helps too) – it's now evident that Una Foden has always been a total stunner. 


#throwback me and @sineadmarylucia xx

A photo posted by Una Foden (@unafoden) on

Indeed, sharing a throwback snap from her Debs on her Instagram account, the 33-year-old looks fresh-faced and striking wearing a simple black, satin gown. 

With minimal make-up on, she wears her auburn hair down around her shoulders. 

The Voice Of Ireland judge attended Presentation Thurles from 1994 until 2000 – the same year her Debs took place. Unsurprisingly, she gained an A in music in both her Junior and Leaving Certs.

It's certainly Debs season at the moment – and the inaugural SHEmazing! Debs survey, released earlier today, shows that some Irish gals are forking out in excess of €1,000 on their Big Night. 

Una, of course, has been married to Ben Foden for three-and-a-half years. Together, they have two children: Aoife, three, and Tadhg, six months.


For 17- or 18-year-olds who have recently polished off their Leaving Certificates and are on the cusp of travel, college, or a first job, it evidently remains a seriously big deal. 

The Debs: still a rite-of-passage for tens of thousands of young Irish people – it furthermore is an incredibly expensive event. 

Indeed, some young women are parting with an astonishing €1,115 to ensure that they are picture-perfect on the evening in question. 

Yes, the inaugural SHEmazing! Debs survey is now out – and it reveals an awful lot about the spending habits of the average debutante in this country.

We spoke to more than 900 hundred gals, and while a four-figure sum may at first seem excessive, spiralling costs quickly add up.

For example, party-goers spend an average of €132 on a pair of tickets… which goes some way to explaining why more than a quarter of attendees snub a date, opting to enjoy the night with friends instead.

Furthermore, young women spend €367 finding the perfect dress, shoes and accessories, and an additional €261 on hair, make-up and beauty treatments.

More than half will also start their preparations a full THREE months before the Big Day – investing in an array of beauty treatments that would make an Oscar nominee proud. 

And while most of us end up having a brilliant night, obviously with so much pressure and expectation riding on a single event, things can go wrong too: drinking too much, arguing with friends and the eventual choice of outfit all feature among debutante regrets.

"Although the Debs is a once in a lifetime event, it is shocking to think school-leavers are spending so much preparing for just one night," Susan Vickers, SHEmazing! spokesgirl, said in response.

She furthermore stated: “Our SHEmazing! girls tell us they are feeling under huge pressure to emulate the kind of red carpet looks they see their celebrity idols pull off so easily."


Debs season is already upon us, and if you’re looking for something a little different than your standard ‘do, we have the solution.

With the help of Kristin Ortiz from Kevin Murphy, we’ve put together a series of hair tutorials that are perfect for any special event.

This fishtail updo features a gorgeous twisted bun with a French fishtail plait to add detail and texture.

You’ll need help from a friend for this one as it requires a spare pair of hands.



Everyone thinks their debs night is going to be pretty mind-blowing. There’s tends to be an awful lot build up to the big event and no one will ever admit it, but no matter how much you had Leon Breen and Luke Doherty’s night makes ours look quite tame.

The two lads went to Lucan Community College and celebrated finishing their Leaving Cert year with their debs. A standard event in any good coming of age story indeed. However, the lads managed to change it up just a touch and Leon captured the whole thing on Snapchat.

Who hasn’t been at a party at 4 in the morning and thought ‘we should probably head to Paris, that’s definitely what we should do.”

That's one way to do it.



Went on the Debs last night, woke up in Paris this morning with this hooligan.

Posted by Leon Breen on Saturday, 12 September 2015

Images: Joe.ie



Who could possibly forget the special night that your entire secondary school experience was building up to?

The debs ball was always going to be a night to remember. Whether we remember it fondly, or if it was more of a cringe fest, nobody can forget the excitement of that oh-so special occasion.

And what about those people who went to more than one? There was always that one person in your class that had a stockpile of formal wear; a bedazzled fishtail ball gown ready to go at the first phone call.

It wasn’t enough to celebrate the momentous occasion with their own classmates, no, no no. Some people would be attending balls all over the country.

We thought we’d heard of all the extravagance possible… until just now. Ennis-lady Meghan Griffin went to seven. Seven! Could you imagine the amount of tan that took? We couldn’t.

Speaking with RSVP magazine, Meghan recounted her debs adventures and said (we don’t believe it) shopping for seven different dresses wasn’t stressful at all. In fact, she really enjoyed the experience.

It wasn’t all flawless style though, Meghan does recall her sartorial choices being a little less than on trend looking back on it. When asked what her debs style was she reflected it was more “yellow meringue” and “my big fat gypsy debs” than Beyoncé at the Met Ball.

But just where did she manage to find all those gowns? Meghan told the magazine she “insisted on ordering most of my dresses from the USA”. Fancy.

Not all glamour though, Meghan remembers one dress having to be taken in. The combination of the blistering Clare sunshine and her heavy tulle gown took its toll on the debutante master:

“After withstanding the heat, the weight of the dress and standing for over 30 minutes in four inch heels on a high stool, I fainted and I fell straight off the high stool into poor dressmakers arms.”

She managed to overcome the ordeal and at least one of her social events had a Disney princess-type ending. Meghan and her final debs date ended up staying together for eight years.

“When I text him to invite him his response was: “You better not be messing with me because if you are, that’s really mean”. That date was the start of our almost eight years together!”

Everybody together now: “Awwwh.”


Our new daily Fashion TV show 'The Style Show' delivers your daily dose of fabulous fashion! In today's segment, "Style Scout" reporter Ciara O' Doherty checks out the new Autumn Winter occasion wear collection from Debenhams . Watch the video above to get all the gossip from the designer himself!