The two Irish lads who went to their debs and ended up in Paris


Everyone thinks their debs night is going to be pretty mind-blowing. There’s tends to be an awful lot build up to the big event and no one will ever admit it, but no matter how much you had Leon Breen and Luke Doherty’s night makes ours look quite tame.

The two lads went to Lucan Community College and celebrated finishing their Leaving Cert year with their debs. A standard event in any good coming of age story indeed. However, the lads managed to change it up just a touch and Leon captured the whole thing on Snapchat.

Who hasn’t been at a party at 4 in the morning and thought ‘we should probably head to Paris, that’s definitely what we should do.”

That's one way to do it.



Went on the Debs last night, woke up in Paris this morning with this hooligan.

Posted by Leon Breen on Saturday, 12 September 2015