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A photograph taken of our Lord and Saviour Queen Bey and arguably the world's current most popular singer-songwriter has sparked a MAJOR debate online about gender and an artists' 'brand'.

Why? Well, mainly because Ed was dressed like he was popping down to the local Spar to grab a one litre carton of milk, while Beyoncé was dressed, I mean, like BEYONCÉ. Fierce, fiesty and fabulous.

A few Twitter users have claimed that this displays an attitude towards gender norms, showing the expectations which women have on their shoulders to look stunning 24 hours a day, while men can wear whatever they damn well please.

The two global superstars performed together in Johannesburg, South Africa last weekend to celebrate the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100. 

The duo paid homage to the late Nelson Mandela, who Beyoncé claims has hugely impacted on her parenting principles with her three children; Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir.

Of course, the pair simply had to perform the gift of their huge worldwide hit, Perfect, which the crowd essentially sang louder than them. Yet their choice of clothing has grabbed nearly the entirety of the focus.

Beyoncé has always worn the most EXTRA outfits in the business because it's part of her essence, her brand and her overall look.

She is a massive lover of fashion, even designing her own lines, while Sheeran has always been open about stripping back everything so that only his musical talent is on display. 

Singer-songwriters always perform with the hope that their stories within the songs are what is focused on, whereas Beyoncé is a performer.


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She uses choreography, graphics, lighting, backing vocals, political statements, her own music AND fashion to make her statements.

Lest we forget, her iconic Coachella performance was famed for the fashion choice as well as it's artistic mastery. Her On the Run tour outfits have changed the GAME of musical attire, her Formation hats especially grabbing the attention.

They exacerbate her talent, but we all know that if we strip Queen Bey of her dress choice, her choreography and her light show and graphic background, she would still deliver an incredible performance.

Yet numerous Twitter users argue that male artists can stand on their talent alone, whereas women must always have a more-than-presentable appearance, they must always have something else for their audience.

Ed Sheeran could wear a pin-striped suit if he so desired, but this would not run parallel with the branding behind his music. His image is the fact that he has no image; it's all about his own chill, laid-back vibe.

He has gained notoriety especially in the States for his appearance, or seeming lack of effort, yet this normal attitude towards fame is what allowed him to stand out in the first place.

He wasn't trying to get attention, he simply became a phenomenon for his musical gift alone. He was relatable, a man of simple taste with a great voice and immense penchant for songwriting. Artists should be able to decide their own looks and style, without their labels, the media or even their fans interfering.

Other humorous online statements are simply trying to dispel all the tension…

Do their outfits say more than we think?

Plenty of female singer-songwriters wear less elaborate, glamorous clothing, such as our new best friend Sigrid, who noticeably wears zero make-up onstage and sports only a plain white t-shirt and jeans.

Perhaps it would be best if we simply allowed artists, not to mention the general society at large, to wear whatever they please without having to worry about the incessant judgement of fans and random Twitter users.

Just a thought?


Joseph Kann, the director of the music video for Taylor Swift's new single, Look What You Made Me Do, has denied claims that he copied the imagery in Beyoncé's Formation.

Following the single's release on Thursday night, a teaser clip was dropped for the upcoming video.

Beyoncé fans were quick to point out some comparisons between the visuals for the two videos, and many took to Twitter to share the similarities, with some even accusing Taylor of cultural appropriation.

Last night, Joseph addressed the accusations in a tweet writing that he has much “love and respect for Bey”, though Taylor's new video is “not in her art space.”

Joseph has previously worked with Beyoncé during the Destiny's Child era as director of the Say My Name and Jumpin' Jumpin videos. He has also worked with Taylor on a number of projects including the videos for Bad Blood, Blank Space, Wildest Dreams and Out Of The Woods.

Look What You Made Me Do is the first single from Taylor's sixth studio album, Reputation, which is set to be released on November 10.



Queen Bey is going to be rocking out in Dublin tonight, but her list of demands has been doing the rounds on social media are they are C-R-A-Z-Y.

Croke Park will see the Formation tour take place tonight and Beyoncé's rider includes 25 international phone lines, Chardonnay, rose-scented candles, organic whole milk and a child-proof space for Blue Ivy.

There's also Twinkies, Pepsi, Champagne, hot wings, deli trays of turkey, sliced cheese, oatcakes, heavily seasoned roast chicken and an assortment of gourmet food.


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Oh, and if you're working with her, you better make sure you're wearing 100 percent cotton – that's on her rider too.

The joys of being famous, huh?


We all know prom night is a big deal in the States and like all special occasions some people tend to go a little further than others with how they celebrate.

But American teen Azja Fazier has pretty much beaten everyone who ever wanted to claim the title of “Most Dramatic Prom Reveal Ever” as she hired professional dancer Floyd Wimberly to entertain her crowd – yes, she had her own crowd – before she revealed her prom look.

A video of the event – which has now been viewed more than 3 million times – shows Floyd dancing to Beyoncé’s Formation before he is joined by another dancer and a smoke machine.

Eventually the true star of the show Azja comes through a haze of golden foil to reveal herself – and her sequined feathered dress – to the crowd.

Is it too late to re-do our debs?


In the middle of Beyoncé's first show for her Formation World Tour last night, the singer decided to take a break from her hits and play tribute to Prince.

After her performance of Single Ladies – where she invited fans on stage to dance with her – all of the stage in Marlins Park went dark, with the exception of one giant purple box and the glow of phones from the audience members.

Prince's Purple Rain began to play, and the whole stadium began singing along and waving their phones in the air.

It was certainly a sight to be remembered.


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The queen of surprise has graced us all with a new song and a brand new video.

Beyonce released the track and accompanying vid just a day before she's set to preform alongside Coldplay at the Superbowl.

What's more, Blue Ivy makes her music video debut and looks SO cute and sassy we can't even deal.

Queen Bey made her song, Formation and video free to stream on Tidal, so watch it NOW.

One thing's for sure though, she certainly knows how to get people talking.