Who could possibly forget the special night that your entire secondary school experience was building up to?

The debs ball was always going to be a night to remember. Whether we remember it fondly, or if it was more of a cringe fest, nobody can forget the excitement of that oh-so special occasion.

And what about those people who went to more than one? There was always that one person in your class that had a stockpile of formal wear; a bedazzled fishtail ball gown ready to go at the first phone call.

It wasn’t enough to celebrate the momentous occasion with their own classmates, no, no no. Some people would be attending balls all over the country.

We thought we’d heard of all the extravagance possible… until just now. Ennis-lady Meghan Griffin went to seven. Seven! Could you imagine the amount of tan that took? We couldn’t.

Speaking with RSVP magazine, Meghan recounted her debs adventures and said (we don’t believe it) shopping for seven different dresses wasn’t stressful at all. In fact, she really enjoyed the experience.

It wasn’t all flawless style though, Meghan does recall her sartorial choices being a little less than on trend looking back on it. When asked what her debs style was she reflected it was more “yellow meringue” and “my big fat gypsy debs” than Beyoncé at the Met Ball.

But just where did she manage to find all those gowns? Meghan told the magazine she “insisted on ordering most of my dresses from the USA”. Fancy.

Not all glamour though, Meghan remembers one dress having to be taken in. The combination of the blistering Clare sunshine and her heavy tulle gown took its toll on the debutante master:

“After withstanding the heat, the weight of the dress and standing for over 30 minutes in four inch heels on a high stool, I fainted and I fell straight off the high stool into poor dressmakers arms.”

She managed to overcome the ordeal and at least one of her social events had a Disney princess-type ending. Meghan and her final debs date ended up staying together for eight years.

“When I text him to invite him his response was: “You better not be messing with me because if you are, that’s really mean”. That date was the start of our almost eight years together!”

Everybody together now: “Awwwh.”