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Sometimes, you don’t mind forking out for a great upstyle professionally done in your local salon.

On other occasions, however, you don’t necessarily have the time or money to do anything other than give it a bash yourself.

Thankfully, A LOAD of amazing YouTube tutorials for killer hair-looks are available; red-carpet delights that can be adapted for Debs, wedding or college ball.

So what’s the issue? Well, for one deciding on what will work and what definitely won’t is something of a serious pickle. Indeed, with so much choice and so, so many online tutorials, it’s difficult to even know where to start.

And even if you do want to leave things in the hands of professionals (probably advisable for a REALLY big event) you need to be able to relay to them clearly what you want to achieve.

Thankfully, the experts at Toni&Guy in Dundrum Town Centre – which recently marked its 10th anniversary – have a load of top tips for us… which means you can get red-carpet ready in no time. Hurrah


1) The most important thing to consider when deciding on a hairstyle for the big night is whether or not you will feel comfortable. 

If you never wear your hair up chances are an upstyle will leave you feeling exposed and uncomfortable. Equally if you never wear it down you might spend the whole night fidgeting with it.


2) The neckline and style of your dress is really important when deciding on a style. With a high neckline hair is usually better drawn back and over the shoulder, or worn up. 

A sweetheart neckline can look fabulous with hair down or up, but bear in mind if you wear an upstyle you may want to think about a neck piece or earrings as it will be a more exposed look.


3) It is always best to work with and enhance the look of your own natural hair. Hair pieces can of course be used but remember that if you want the hair to be curled the piece must be made of real hair.

Take inspiration from celebs with a similar hair length and style as your own; it will give a better indication of what will suit you and what's achievable.


4) Also remember that you want to balance out your overall look nicely. That means if your dress has a lot of detail, a simple hair style may complement it best.

Equally if you are wearing a strong or dramatic make-up look, you may want to consider a softer style for your hair.


5) This year less is definitely more: relaxed and paired-back looks are taking centre stage with soft tumbling curls and sleek ponytails taking centre stage. That's not to say that iconic glamour – which will always have its moment – is totally out.

In fact, Forties-inspired waves and beautiful chignons are still a seriously popular choice for anyone with a big event to attend.


6) Finally, if you're having an upstyle, it is best to wash your hair the night before. Shampoo and condition (conditioner only ever through mid-lengths and ends) and simply blast dry or let your hair dry naturally. Don’t put any product in to your hair before or after you dry it. 

This means that your hair won’t be super silky and will hold the style more easily. And the same prep also applies if you're wearing your hair down and you want your curls to really hold all night.


As well as on-trend hair and styling services, Toni&Guy Dundrum boasts lots of lovely added extras such as head massages and giant reclining chairs at its basins. Refreshments on offer include – hurrah! – herbal teas, red and white wine, and cold beers so you can REALLY relax.


For 17- or 18-year-olds who have recently polished off their Leaving Certificates and are on the cusp of travel, college, or a first job, it evidently remains a seriously big deal. 

The Debs: still a rite-of-passage for tens of thousands of young Irish people – it furthermore is an incredibly expensive event. 

Indeed, some young women are parting with an astonishing €1,115 to ensure that they are picture-perfect on the evening in question. 

Yes, the inaugural SHEmazing! Debs survey is now out – and it reveals an awful lot about the spending habits of the average debutante in this country.

We spoke to more than 900 hundred gals, and while a four-figure sum may at first seem excessive, spiralling costs quickly add up.

For example, party-goers spend an average of €132 on a pair of tickets… which goes some way to explaining why more than a quarter of attendees snub a date, opting to enjoy the night with friends instead.

Furthermore, young women spend €367 finding the perfect dress, shoes and accessories, and an additional €261 on hair, make-up and beauty treatments.

More than half will also start their preparations a full THREE months before the Big Day – investing in an array of beauty treatments that would make an Oscar nominee proud. 

And while most of us end up having a brilliant night, obviously with so much pressure and expectation riding on a single event, things can go wrong too: drinking too much, arguing with friends and the eventual choice of outfit all feature among debutante regrets.

"Although the Debs is a once in a lifetime event, it is shocking to think school-leavers are spending so much preparing for just one night," Susan Vickers, SHEmazing! spokesgirl, said in response.

She furthermore stated: “Our SHEmazing! girls tell us they are feeling under huge pressure to emulate the kind of red carpet looks they see their celebrity idols pull off so easily."



While his owner may be too busy to play fetch with him, this clever little guy knows how to make strangers play with him instead!

As people walk by, the dog drops his ball over the fence so the person will throw it back, who would just walk past it after all?

But then he comes back and does it again…and again. 

We love this little guy – can we keep him?